Toddlers and Preschoolers Learn Shapes / Las formas


Want to introduce formas / shapes in your preschool classroom, in your family childcare home, or simply as the new year begins? 

Join me, Boca Beth, for this short yet edutaining bilingual fun lesson that uses the melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb, our free bilingual shapes language cards, coloring book pages from our 44-page coloring/activity book and the replay of our online TV show over at (look for the most recent replay of January 4, 2011 towards the bottom of my show page).

The song I Know My Shapes / Yo sé mis formas is off our second Boca Beth bilingual music CD for kids titled More Boca Beth / Más Boca Beth    Follow this link to read more about our successful bilingual CD that introduces more than 150 words and 30 phrases in both Spanish and English via music fun! 




Follow this link to fine the lyrics for the words from this bilingual kids’ song that introduces circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and oval (go down to the 14th song).

Follow this link to print off FREE bilingual language cards featuring these shapes!  You will find four shapes on this page, then search the other archived cards to retrieve the other shapes.  Later laminate them for extended use in the classroom or home setting with young children. 

Lastly, if you own our coloring/activity book for children, you will find all five shapes from this song on pages 27-30.  Young children learn via repetition, and after hearing the song you can use these simple coloring pages with English and Spanish on each page to help the learning continue!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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