Want Some Bilingual Make and Take Resources from Boca Beth? Read On!

I have been sharing some very fun and easy-to-make visual aids that bring Spanish and English together for young children with fellow educators around the country and want to share some of these with YOU(For FREE!!!)

From our I See Colors/Veo colores song I have seven/siete (7) color visual aids to share with you for preschool classroom fun and learning.  You will receive a red apple, a blue ribbon, a green frog, a yellow sun, a white crescent moon, a brown bear and a black car tire plus the color words in English and Spanish! 

For our I Know My Shapes / Yo sé mis formas bilingual children’s song I have five/cinco (5) shape visual aids to bring Spanish and English together whether you are a homeschooling family, ESL teacher, stay-at-home mom or preschool professional.  You will receive a circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval plus the words of the shapes in Spanish and English! 

How do you get them?  Simply comment below which one – colors or shapes – of the visual aids you would like me to mail you!  I will reply to EVERY comment, asking you for your mailing address!  And, I am going to slip in a fun little Boca Beth item in the mailer!

So…go to our web site and read the lyrics for the I See Colors children’s song and then go to the Boca Beth web site and read the lyrics for the I Know My Shapes song … think about which one you would use more then comment below!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

5 Responses to “Want Some Bilingual Make and Take Resources from Boca Beth? Read On!”

  1. Vivian Vega Bolanos says:

    Oh Beth, a woman after my own heart! My next lesson plan for the preschoolers will be SHAPES, so I would love to get the shapes to have as a visual aide.

    Also, just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions and resources you always provide. They have made such a difference for my Spanish preschool class!

  2. Amy R says:

    This is a tough one–I think I would like the colors, because it is a lot of fun to identify the colors of all the things around us. The children also love that song. :)
    Thank you for all the great things you do!

  3. susan says:

    I would use both but the one I would use the most is shapes as my children have trouble with shapes. Susan

  4. Lisa Coonan says:

    I will use both songs and any supporting material that I can find. Just started with your product today and having a blast!! I think shape material is a little harder to come by then color items. So if I had to choose…probably shapes. Thanks again! Smiles,
    Lisa in MN

  5. Laurie Fleming says:

    I have just started using the with Boca Beth materials and getting into it. I would use both of the Shapes or color materials, But If I have to choose, I choose Shapes. If I enjoy that so much, I can turn around and buy the color material. Thank You! Laurie in MN

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