We're Not on Amazon, But We'll Be in Your Living Room Tomorrow!

web-ad-holiday-campaign As a small business owner I made the decision to sell on Amazon.com many years ago in spite of my initial hesitancy.  Two big fears made me NOT want to sell on Amazon.com:

#1    I did not want to see my Boca Beth bilingual CDs and DVDs sold used starting at $6.24 once someone had used the CD with their child and had moved on to another of our CDs.

#2   I did not want to see mean, spiteful reviews of my products intentionally posted by a competitor or by a not so kind person who sees nothing wrong with ripping apart someone’s creative and educational efforts.

I finally took myself off of Amazon.com quite a while ago and with the latest negative happenings on the site I know inside I did the right thing.  They, Amazon, are still THE giant in online retailers just as Google is THE giant in online search engines.  Here’s my quick story about my experience with Google AdWords…

I recall being part of the Google AdWords debacle years ago when Ads purchased via Google AdWords would be hit again and again and again via a software program that allowed companies to eat up their competitors entire daily budget of Google AdWords within minutes (leaving the competitor wondering what was going wrong with their Ad Campaign).  It was a tough lesson learned by many.  I was offered $1 for every $100 I lost due to the hacking of my daily ad campaign (I lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars), but that $1 had to be used towards future Google AdWord purchases.  **YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING?!!? I thought to myself.**

Now I do things my way, with kind people who have great intentions and love children and educating future generations of them!


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Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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  1. lisa says:

    Congrats, and well wishes on the new endeavor, Beth.

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