Terrific Tips on Teaching Tuesday from Boca Beth

So I get a  little carried away on the alliteration!  I know, I know!  But it keeps the blog fresh & fun!

Here are some very cool teaching tips, additional resources, and just plain great places to go for fun and easy bilingual teaching stuff:

Visit this web site OnLineFreeSpanish.com whenever you want some creative fun with your own child one-on-one or if you are looking to put a lesson together with one of our Boca Beth bilingual songs.  This site is always on the move with fresh new content.

Here is a book site where I shop for used and new bilingual books.  They are usually very fair with their pricing and shipping costs.

How about some great lesson ideas in both languages from an old favorite – Enchanted Learning - remember them?  Free membership!  (A small donation gets you access to even more!)   They have TONS of bilingual learning pages.

Just want to get some reassurance that you are doing the right thing by raising these young children to be bilingual?  Read this terrific book written by two moms who are raising their own children to be bilingual (and even trilingual) PLUS they happen to be Ph.D.s in linguistics.  The book is super easy to read and what they say and report makes good common sense.


Then join the conversation over at my amigas Ana and Roxana’s site SpanglishBaby.com for a lively exchange of what seems to be working for many families as they ‘work’ on being a bilingual and beyond home.

How about some props to bring the learning to life – make it full of visual appeal?  Shop at my amigos, amigas site Discount School Supply where the prices are fair and the selection continues to grow in the bilingual area.

Don’t you LOVE the internet?  How do some of our friends do without it?  Such a wealth of knowledge, experience and friendship available without ever leaving your home…though I love face-to-face time too!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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  1. Margaret Elkins says:

    Hola Boca Beth,

    Today was the first day of school here at The New School. My 3 and 4 year old classes
    enjoyed singing Como Estas from your My First Songs in Spanish CD. What a great way to teach Spanish. Thanks for the help. I am looking forward to adding more resources to my classroom from your site.



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