What Makes Us Different

What Sets the Boca Beth Program and Product Line Apart from Others?

  • The Boca Beth products showcase a true bilingual presentation – meaning English is placed right alongside Spanish for an easy point of reference for both child and adult. Many experts agree that this bilingual methodology (often referred to as the parallel method or addition method) is best for young children still acquiring skills in their native language.
  • Here at Boca Beth we teach to the whole child using the TPR method (Total Physical Response) by incorporating music for the auditory learner, DVDs for the visual learner, musical shakers and puppets for the kinesthetic / tactile learning and coloring/activity books for the beginning reading.
  • Our Boca Beth Program and products have been created by a teacher and translated by native Spanish-speaking early childhood experts. The Boca Beth Program and products are successfully teaching children in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and 15 countries around the world.
  • As a leader in the children’s edutainment industry Boca Beth has <gone green in the packaging of our music CDs and DVDs. The eco-friendly packaging used features <100% recycled paper and <100% vegetable based inks so that all of it decomposes in our landfills.
  • No second language experience is required to use our fun Boca Beth products and techniques. In fact, the latest research says you do not need to be a native speaker in order to introduce a second language to little children.

The Boca Beth Program works! Kids are learning, easily picking up the new language words in the songs featuring familiar tunes. I introduced the Boca Beth Program to my class of first graders. We sang songs & their interest in a new language was sparked as we mastered counting, days of the week, colors, and more. I can’t wait for the new school year to begin so another group of children will be able to have this great bilingual program – all introduced at an early age!

Mary Close
Educator, First Grade
Pinellas County

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