Want to read what parents and teachers around the world are saying about the Boca Beth fun being used with their young children?

With BOCA BETH products I see my students smile, have fun, show enthusiasm for the Spanish class I teach and learn Spanish without even realizing they are learning. The songs are ‘catchy” and help build up vocabulary. I give them maracas as a reward for good behavior and they have so much fun shaking the maracas while singing the songs. My students love the Boca puppet and they consider it their amigo. They also like watching the BOCA BETH DVDs. They learn so much vocabulary from watching and repeating the words after Boca the puppet! My classes are now engaging and fun using Boca Beth products, and I feel happy doing my job. It’s rewarding to have a kindergarten student or a first grade student come to me at the end of the class and tell me Thank you for the lesson. It was so fun.

— Veronica Pogoceanu, Spanish Teacher, Maine, parents

I was at the conference in Orlando & I went to your seminar & loved every minute of it. I was so excited to receive the e-mail from you with all your free print outs & everything else. I will be purchasing a CD tonight or tomorrow whenever I can get my hubby to order it for me on-line. But I really wanted to say thank you for the great web site and boosting my interest in learning Spanish & TRYING to teach my class & my 2 boys the language. It will be an interesting adventure, but a fun one…..rnrnrn

— Angie Burr, Teacher & Mom, Florida, parents

I really like the songs and everything. It’s cool. I really like the puppet. I’m learning Spanish like uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis. We will have to get together someday BOCA BETH. My mom will have to plan it!

— Hayden, Age 5, Virginia, parents

We bought the BOCA BETH Beginner Set last year, printed off some of the free language cards and basically did nothing else with Spanish in our home. My older kids weren’t interested in helping the younger one out, and I was swamped with my first year of Homeschooling. Today, I put the DVD on for a break (LOL) and the 4 and 9 year olds watched together. They loved it and played with the puppets. After, the 8-year-old was looking through the cards to see what they learned. Later, in the car, I put in the CD for the 4 year old, and tonight she was singing at least 5 of the words she heard. She loved it! I can’t wait to add more to our collection now. Easiest way to teach the younger ones…rnrn

— Patty, Homeschooling Mom, Florida, parents

My children love listening to BOCA BETH and often request her CDs when we are in the car. They especially love the Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed song which they listen to over and over and over! Our family is bilingual but we have been a little lazy on the Spanish side, and I think the BOCA BETH CDs have solidified some of the Spanish my children have heard from us. It makes Spanish fun!rnrn

— David & Amy Mozombite, Florida, parents

I’ve recently purchased the entire BOCA BETH set of materials for my grandchildren and me. My five year old granddaughter was really excited when they arrived. We had been dabbling a bit with some Spanish before ordering and like you say, their minds are like sponges for their ability to retain things. Now that we have BOCA BETH our Spanish speaking has reached new levels. If we aren’t together practicing our Spanish, she calls me and always amazes me with her new found knowledge. She has twin sisters that are almost two that I’m sure are picking up on these words too. They all especially love music which will surely draw them close to learning Spanish with your fun CDs and DVDs. My grandchildren and I thank you for the fun of learning with your product.rnrn

— Mike Johnson, Granddad, Minnesota, parents

I like the animals on the movie. I like the elephant animal. I like the BOCA puppet because it moves.rn

— Ellie, Age 3, Virginia, parents

I have found that BOCA BETH’s Alphabet song is the first song I have been able to use with my Spanish class. The song is accurate and presents ALL of the letters in the Spanish alphabet. I have never been able to use a recording of a Spanish alphabet song in class before, because the whole Spanish alphabet was not used in the song. I am so excited that I am finally able to use a Spanish Alphabet song in my classroom! I also love the ¿ Cómo te llamas ? song. My kids love it too. There are large quantities of Spanish instruction materials out there, but I am encouraged that the songs I have chosen to use from the Boca Beth Program are helping me to instruct my students in a correct use of the Spanish language. Thanks BOCA BETH!rnrn

— Anna M. Ortega-Shyne, Spanish Teacher, Florida, parents

BOCA BETH combines fun with rapid language development. Our 18-month-old son, Jack, is so excited about the puppet BOCA, the CDs and DVDs. We feel fortunate to have found the Boca Beth Program. We attribute using the CDs in conjunction with the DVDs and puppet with Jack’s rapid language development. Though we are not Spanish speakers, to our amazement, our ability to communicate with Jack has been enhanced with the Boca Beth Program. For example, Jack uses the word agua when he wants a drink and when he wants to go to the pool. He cannot say water yet, and so without his Spanish words, communication with us would be much harder for him.rnrnrn

— Sasha Collins, Mom, Idaho, parents

I like that it teaches us new words that we don’t know.rnrn

— Parker, Age 7, Virginia, parents

Fortunately as I surfed the internet for a web site selling a book about bilingual couples planning on raising their children bilingually I never found the book but came across bocabeth.com. Your program will be a lot more fun than some dry books and thanks to your speedy reply and great service I have found a unique gift to give my very special sister and her family.rnrn

— Ami Leigh,English teacher in Germany, parents

The BOCA BETH Program has made a tremendous impact on my son’s bilingual development. He is fascinated by BOCA the puppet and the music. He demands the CD once buckled up in his car seat. This great bilingual program has built a solid foundation that my son will continue to develop his second language upon. The BOCA BETH Program has now become our standard birthday gift for all our amigos!!!rnrn

— Pam Cozene, Sr. Director National Accounts / E&J Gallo, parents

I heard your My First Songs in Spanish sing-along CD at the preschool where I work. My 14 month old son Joshua will benefit from your fun program a lot. I speak Spanish and talk to him in Spanish a lot – I want him to be a Spanish-speaking child. I want to let you know that I am very happy that there is someone like you with such a wonderful program to offer the world. I hope your BOCA BETH Program continues to touch many children’s lives as it has touch my own.rnrn

— Aido Donohue, Preschool teacher in Tampa, Florida, parents

We received your Mi Casa/My House video and took it on our vacation – watching it in the van as we traveled. My children loved it and asked to see it many times – even the 20 month old enjoyed the BOCA puppet fun! I liked it as a parent because it was easy for me to learn how to pronounce the Spanish words, and I even picked up a few new phrases. We look forward to your next BOCA BETH projects!rnrn

— Marybeth, Mom & teacher of three little ones, parents

My 16 month old daughter Caroline has been listening to your first music CD for 8 months. She is able to respond when asked about body parts in Spanish and English, she’s learned some of the animal names in both languages, and I am ecstatic! Thanks to BOCA BETH!!!rnrn

— Karen Leeling, Mom of Caroline, parents

We first saw you at a local performance as BOCA BETH. My daughter was enamored! She then saw you at her preschool. Now I can’t get her off my computer – she insists on seeing your bocabeth.com web site! She is glued to it. This bilingual program is well worth the investment in her future.rnrn

— Heather Aday-Anani, Mom of 3 1/2 year old Summer, parents

My daughter Samantha has been singing your songs morning, noon and night! At dinner she sang the Hola Amigo/Hello Friend song to her Dad. It’s a great gift to hear your child singing and learning at the same time. Thanks for that gift from the BOCA BETH Program.rnrn

— Vickie Swift, Mom of 5 year old Samantha, parents

We love the video!!!!!!!!! It is a favorite in our house. My three year old watches it at least three times a day.rn

— Gayle Guyardo, News Anchor, Channel 8 ( Tampa Bay ), parents

Thank you very much for the BOCA BETHH Program. My daughter enjoys the products very much – my husband and I do too! My daughter sings the little songs to herself while she plays and often quizzes us on particular Spanish words. My husband and I credit your material with her newfound enthusiasm for learning and speaking Spanish.rnrn

— Ronda Storms, Hillsborough County Commissioner, parents

Your presentations are exceptional. The children love to see you perform. It’s obvious as they smile and sing along with you. On a personal note, my daughter loves your video and CD. She asks for BOCA BETH all the time. She now flashes Spanish cards to me!rnrn

— Linda Silva, Publisher, The Parent Guide, parents

Want to teach your child how to speak Spanish? We have a gem right here in Tampa Bay , and her name is BOCA BETH. Check out http://www.bocabeth.com to find out how this dynamic lady uses music and her puppet BOCA to teach YOUR child how to be bilingual.rnrn

— Shana Smith (Shana Banana), Children’s Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer, DAYTIME TV Spotlight, parents

I just received this really unique language program for babies up to age 8 called the BOCA BETH Program! It is sooooooooooo cute and my 2 year old was absolutely glued to the TV. It’s so great to hear him say Spanish words so easily. I really want to help my kids be bilingual, and Spanish is the 2 nd most widely spoken language in the world. The little puppet, BOCA, teaches in the video and is so cute, the songs are fun, and the video is adorable.rnrn

— Dr. Christina Winsey-Rudd, Sarasota , FL, parents

The BOCA BETH Program is so much fun! My son Jacob comprehended and relayed amigo/amiga after 2 classes! He could count to 10 in Spanish after three weeks! He loves the music and the interaction. The CD makes it so easy to instruct your child on the vocabulary. I feel that my child is not only being exposed to a second language – he is learning it!rnrn

— Monica Van Landingham, Owner Playtime Express, parents

¡ Hola Beth ! Decirte que el video y el cd de BOCA BETH son sencillamente fantásticos. Mi hija de 11 meses disfruta mucho viéndolo y oyéndolo. Te puedo decir que es el único sistema de aprendizaje inglés-español para bebés que he encontrado en el mercado. Es genial. Las canciones son fáciles y entretenidas para los bebés.rnrn

— Antonio Jarillo, Un padre en España, parents

Hi Beth! I want to say that the video and the CD from BOCA BETH are simply fantastic! My 11 month old daughter enjoys watching the video and listening to the CD. I can say it’s the only system I found in the market to teach babies English & Spanish together. It’s outstanding! The songs are easy and entertaining for the babies.rnrn

— Antonio Jarillo, A dad in Spain, parents

We love the BOCA BETH video. I wanted to expose my son to different languages early in life, for cultural and educational reasons. Garrett, who had just turned two when we purchased the BOCA BETH video and puppet, was captivated the moment we started watching together. He seemed to recognize the different sounds and patterns of the Spanish language, which he had not heard until that time, and immediately began repeating the words and sounds. The simplicity of the video allows him to focus on the words. I’m looking forward to getting the CD for the car! BOCA BETH is a wonderful program! Thank you!rnrn

— Doreen Young, Mom of Garrett, parents

My two year old nephew has fallen in love with the wonderful BOCA BETH songs almost instantly. I think he especially enjoys hearing the children who make up the chorus. The music will prepare him for a future where being bilingual will be essential for communicating globally. Right now though, he just laughs and claps and tries to sing along! Thanks again and keep up the good work! rnrn

— Chris Schubarth, Uncle in Tampa , FL, parents

I am using the CD and the puppet BOCA with a six and two year old. The result is fantastic! At first, they knew nothing in the new language, then little by little they got hooked on the songs and ask for the CD to be played all the time.rnrn

— Andie Fagg, Mom in United Kingdom, parents

I have seen the BOCA BETH Program presented to educators and performed in concert for 165 children. Beth Butler has a great passion for her work. Her BOCA BETH Program allows young children to learn Spanish and English through play. She makes it so simple for anyone to use. All parents and teachers should take advantage of this program while they can. Babies grow up fast!rnrnThe BOCA BETH Program works! Kids are learning, easily picking up the new language words in the familiar tunes. I introduced the BOCA BETH Program to my class of first graders. We sang songs, their interest in a new language was sparked, and we mastered counting, days of the week, colors, and how to say ‘kiss’ is Spanish. I can’t wait for the new school year to begin so another group of children will be able to have this great bilingual program – all introduced at an early age!rnrn

— Mary Close, Educator, First Grade, Pinellas County, parents

While monitoring child care programs, I have seen the BOCA BETH bilingual materials and concepts being used. With a major Hispanic population in our area, this program has opened the eyes of many of our providers to the importance of having a second language. The English-speaking children can benefit from the instruction as well as the Spanish-speaking children – to communicate with each other.rnrn

— Keri Milbrecht, Chairperson of MCYC, Bradenton , FL, parents

My girls love listening to the BOCA BETH CD, and they are learning so quickly. Even Maggie (21 months) knows the songs so well that as soon as the music starts she calls out “BOCA!” My husband is amazed at how well they are doing with the new language. They now count everything in English and Spanish!”rnrn

— Cecilia O’Shea, Moms Club – Tampa/Westchase, parents

Schools use Boca Beth bilingual products and rave about the program….

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend the BOCA BETH Program to any school attempting to make Spanish come alive with their students. Plumb Elementary has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Beth Butler, program creator, over the past four years. Here energy and enthusiasm are contagious.rnrnPlumb’s first grade teachers have used BOCA BETH CDs, tools, tips and techniques with their students using an integrated approach. They also have celebrated learning this beautiful and useful language by having an annual musical program which is performed for their families and the entire student body. It is a huge success every year and a memory the children and parents will cherish through time.rnrnBeth Butler is a motivating presenter for students, parents and teachers. Everyone is energized after her presentations and programs. She definitely makes you feel that learning Spanish is fun and easy. Beth is also an excellent professional development trainer and allows teachers to see that integrating Spanish and English in the classroom is so natural and enjoyable.rn

— Sandra Leanes, Principal, Plumb Elementary School, Clearwater, Florida, schools

Land of Learning Academy, Inc. has been using the BOCA BETH CDs, DVDs, puppets and musical shakers to enhance our Spanish program for many years. The program encourages the cultural differences of teachers and students to overcome language barriers at a very young age. In our circle times we enjoy the puppets and maracas which only further enhance the creativity and reinforcement activities that encourage fun while learning. Land of Learning Academy highly recommends the provable BOCA BETH bilingual program. You won’t be disappointed.

— Sherry Brown, Director, Land of Learning Academy, Inc., schools

Our Kindergarten team was so thrilled when we learned that BOCA BETH was coming to do an interactive presentation for our children. We all sing along to her CDs every day, and the children are speaking Spanish words all day long! They already know the color words, the days of the week, the months of the year and the numbers one through ten – and it is only October!rnrnThe parents of our children are so impressed that their children are coming home singing Spanish songs! The BOCA BETH lyrics are written to melodies children are already familiar with and are so effective in teaching a second language. Each day the children request that we listen to the BOCA BETH music. We have the puppet Boca, and every day each child can’t wait for a beso (kiss) from him.rnrnLast summer I had the opportunity to attend a workshop presented by BOCA BETH for teachers. She showed us some new and innovative ways we could use her new CDs with our classes. We were dancing and singing and having lots of fun. She is so passionate about this program that anyone around her can’t help but be enthusiastic about it!rnrnI have seen first hand with my students how using BOCA BETH’s program can jump start children on the journey to be bilingual. I am a member of BOCA BETH’s Educator Club and with that I am able to print out extra bilingual language cards. I would recommend this program to anyone with a young child.rn

— Jan Segal, Team Leader, Kindergarten, schools

All of our preschoolers and teachers enjoy the Boca Beth Program very much. Our preschoolers are still singing the bilingual songs each day and enjoy listening to Boca Beth CDs on a daily basis. Thanks so much for making learning Spanish so much fun Boca Beth.rn

— Mandee Flores, Preschool Director, Promiseland Preschool, schools

BOCA BETH did a wonderful session with our children. She is sensitive to young children as well as the state of Florida Sunshine Standards. Learning activities where children can learn while they sing is always a treat. The First Grade Teachers at Lowry all feel that BOCA BETH’s presentations and products are worthwhile, educational and inclusive with our curriculum.rnrn

— Susan Schwartz, First Grade Team Leader, Lowry Elementary School, schools

I LOVED the way the songs were set up to go back and forth between the English and the Spanish languages. It made it very easy to understand and translate the Spanish phrases. This CD did a better job of incorporating both languages than any other system I have seen. I also like the words and phrases they chose to teach on the CD – they were perfect for this age group – not too hard! rnrn

— Learning Magazine, 2007 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family Program, media

This is a really great learning video for kids. It shows the picture of the word they are trying to teach, they show how the word is spelled in both English and Spanish and the word is said out loud in both languages. BOCA BETH uses color, objects, puppets, real life pictures and songs to portray information. It’s a great way to teach your child Spanish.rn

— DOVE Foundation Review Board, The DOVE Foundation, media

I’m not sure how parents can tell if their children really like a product…I usually know by how long they play with it, take it everywhere they go and never want it out of their sight. This is what happened when I brought home the Boca Beth products. Creating the hand puppet, Boca, was an incredibly clever move as the kids have to have their own BOCA, CDs, DVDs and coloring books…need I say more? A must have for every family wanting to teach their kids Spanish!

— Jodie Lynn, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, Author of Mom CEO, media

A birdlike hand puppet takes little viewers on a fun, dual-language home tour, identifying passing objects in English and Spanish – right down to the rubber ducky (patito) in the bathtub. More than 100 words are spoken and written onscreen, and la música latina adds just the right flavor.

— Parenting Picks, Parenting Magazine, media

Intended to make learning Spanish easy, these 14 upbeat songs with original lyrics incorporate 100 easy words and 40 phrases related to counting, days of the week, animals and manners. Two of the songs have original music, the rest are set to traditional tunes such as “Skip to My Lou,” “Frere Jacques,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Vocals and instrumentals are well performed. Teachers and parents will find this album a valuable resource.

— Beverly Bixler, School Library Journal, media

The songs are catchy, upbeat and exciting to the kids. The most positive characteristics of this product are that it introduced our child to songs in languages other than English, stimulating him to learn other languages and that the songs were done in English and Spanish so teachers can use this product and not even know Spanish.rnrn

— iParenting Media Award, media

“The words in each song were very clear, even from the children, which I know can be tricky to pull off. The sound quality was very good, which is always important in audio discs, particularly language discs.”rnrn“I found the words easy to understand in each song.”rnrn“I personally found the words to the songs very easy. I do not speak Spanish myself and this was easy for me to use.”

— Comments by iParenting Media Award Review Team, media

Beth was a delightful keynote speaker for our group of early care and education folks in North Arkansas. On the evaluations we got descriptive phrases like: Wonderful! Energetic! Excellent keynote, wish she was here longer! It’s great planning a large event such as this conference and having such positive feedback on the keynote chosen months ago! Great job Beth!

— Debbie Webb, Program Director, CHILDREN of North Central Arkansas, conference

We all enjoyed having Beth Butler out to our school for a professional workshop. She showed enthusiasm, was knowledgeable and professional. The staff had fun! The all seem more comfortable now with the Boca Beth curriculum and materials and how to use them each day in their classrooms. Well done BOCA BETH!

— Gino Coté, Assistant to the Director, Florida, conference

Beth Butler (Boca Beth) is an amazing presenter/trainer, full of energy and enthusiasm with a genuine love for children of all cultures. Her presentation is very appropriate for teachers of young children especially at a time when the demographics of the states/regions in which we live are changing. Her delivery is very engaging and energetic!! The evaluations from the participants were excellent!! I would highly recommend Beth Butler.

— Dianne W. Pace, M.A.Ed., Director, Child Development Centers, Northwest-Shoals Community College, conference

Our providers were treated to an energetic, fun-filled and educational day! Everyone had a terrific time and requested to see BOCA BETH again! She taught us about the importance of learning a second language at an early age and our providers loved all of the free resources Boca Beth’s web site has.rn

— Wendy McKinley, Early Learning Coalition of Florida’s Gateway, Inc., conference

BOCA BETH was the keynote speaker for our summer conference. She not only provided up to date information and strategies on integrating a bilingual education program but was also very entertaining and inspiring! Teachers found themselves not only learning but laughing! We received numerous positive comments about BOCA BETH and most asked if she could be invited back to our next conference.rn

— Cathy Harcus, Education Coordinator, Early Education and Care, Inc., conference

Our providers were very positive about their experience with BOCA BETH, even the supervisors and staff enjoyed her presentation thoroughly. As a supervisor, I was thrilled with the amount of factual, useful information about the value of bilingual education and the research that supports early learning through play she managed to impart in a fun and very interactive manner. BOCA BETH has a gift for making everyone feel comfortable and included. Many commented that they were anxious to go home and try the learning activities right away!rn

— Brett Engish, Program Supervisor of Coordinated Child Care, conference

BOCA BETH presented an amazing training event to our team that was so motivational that teachers were planning how to incorporate the program into their classrooms that very night! The children have completely enjoyed the music and puppets and are learning while having fun. Parents value the cognitive growth that second language acquisition encourages. All-in-all – a great value and wonderful program.rn

— Beth Gelber, Director Bright Horizons, conference

I have seen the BOCA BETH Program presented to educators and performed in concert for 165 children. Beth Butler has a great passion for her work. Her BOCA BETH Program allows young children to learn Spanish and English through play. She makes it so simple for anyone to use. All parents and teachers should take advantage of this program while they can! Babies grow up fast!rn

— Audrey Eckerson, Quality Assurance Consultant, conference

Beth Butler has participated in our state conference the last 3 years. She has been an asset to our conference and family child care providers enjoy her workshops year after year. She always receives favorable reviews and family child care providers relate to her well. Beth is very enthusiastic, energetic and provides fun and upbeat workshops.

— Abbie Bill, Conference Coordinator, FFCCHA, conference

She’s great!rnBeth was awesome!rnSo energetic & fun!rnBOCA BETH was very upbeat!rnWell done!rnVery motivational – the presenter was exciting!rnGreat job as always!rnWhat energy!rnGreat sense of humor.rnIt’s a joy to attend her workshops!rnGreat group participation!rnI was so impressed I bought the Beginner Set!rnBOCA BETH is fantastic!rnBest workshop! Most energy!rnLots of fun & learning!rnI loved it – we need Spanish in the classroom!rnGoing to use some in my curriculum.rnVery, very good – lots of fun!

— Attendees of conferences across the country, conference

ENJOYING THE TOOLS THAT BETH BRING WITH HER MATERIALS. Hi I am mother of two, and bilingual. My native language is Spanish and I use it to teach in preschool. I have found Beth’s materials amazing, and I’ve been shopping for a while trying to find songs without a strong accent that difficult the learning of Spanish, this is so far, the best in the market. What a thrill it is for me to share my passion for Spanish being introduced to young children right alongside English via the bilingual songs I have written and recorded over the years. Thank you / gracias for your kind and supportive words Carina.

— online

Boca Beth makes learning fun! My preschooler grew up listening and learning Spanish words with Boca Beth’s cheerful, encouraging and fun educational programs. Her CDs are chock full of catchy songs which make learning new words and phrases a breeze! As parents, we even have learned quite a few things, too. It’s a pleasure to learn alongside your child! Thank you, Boca Beth

— online

Love all the Boca Beth Products! I highly recommend all of the Boca Beth Products! The kids pick up on it fast by seeing the item in English and Spanish. They love shaking toys and maracas with the songs!

— online

A Great Addition to Homeschooling. I love the Boca Beth materials as a great addition to homeschool materials. My children love the DVD’s and CD’s. It is such a joy to see their Spanish improving each day through the use of Boca Beth and they have fun while doing it too!

— online

Family Fun! Not only are Boca Beth songs catchy (as in addicting), but they are fun. Our son, 5 years, always gets up and dances when Boca Beth comes on. And of course, Boca, the puppet is irresistible! As a parent, I really like the personal touch Boca Beth uses from sending special stickers our son to mentioning children’s names on her show.

— online

Boca Beth is great! The program is so easy to implement and can be used in full or to supplement another program. I bought the program, received it less than a week later and implemented it the next day!

— online

Loved my Boca Beth CD and DVD, but more importantly my pre-k 4 year old kids loved them! It was very easy to add in 15 minutes of Spanish music and fun to our day to support the Spanish the kids are learning!

— online

I wanted to give my kids an early start on having lots of ways to communicate with those around them Boca Beth has my 2 1/2 yr old and 5 1/2 yr old children interspersing Spanish into their conversations on a regular basis! I have shared these books and tools with the preschool and Kindergarten classes where my kids attend so it can help all their friends learn the same skills! Both schools were grateful for the contributions! We love singing along to Boca Beth in our car as we drive too…fantastic products! Thanks Beth!

— online

My son and I love the Boca Beth CD and DVD! The songs are easy to learn and fun to sing. My little one is 7 months old but if he is fussy all I have to do is put in the Boca Beth CD and it calms him down. It also helps me brush up on my Spanish.

— online

I am a Family Licensed Child Care Provider. I had originally purchased another Spanish program for my preschool language enrichment program. It didn’t grasp the attention of my preschoolers, and they really didn’t learn anything from the DVD’s. I came across the Boca Beth Spanish Program and it was instantly a huge hit with all of the children! I have 2 little girls who are two years old, they know all of the songs by heart. A day doesn’t go by that we’re not listening to, or watching Boca Beth! They have learned so much with the DVD’s, music and books. My Day Care Parents were so impressed with the language development and enthusiasm that their children have with this program, that they also purchased Boca Beth to be used at home and in their cars! I’d like to thank Beth for all of her hard work and dedication in putting out a quality program for our youngest scholars!! This is a wonderful program. My Day Care Kids Absolutely Love Boca Beth!!!

— online

We have several Boca Beth products, and my two toddlers absolutely love them. You know they are learning when you are in the store and they randomly start sing A Kiss is a Beso or Domingo, Domingo!

— online

I bought a bilingual CD for my 20 month old nephew, who loves music and learning new things. He loves dancing to the music and know the words for lots of new Spanish words now. Thanks for making such a fun product!

— online

My 5 year old granddaughter LOVES the DVD that I received from Boca Beth last year! She had already learned a few Spanish words from Dora and was excited to learn more. She listens then repeats the words. As strange as it may seem, she requests to have it playing when she goes to sleep. It’s also her first requested video when she come for a visit.

— online

Great for little ones. I was lucky to win a backpack with the Boca Beth Spanish/English dvd, cd and book My son and I gave it to our friends that are from a monolingual family and they have been kind enough to share it with us. It is a great product for little ones, without even realizing the kids know songs in Spanish and their vocabulary has improved a lot

— online

Just one word is needed: AWESOME!

— online

She Is wonderful!! I’m using her CD’s to teach Spanish in my school. Gracias Boca Beth. Viva el Español!

— online

Our 3 year old daughter has immensely enjoyed Boca Beth! Not only that, but we have enjoyed it as well. It’s been so much fun hearing her not only sing Boca Beth music, but take those Spanish words and use them in her everyday life. I would definitely recommend Boca Beth to anyone looking to introduce their child to a preschool Spanish.

— online

I really like Boca Beth LLC. I do family child care in my home and I use Boca Beth because it is affordable, fun and I can use it with all age groups. I have recommended it to other providers and parents. I use it every day and I have bought the cds, and other things.

— online

I got Boca Beth for my 9 month old. She is now 2 and still loves the CDs. I play them in the car on the way to and from daycare. It is a great learning time for both of us.

— online

Boca Beth is a great resource for teaching Spanish!! I have been very pleased with the products and I really love that they keep their prices fair! I also appreciate the free lessons and info on their website. Thanks Boca Beth!

— online

My experience has been WONDERFUL!! I use it to teach my 4 year old. My oldest is 9 years old and just is not into singing and music and has that an attitude about it. I don’t push him to do it…but!!!! I was later listening to him singing to himself and it was…Me gustar contar/ I like to count…. So it works on the young ones and the ones who don’t want to learn. Thanks Boca Beth!

— online

My three kids love Boca Beth! In only a month, they have learned so many Spanish words. They love coloring in the activity book, too! It really helps them to remember the new words that they are learning. My three year old sings the songs all the time. I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on all of the Spanish words.

— online

Our children at our Preschool LOVE the songs and puppets! They are learning Spanish in a fun way!

— online

Boca Beth products offer bilingual education in a developmentally appropriate way! As a mom, Kindergarten teacher, and University Instructor of future teachers the Boca Beth CD’s have increased students learning and interest in speaking Spanish.

— online

I had limited experience with speaking Spanish and I attended a Boca Beth seminar. It was so phenomenal that I bought a CD and book too! I love the fun and energy!

— online

Saw your product showcased at a conference once and loved it I’m a Spanish speaker and this inspired me to create a curriculum for my own child’s preschool. You let me see that teaching Spanish can be a fun experience. Gracias, Boca Beth.

— online

Boca Beth is awesome; I started using some of the CDS at the beginning of the school year and my kids now know the days of the week in English as well as Spanish and Sign Language.

— online

I love the “My 1st songs in Spanish CD” with the BOCA puppet! WOW! I love the “My 1st songs in Spanish CD” with the BOCA puppet! I teach 75, 3-5 year olds Spanish at a wonderful Montessori school in Poway, CA. (San Diego) and the kids love it! I am hoping to add to my collection of Boca Beth CD’s soon! Muchas Gracias Beth for creating such FANTASTICO Spanish teaching materials!

— online

Boca Beth attended an event at our granddaughters school Plum Elementary in FL. We were able to order items online, and received them promptly, and in perfect condition. Items ordered arrived exactly as described.

— online

Using Boca Beth’s materials have enhanced our curriculum. The children LOVE seeing the Boca puppet and LOVE singing the songs.

— online

We love the way Boca Beth teaches kids to speak Spanish. She has the English and Spanish words so the kids and I know what you are saying. You make learning fun in so many different ways. Keep up the good work.

— online

I was first introduced to Boca Beth through a workshop while working as a preschool teacher with a class with many Hispanic students. With the music, books, videos, and teaching ideas I got from Boca Beth I was not only able to help the Spanish speaking children learn English, but the English speaking children learn Spanish too, and all in a fun way. The kids were always excited to sing Boca Beth songs. I am now a stay at home mom and share these same things with my own daughter

— online

Each experience that I have had with Boca Beth LLC has been extraordinary; she is very entertaining and gives a variety of workshops to meet the demands of her audience. She is the BEST!

— online

Boca Beth is wonderful and she does a great job. I have had so much fun learning and teaching the kids bilingual language with Boca Beth’s music.

— online

Boca Beth makes putting English and Spanish together fun and easy all the materials are hands on fun simple to say and use. The children love the music and the parents love that their children are learning a new language. If you’ve been struggling trying to teach a new language you really need to try Boca Beth. You can see the results in one day of use. Try it – you may like it.

— online

The minimum to raise a bi-lingual child is just talk the language. When you add supplemental materials like books, videos, songs, etc. the results come faster because the child makes connections. With Boca Beth puppet the child can even talk to someone and have a conversation. Ever since I added Boca Beth to my classroom, I noticed that students started to use more Spanish words, phrases, and made a new friend in Library (puppet). Even the shiest Spanish speaking children came out of their shells and finally enjoy speaking different than the others. As a bi-lingual mother of two bi-lingual children, I think adding another language as early as possible no matter by what means (speaking, singing, listening) challenges the child’s brain to create a smarter person.

— online

Hi my name is Pam and using the BOCA puppet and cd has made it so easy to learn Spanish to share with my children is so much fun. They can understand the cd very much and enjoy watching the puppet. I have gotten some other cd’s and they are not comparable with the Boca Beth cd’s.

— online

I have a 16 month-old Hispanic boy in my class who was 6 months old when he started in my infant classroom. It became a daily routine for me to sing “Cancion du Saludar” when it was time to rock him to sleep for his nap every day. He still enjoys it as we snuggle together in my rocker. Marie Luker

— online

We love the Boca Beth program. It’s easy and engaging. Both my toddler and preschooler like to play and sing along with Boca. I’m even learning some new things, in spite of having taken several years of Spanish in school. I like that the program teaches about things the kids are already learning about in English: colors, shapes, animals, etc. It’s easy enough for the kids (and parents,) to just jump in wherever they are. No previous knowledge of Spanish is needed or expected.

— online

I was lucky enough to see you when you visited with FCPS last summer. Our team purchased your CDs. They are used on a daily basis. We really enjoy using them as a way to begin the day with a greeting or using them for a motor break. All of our children enjoy learning Spanish and English through your program. Thank you!

— online

Beth, I have experienced the greatest pleasure from seeing my students at Blue Lake Academy sing and dance to your most influential videos. They request the videos everyday while their moms rave about the children singing the songs at home. The catchy phrases have really made lasting expressions upon the children. I enjoy it as well as they do and I will be requesting via a phone order the package that I purchased during the ACSI session for a family at our school who have seven children. They really love the video and their mom said that she has been looking for something like this for some time. Thanks for leaving a part of you in every one of my kids.

— online

Just a note to let you know that we use BOCA Beth cd’s in our Head Start classroom to teach. English speaking children Spanish, and Spanish children, English. It has been a wonderful tool. The tunes are catchy and easy to learn. Our children really get into them and want to sing them over and over. Thank you for your product.

— online

I meet Boca Beth at the ACSI Conference in Oviedo, FL and instantly fell in love with the program I purchased a CD and DVD for my pre-school. The kids start jumping up in down as soon as they hear the first few seconds, and the songs are easy to pick up so the kids love to hear me sing along. Without me saying anything the kids repeat the words, it is amazing how fast they catch on. I Love it!!

— online

My now 4 year old has been having fun learning the names of various animals and has actually found it easy to remember the names thanks to little Boca. The reinforcement and memorization process is elementary enough for a preschooler to pick up words easily in a fun manner…and the program has been a great way for me to pick up the language as well. Thanks Boca Beth!

— online

I appreciate the effort and work that goes into the information you provide for teachers 4 Stars!!! I appreciate the effort and work that goes into the information you provide for teachers. I especially appreciate receiving information that supports the importance of having two languages and how it benefits students’ scores. Any data and research on that is most helpful to teachers and principals and to help acquire additional funds for bilingual. Many, many thanks!

— online

I use Boca Beth every day at my center with my 2 year olds they get so excited to see Boca on the computer and during circle time when the Boca puppet comes out to help us learn. The children love to repeat and learn the new words in Spanish that they already know in English.

— online

Boca Beth offers an excellent line of educational products to assist children in learning the Spanish language. My boys have been using her products for several months and love them! I am impressed with how much they are learning – the tunes are also catchy, fun and very educational! I highly recommend Boca Beth’s products!!

— online

I teach Spanish at a preschool, and the Boca Beth program is the center of my lessons. The kids love it, they can’t get enough of “Boca”.

— online

Boca Beth was very upbeat with her presentation! She kept us entertained while being informative.

— online

My kids love it And they are learning too. Fantastic–Love it!

— online

Always receive prompt, fast service with orders. When I have had to call, company always follows through with promises and products are GREAT!

— online

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