Thankful for Our Children’s Education

Funny how having someone visiting from out of town can make you appreciate what you have every day at your fingertips!  (Haven’t you ever felt that way before about something in your world?!?!)


Today we took our ‘Aunt Cindy’ on a tour not only of the University of Tampa campus where our son is a sophmore but also of our daughter’s magnet middle school named Orange Grove Magnet Middle School of the Arts in Tampa, Florida.  Thanks to the foundation laid for adaptive learning styles in our home and in our children’s academic journey we are able to showcase a diverse learning canvas from which they paint their lives!

I love Orange Grove thanks to its principal Dr. Rudes and his team.  I love UT for its lovely campus and #1 rating in our state!   In both places it’s all about helping the individual child / student excel.

I love my company Boca Beth for the way in which we utilize research and expertise from sites such as this one on applied linguistics.  It’s been our mission from the start of The Boca Beth Program to provide learning for all types of children – those who learn visually, or via auditory methods, or kinesthetically, via tactile learning and beyond. 

Join me this week as I give thanks to those who have helped me build Boca Beth over the past 10 years.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth 

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