Starting Circle Time with Bilingual Beats and Smiles Daily

Young children thrive on familiarity!

Young children love repetition as a way to remember!

Young children flourish when they have a routine.

That is why every single time a conduct a Boca Beth music & movement class I open up with our Hola amigo/Hello Friend song off our first Boca Beth CD titled My First Songs in Spanish / Mis primeras canciones en Inglés.

Child and Boca and Coloring/Activity Book

Children hold their BOCA puppet (if they have one) and sing along, belting out the words in Spanish and English with the pride of a bunch of peacocks strutting their beautiful colors at the zoo!

I encourage you to begin your daily routine with this bilingual children’s song that encourages diversity among all and kindness throughout the day.  

Here is the link to the lyrics for this song sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.  The beauty of our Boca Beth songs is that most are written around a beat, a melody that you and the children already know.  We just put in totally different words, lyrics meant to teach you and the children a 2nd language.  It’s a super easy and fun way to learn!!!

Here is the link to the suggested classroom activity to go hand-in-hand with this song.  

Here is the link to the free, downloadable language cards that fit this song.  (Please note there is one for amigas – girls who are friends and amigos – boys who are friends.)

Spanish and English teaching tools from Boca Beth

Want to win something first thing this week?  I am giving away a set of our original Boca Beth language cards to one lucky maestra/teacher.  We don’t even sell them any longer, but I have one set of 12 bilingual language cards to give one lucky winner today – Monday – February 1st!

Comment below on my blog whether you have the time to download our free bilingual language cards or comment below that it’s just too much hassle and you would rather buy them!  Seriously – that is all you have to do to be entered to win!  We will take comments up through 8 pm EST Monday night, February 1, 2010 and choose one random winner.  We just want to know if those 160 free language cards on our web site are of value to you or not.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

23 Responses to “Starting Circle Time with Bilingual Beats and Smiles Daily”

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  2. […] BOCA BETH: Bringing Spanish to Life! » Starting Circle Time with … […]

  3. Donna says:

    Boca Beth,

    Yes, yes, yes, the free bilingual language cards are absolutely of GREAT value.
    Sure, it will take a little time to print but HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO TEACH YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN? Also, one should consider what they would pay a teacher or tutor to teach this information to his/her child. Wow, what a savings, right?

    In my opinion, it’s a little time and effort with a tremendous ROI!!!

    I’m a mother of a wonderful, intelligent, and AWESOME little 5 year old boy who will begin Kindergarten this August. We’ve had him enrolled in one of the best private schools in our community (that can be offered at his young age) for the past 3.5 years. My husband and I are both Corporate Professionals and work a Monday to Friday schedule. Very recently, I was laid off from my “Corporate Executive” role and we immediately began to explore our household expenses for items that could be reduced or eliminated. After which, we decided our son would stay home with me until I return to work. (How wonderful, right?)

    This takes me back to YOUR fantastic FREE bilingual language cards and the other FREE resources on your site.

    We are parents who invest greatly in our child and his learning/education. However, due to the economy we’ve had to change our spending habits and search for low cost or free resources in many areas of our day to day spending and household budget. However, we feel our son and his learning/education shouldn’t have to suffer because of these changes. We will again have the luxury of spending more on his educational needs (and our wants for his learning/education) once we return to a two household income. For now and when we’re back to a two income household, we’ll always look for these types of “PRICELESS” resources.

    Your tools and resources have allowed us to keep our son on task with his learning and ensure the momentum is not lost during this difficult time.
    We thank you! Donna

  4. Arlyn says:

    Your free bilingual cards are a great asset to my preschool spanish class, and as you said on your article, the kids love the Hola Amigo song, we sing it every day to start the class, and the Adios song to end it. They love it and they can’t start or finish the class without them. Thanks for all you do, you make my work much easier!!

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  6. Boca Beth says:

    Congratulations / Felicitaciones to Donna for her very heartfelt and wonderful reply.

    We will be shipping the set of language cards to you muy pronto/very soon.

  7. Vivian Vega Bolanos says:

    I know the contest is over, but I was out of town and want to put my 2 cents in on the subject. I would love to have the lanuage cards available for PURCHASE in addition to the download availability. I have limited free time and would prefer to purchase the cards rather than download them. I think it would be a GREAT resource for classrooms and teachers!

    Do you have any “leftovers” available for purchase Beth??? If so, e-mail me!


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  11. BocaBeth says:

    Gracias for your enthusiasm and support of what I share. Helping others makes me very happy, and I love what I am doing as a mom, teacher and fellow female in a world that needs our help! Stay happy!

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  14. BocaBeth says:

    Thank you / gracias for your kind words. We took a little break since the first of October and will be back on track next week with more lesson fun!

    Boca Beth

  15. BocaBeth says:

    We are so happy that you have enjoyed some of the Boca Beth bilingual fun and tips. We were on a bit of a work-imposed break after being out in Los Angeles for an event for Boca Beth and will be back on track next week with more Spanish and English fun … Stay tuned!

    Thank you / gracias ~ Boca Beth

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  19. BocaBeth says:

    You bet you may share my article. Thank you so much for asking!

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    I have lots of published articles and thank you for your time in suggesting that.

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    Have a wonderful week ahead.

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    Make certain you comment on other blogs, join the conversations, get back links to your blog from this.

    I need to practice what I preach and hope to get back in the groove soon.

    Happy Blogging!

    Boca Beth

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    Hoping to be a better blogger in 2015! Here’s to us!

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