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What’s a Blonde-Hair, Freckle-Face Gal Doing Sharing Spanish?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

I hear it often …  YOU speak fluent Spanish?!?!  You can read that entire article in Spanish?!?!  You understood what that man just said on the Spanish news station?!?!?!  My answers are consistently, “Sí” to these staring at my blonde hair (okay, okay….L’Oreal now helps me stay blonde!!!), blue eyes, and freckle face!

BocaBeth-068 Boca Beth sports freckles, blonde hair, and blue eyes as she teaches young ones Spanish with her bilingual music CDs, DVDs, and her company’s bilingual coloring/activity book shown below and found at this link on her web site.

Boca Beth bilingual coloring book

So why do I bring this up today?  It’s been this way for me since I lived in Chile in 1976 and in Mexico in 1979.  This morning we had a wonderful tree service company called M&M Tree Service over to our home to assist us with some really tall trees!  The crew (all 4 of them) were Latinos, speaking Spanish the entire time, and when I replied to them in Español I thought the crew leader was going to fall over in disbelief.

By the end of their productive time at our home he was exclaiming to me and anyone who would listen that my Spanish was excellent, my pronunciation perfect, and that I spoke better Spanish than he…now that is a compliment!  

One of my amigas over at told me just the other day that I am a trailblazer, and I believe (again!) that I will accept this as a compliment…that in spite of me being a native English speaking mom and teacher I have embraced my love of Spanish as my second language and have helped other families for more than 12 years bring the two languages of English and Spanish together in their daily routine in a fun and non-threatening way with my music CDs and DVDs.  

I hope my 12+ years of service have been not only rewarding for me but enriching for thousands.  Now my hope and my prayer is to remain in business as I increase my volunteer work with NOPE Task Force here in Hillsborough County Schools.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth


Where is Boca Beth?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

I know this post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait until I had one NOPE Presentation under my belt before sharing with you all what the Lord has placed on my heart and in my life.


Follow this link to find out more about the National Organization and the many states already sharing this mission within their communities:

In a nutshell, my family’s life has personally been touched by drug addiction, and when I came off the road as a keynote speaker in the Early Childhood Field via my Boca Beth Program, this calling to become involved with NOPE of Hillsborough County and become a moderator with our school presentations tugged at my heart hard!

I will be selling out of all my hard products (meaning all puppets, CDs, DVDs, coloring books and such) while I search for a curriculum company whose leaders wish to use my bilingual songs and license them from me.  This will most likely be my last Christmas of selling Boca Beth music CDs, DVDs, and gift sets.  Plus I have one training (Pasco County) and one Keynote (Minnesota) left to share.

It’s been a wonderful journey … both as an educator, an entrepreneur, a mom-owned business owner, and an amiga to so many people I have met along my Boca Beth Journey.

The Heavenly Father wants more from me, and I am poised to provide just that.  Sharing the message of NOPE is how I pray that I will make a difference in the lives of many, many students sitting in our auditoriums during our one-hour school presentations.

Thank you for being my friends.  I will continue to blog about winding things up.  And if any of you know of a company looking to have our 50 bilingual songs for children to use in their curriculum, please let me know and/or give them my contact information.  

Beth Butler 


Many thanks.  Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth