Can My Child Really Learn More Than One Language Early in Life?

Presented by Beth Butler/Creator of the BOCA BETH Program

Let me help you dispel all of the incorrect myths you have heard about introducing second, third, even fourth languages to young children.  It just is not true that you should wait until they master their native language.

I find it so frustrating as a mom of three bilingual children and as an educator of thousands of children to hear people comment that any child introduced to a second or third or fourth language is going to be language delayed and very mixed up in his verbalization as he grows developmentally.  It just is not so!

So much research continues to be done on just this topic, and each time the myths that many parents, teachers, pediatricians, and speech pathologists continue to propagate are totally torn apart and disproved.  It is time we learn to open our minds not only to the fact that our young children must be raised knowing more than one language but also to the fact that earlier is better.

Bilingual mom, educator and keynote speaker Beth Butler is the founder of the BOCA BETH Program for young children where they make it fun and easy to introduce Spanish to young children. Sample the music and movies for free at Call toll free to order today at 877.825.2622

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