Win Award-Winning Boca Beth Bilingual Products for Children and Jump Start Your Child's Second Language Journey Today!

There is a reason we are still around after seven wonderfully fun years of sharing Boca Beth!

Listen to what these teachers have to say about our fun way to bring Spanish and English together each day (even though they do not speak Spanish).

I am telling you – this Boca Beth addition learning method (some call it parallel learning method) works.  We place the native language and new language into the same song, the same movie frame, and the same coloring book page to provide a great point of reference for both child and adult.

Give it a try!  Win a Boca Beth Language Learning Set today from Mommy’s Idea or ….  HURRY!  One of these two contests ends Saturday, August 29, 2009!

¡Sea feliz educando!  Happy Educating!

Boca Beth

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