Boca Beth:  Teach Your Child Spanish with Fun Bilingual Music CDs and DVDs!

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CD - "MY FIRST SONGS IN SPANISH & ENGLISH" - a 15 song CD designed with upbeat, easy to sing along with lyrics. You will learn concepts such as counting to 10, days of the week, colors, parts of the body, and more.

CD - "MORE BOCA BETH/Más BOCA BETH" - Journey with your child to the next level of bilingual instruction. Enjoy songs about opposites, the Spanish alphabet, shapes, family members, time, and so much more! All sung in a creative Spanish & English bilingual format.

CD - "SING ALONG WITH BOCA BETH/Canta con BOCA BETH" - You'll find yourselves dancing along to songs about getting ready for your day, the weather, spelling, adding and keeping fit with our exercise song.

CD - "SING PRAISE FOR CHILDREN/Canta La Alabanza Para Los Niños" - With titles such as "Sing Praise Now," "Jesus Always Sees You," "My Life With God" and others children will delight in how easy it is to sing about God in English and Spanish.