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Giveaways for Children to Learn Spanish with Boca Beth Products

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

So many reviews! So many giveaways!  So many ways to win that special language learning fun system from my Boca Beth Language Program.

BocaBethBeginnerBackpack431x400-editedSome of you might win this Boca Beth Beginner Backpack  

I am going to make it SUPER easy for you to find the reviews and read what other parents and teachers say about our bilingual method of introducing Spanish as a second language to young children while keeping English in the picture.  Follow these links to get discount codes and free shipping information.

ThriftyMom613 has some good insight into the bilingual music used in our Boca Beth Program.

Review and Giveaway on the same page for the Grande Bag valued at $49.99 from the Kids Did It.

A review from SearchWithVonnie helps you understand how the products in the Grande Bag work together for easy language learning.

A Hens Nest is running a great $49.99 giveaway as well and her review of our bilingual music CD and DVD fun is very REAL and heartfelt.  Read away and enter to win.

Love the name of this blog: Sweet Silly Sara posted a review of our language learning fun products and is hosting a giveaway for our Boca Beth Beginner Backpack valued at $39.99.  Get the shopping discount codes and shipping is always FREE in the United States for our Boca Beth customers.

GrandeBag-Snew-150x150-edited 2013Others of you might win our Boca Beth Grande Bag ($49.99)

Then I am going to provide you links to EVERY Giveaway still running through the beginning of December.  I will mail the prizes super-fast to each winner so that they end up as Christ mas Gifts for that special child in your life.

ThrifyMom613 is giving you a chance to win the Boca Beth Beginner Backpack.

Follow this link to enter and win the $49.99 Grande Bag from SearchWithVonnie’s blog giveaway fun.

This is a different giveaway for my company – it’s a shared giveaway post with Transformers Construct-Bots and my Boca Beth Grande Bag.  Read about the giveaway here.

Good luck everyone and Happy Educating!

Boca Beth

Win a Language Learning Set for Your Child from Boca Beth

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
learning spanish with boca beth

Win this Grande Language Learning Set from Boca Beth

So you say you NEVER win ANYTHING?!?!  Your luck is about to change amiga!  Check this giveaway out over at my new amiga Lisa’s blog and enter today!  (Click the link below please / por favor!)


This just might be your lucky time so hurry up and win this fun and easy way to bring Spanish and English together for your family.  Children will sing, dance, and play as they learn a second language with Boca Beth bilingual songs.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Learning Spanish the Fun Way?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

How are you doing with your introduction of Spanish this year so far?

Follow this link to join my YouTube channel fun – it’s FREE! It’s fun!  It’s easy to learn Spanish this way!

Are you making learning Spanish and English fun?  We even have a Christian bilingual CD:

Grab a puppet and make the learning come to life with music, YOU, and a puppet:

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

P.S. (Don’t forget to enter and win $50 worth of my Boca Beth fun bilingual products that help teach young children a second language the fun way!  Go here now to enter this Giveaway.)



Win $50 of Boca Beth Bilingual Fun Products

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

It’s true!

Boca Beth Beginner Backpack

Not only will you enter for a chance to win this cool Boca Beth Beginner Backpack, you will also find all sorts of wonderful ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Go here now:

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Giveaways Help You Raise a Bilingual Baby, Toddler and Child

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

boca-beth-beginner-backpack-300-dpi It’s GIVEAWAY time in Boca Beth Land!

Go to this amiga’s web site NOW and enter to win a $50 Boca Beth Beginner Backpack for your child to learn Spanish and English with my music and movement fun way of doing things.  This giveaway ends 10.8.11!

Then, increase your chances of winning BIG this coming week by going to another friend’s site to enter her giveaway for bilingual fun stuff from my company!  This giveaway ends October 9, 2011 so HURRY!

I love, love, love this time of year!  The humidity of our Florida air is diminished with the arrival of cooler temps plus it means thinking of ways to let people know about my company’s Boca Beth bilingual products as Christmas / Holiday gifts.

A brand new look to our web site is one way of spreading the word.  Want to get in on the review team and earn some FREE Boca Beth product for your own gift-giving?  Comment below on what you like right now about our site and what you feel we should change, and I will be in touch pronto/soon!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Catch this review of our products from


Want to Raise a Bilingual Child? We Help You Make it Fun!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Let’s keep on this theme of colors using my Veo colores / I See Colors song as the basis for this week’s bilingual education fun!

Remember playing the shell game where you place a shell under three cups and mix them up trying to keep your eye on which cup has the shell under it?

Here’s my Boca Beth bilingual cup game that helps reinforce the colors we sing about in our bilingual children’s song:


Ready for a few other free resources that will help you introduce the color words to young children in Spanish and English?

This is from our suggested circle time activity ideas area on my Boca Beth web site to help bring the song to life in your home or your classroom:

Use visual aides that show the seven (7) colors. I have found really nice ones that have an animal associated with the color over at

This makes the song even more interesting if you can match the color with the animal name and elaborate on it a little more during the music. Allow the children to hold the props as they say the color word correctly in both Spanish and English without shouting (guide them in saying “Please, don’t shout/Por favor, no grita”). The children begin to get competitive during this song in order to be one of the chosen ones to hold a prop, but if you stick to your rule of no shouting – they will catch on that you mean it and will stop the unnecessary noise.

Another cute thing to do with this song is to buy some small color links that the children build a small color link as the song progresses. You will only be able to go through to white (no black or brown color links last time I checked!). It’s just another fun way to teach the second language with hands on manipulatives.  Found the color links over at

See the vocabulary words of the colors in English and Spanish – READ them, HEAR them, SAY them!  That will help for long term retention in addition to singing about them!  Follow this link to my Boca Beth FREE audio clips.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Feeling lucky?  Enter one of the two Boca Beth Giveaways going on at blogs my amigas share just as I share.  HURRY and enter today… time is running out at 1+1+1=1 to win our Boca Beth Beginner Backpack worth $50.  And then hop on over to Jansen Family Adventures blog to win our I Like Animals DVD and bilingual coloring/activity book at this link.


How Can You Win Target and Starbucks Gift Cards, Boca Beth Bilingual Products AND Have Fun? Join my Twitter Party Tonight – 8.24.11 at 9 pm EST

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Tonight is our Back to School Twitter Party where I will be giving away Target and Starbucks Gift Cards PLUS a lot of fun Boca Beth bilingual products. 
I am giving all of you blog readers the questions and answers for tonight’s party fun.
How does a Twitter Party work?  Super Fun – Super Easy – Short Time Frame.  From 9 pm EST – 10 pm EST we will be on Twitter as a group (not signed up on Twitter?  It’s free and easy to do in only 3 minutes at  The questions below will be asked in random order and timing, and all you have to do is type in your answer and click enter.  During a Twitter Party normally people use what’s called a hashtag – that’s where you type in #BocaBeth to find all of the ‘chat’ going on for my Back to School Twitter Party.  Got it? 
Check out the questions, be ready to answer as they ask you to, and have fun!  I am not running it – a fun group called Living Your Moment is – but I will be there the entire time commenting and saying HOLA!!!!!  I encourage you to tell your friends about this please.  The more the merrier!  You’ll see!
First of all – questions for the Twitter Party: (Answers follow the *.) 
  1. Why does Boca Beth choose to introduce Spanish as a 2nd language (and not Mandarin, French, German or any of the other world languages)?  *Beth lived in Chile and Mexico and learned Spanish as her second language during her high school years
  2. What morning does Boca Beth host an online show for children to learn Spanish and English with music fun?  *Tuesdays at 10am
  3. What online web site is the show currently aired on?  *
  4. What is the method used by the Boca Beth Program – immersion or bilingual?  *bilingual ~ where the two languages are presented side-by-side
  5. What is Boca Beth’s company’s newest product?  *A Curriculum/Resource Guide Book
  6. What is the name of the hand puppet Beth uses in her award-winning DVDs and on her online show?  *BOCA the puppet and language amigo of children around the world
Prizes will be: 
  1. Two Boca Beth DVDs – Mi casa/My House and I Like Animals / Me gustan los animales and a BOCA puppet (value $40)
  2. TARGET Gift Card $20
  3. Starbucks Gift Card $20
  4. 10 Boca Beth bilingual coloring / activity books (to share with a local preschool, homeschool co-op or simply give away to family and friends with children hoping to teach Spanish as a 2nd language) Value $40
  5. A Boca Beth customized Beginner Set featuring our Mi casa/My House DVD, our Physical Fitness bilingual music CD titled Sing Along with Boca Beth, a BOCA puppet and our bilingual coloring/activity book (Value $42)
  6. GRAND PRIZE ~  Boca Beth Vinyl Backpack full of Boca Beth bilingual products including a Boca Beth DVD, music CD, puppet, book, beach ball and children’s t-shirts (Value $85)
See you tonight amigas and amigos ~ Boca Beth

Lions! and Tigers! and Monkeys! OH MY!!!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Today’s online show with me, Boca Beth, is all about animals!  So join us over at at 10 am EST for Fiesta Fun found right at this link.  30 minutes of singing, dancing and playing in Spanish and English.

musicandmovement  I even found some really, really cute prizes to give away in conjunction with this fun   theme?  I don’t know one toddler, preschooler or early elementary aged child who doesn’t LOVE learning when animals are involved!  How about you?!?!

To get you started on this week’s theme I invite you to follow this quick link.

You will find some audio learning for the vocabulary surrounding Boca Beth’s I See Animals / Veo animales bilingual kids’ song.  Look for the 8th and 9th blue headlines!   See YOU at 10 am EST 4.5.11!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

P.S. (If you miss today’s live show you can always catch the replays on my channel over at – it’s right here at this link.  It’s just the live show is where you have the opportunity to win cool prizes, interact in the chat room and have your children’s names shared during Magic Mirror Time!)


That is NOT me!  It’s from a former Romper Room Show back in the 1960s!)

Lions and Tigers and YOU … Oh my!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

It’s true … we sang about lions and tigers and elephants and monkeys Tuesday morning!  Were you there at Fiesta Fun – my online show for kids and adults to learn Spanish and English via music & movement fun?  Watch the replays of each weekly show at this link.

musicandmovement We also sang about dogs, cats, horses, ducks, cows and birds as young children learned Spanish and English vocabulary words with our Boca Beth bilingual songs. 

Listen in as I conduct a mini lesson on animals from around the neighborhood via my You Tube Channel:


Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

P.S. (Want to win two of our four award-winning bilingual music CDs?  Enter this giveaway today – hurry!  It ends Friday, February 11, 2011!)

more-boca-beth-revised-front-coverOne of the CDs you might win!

New Year Equals New Language Learning Fun from Boca Beth

Monday, January 3rd, 2011


Ahhhhh…the start of a New Year!  I certainly hope your Holidays were happy and your ringing in of 2011 was full of inspiring resolutions (that you might actually stick to!).

In this New Year I am committing to a weekly online TV show for you and your young children over at   It’s not going to be your typical 30-minute preschool TV series show.  Heck!  It’s not even on TV – it’s streamed live via the internet which makes it cool because YOU can actually interact with ME as the host of the show.


Each week I hope to deliver the following highlights (not always in this order):

  • Upbeat and interactive bilingual songs from my Boca Beth Program & Product Line
  • Fun facts on why it’s so important to start the 2nd language journey EARLY in a child’s life
  • Lesson plan fun to go along with many of the songs from our weekly children’s bilingual show
  • Hints at where our special monthly live stream will be located (once a month I will host my show – called Fiesta Fun – from a location other than my home office)
  • Random giveaways of our Boca Beth bilingual fun products and other bilingual resources I love

So amigas, amigos / friends it’s going to be a GREAT year of language learning fun for you, for your children, for your students.  Marvel at how quickly young children can acquire a 2nd language when music & movement fun is involved!


Join me every Tuesday morning at 10 am EST (or watch the replays if you miss the live stream).  Hasta mañana/Until tomorrow……………………………

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth