Benefits of Being Bilingual on The Today Show with Spanglish Baby’s Ana Flores

I love, love, love when my amigas get air time on major media outlets such as The Today Show.

Just yesterday Ana Flores of, who recently co-wrote the book Bilingual is Better with fellow bilingual mom Roxana Soto, was featured on The Today Show talking with Natalie Morales about raising bilingual children.  Listen in – ¡mira!

Click here to enjoy the short clip of this great topic on bilingual learning for young children.

Way to go Ana – Way to go bilingual babies – Way to go mis amigas at!!!


Here are some of the many benefits derived from learning more than one language:

  1. Children learning two languages at the same time most often become early readers.
  2. Children learning more than one language ends up scoring higher on standardized tests’ Math and Verbal sections.
  3. Bilingual children are able to block out outside stimuli and concentrate better.
  4. Children learning more than one language experience advanced cognitive development – a boost in brain power.
  5. Increased problem solving skills and advanced communication skills are enjoyed by most bilingual children.


Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth


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