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How to Introduce Your Child to Spanish as a Second Language

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Recently I ‘met’ the Speekee amigos & amigas.  I first found out about Speekee via my relationship with www.SpanglishBaby.comWhat?  You haven’t visited Ana and Roxana’s wonderful community of helping you raise bilingual children (with the emphasis on Spanish and English?)?!?!

I’ll tell you this – you visit regularly and get involved in their active community of parents and teachers hoping to change the face of our nation’s communication then hook up with Speekee for their free two-week-trial for practical applications you can make to your daily routine for Spanish learning, and you will be well on your way to adding to the Boca Beth language learning fun you already enjoy.


A wonderful resource for our audio/visual daily learning fun is from my friend over at Spanish Word a Day.  Sign up for his FREE daily word lessons that include audio as well as visual.  (Did you realize that almost 70% of people need to see something in order to REALLY learn it?)

It truly is amazing how the internet has opened up many, many doors for learning.  What doors have you found?  Which ones have worked successfully for you and your family in terms of learning Spanish and English at a young age?  Share in the comments below, and you never know what wonderful Boca Beth gift/regalo I might send you as a GRACIAS.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth