Be the Teacher for us Today! Win Boca Beth Bilingual CD and Maracas for Sharing Your Idea

Most of the time it’s me sharing our Boca Beth bilingual fun resources for introducing Spanish and English to young children here at my blog!  As you know I share other company’s cool resources that bridge the two languages together for fun, easy and affordable bilingual learning!

Today – it’s YOUR turn!

Today – you win our More Boca Beth / Más Boca Beth music CD and a pair of our lead-free, toy-tested mini maracas!

Simply share your idea on this blog post – by commenting below – how you have or would suggest teaching/introducing opposites to young children ages 2-8!  How would you bring the two most widely spoken languages in the United States – Spanish and English - together while teaching these opposite words? 

Boca Beth maracasMore Boca Beth music CD

It’s that easy to win!  We will accept your ideas through Sunday at 5 pm EST, February 28, 2010!  We will choose two ideas to share, and both of the writers of those ideas will win a CD and a pair of maracas!  (Plus your ideas will be posted on our blog next week!)

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

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7 Responses to “Be the Teacher for us Today! Win Boca Beth Bilingual CD and Maracas for Sharing Your Idea”

  1. Vivian Vega Bolanos says:

    I find that a great way to introduce children to any concept in a foreign language is through books and props. I would first read a bilingual book about opposites, such as “mis opuestos” to introduce the topic. Then I would have a set of large and small objects, wide and narrow, tall and short, a door that opens closes, etc… and then incorporate it into a game where each child would pick out a pair and identify the opposites in Spanish.

  2. Sherri says:

    We play the memory matching game with little cards that I make or print from the web. The cards have pictures and words in english and spanish. They are relative to the unit study that we’re doing at the time. After we finish the unit study, she pastes the cards into a notebook to keep and look at over and over.

  3. Brie H says:

    we have a puzzle type flash card game that we play and I think you could play it and include the english and spanish words.

  4. Nicole H says:

    I thinking learning opposites comes from seeing the word and the action or thing in picture format too. So I think you could print out pictures of the objects that you are teaching and put both the english and spanish word on the pictures

  5. Katrina says:

    With any concept, including opposites, I love hands-on and so do my kids. We would pick out some toys/objects that demonstrate opposites such as, big and small balls, tall and short dolls, boy and girl toys, etc. I think that the concept could be understood with a realatively small number of opposite sets (like 5) so that the kids don’t become overwhelmed. We would talk about what makes something opposites and then go on to each set of objects. It would be fun at this point to introduce the sets using both the English and Spanish words (alto(a)/bajo(a) and tall/short). After going through each set a couple of times, it is always fun to try and put what you are learning to music, it is also easier to recall later.

  6. Carols says:

    I have used several ways this year. Pictures have worked very well. Seeing the differences over and over. My son does well if he can see thngs. We walk arond our house and try to find things that are opposites. We also do lots of worksheets about opposites. It would be good to put the Spanish words on post it’s and place them on items arond the house.

  7. Dawn Gluskin says:

    You know what comes to my mind from learning opposites as a kid? Grover from Sesame Street showing “near” & “far” LOL. He would get right up in the camera & really enunciate the word “near” & then run far away & enunciate the word “far”. He did that a whole bunch of times. It’s been a “million” years since I’ve seen an episode of Sesame Street & I STILL remember that, so it must have made an impact. ;-) So, my answer: over-the-top visuals & repetition!

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