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I'm Seeing Stars, Airplanes and Smiling Children!!!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Ahhhhhh the glamorous life of TV!  Go on set, shoot a few scenes, break for a cool lunch, back to shoot some more and then just count the profits rolling in from the show.  POP!!!!!  Burst that bubble right now amigas/amigos.  That is NOT the world of preschool TV!  Harsh reality was quickly announced to me over the weekend, “If you are in this industry of Preschool TV to make millions, you are in the wrong place!”

  And to whom do we owe this wonderful honor of bursting the dream bubble?!?!?  Why my newest friends over at Little Airplane Production of course!  I am saying this with the utmost respect, admiration, appreciation and true AWE directed at Josh Selig, Tom Brown, Tone Thyne and flight crew at LAP!  They are the newest preschool HEROES in my life.

22 of us spent three full days with these talented people, guest speakers from all walks of the Preschool TV Industry, and we were immersed (Yes!  I actually used a word related to immersion in my blog!) in the creation and pitching of a Preschool TV Series.  The Academy was nothing short of amazing…from content, to speakers’ passion to share their knowledge, to helping each of us individually sort through our own ideas and begin the journey of bringing our dreams of a TV series for preschool children to life!

YES!  The bubble has been burst, but I haven’t told you the REALLY great part of the bubble burst!  Many tiny other little bubbles formed as the large one popped, and they will expand, evolve and journey through this ever so important world of preschool TV with me.  Giving me direction, hope, energy, determination, focus, love, purposeful intentions and more as I continue on my path as Boca Beth!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth