Sprinkle Spanish into Your Semana – Teachers, Parents, Providers Raise Bilingual Children

Did you ever hear that you have to be a native speaker to give the gift of a second language to children?

Has someone told you that there is no way a person can raise a bilingual child if they themselves are not bilingual?

How very wrong, how so incorrect are both of the above myths, misconceptions and ill-provided advice!

Read just a few pages of a book titled The Bilingual Edge by Dr. Kendall King and Dr. Alison MacKey (both of whom are PhDs in linguistics as well as, and more importantly, moms who are raising their own children to be bilingual and beyond!) and you will note very quickly how any monolingual parent, teacher and care provider CAN give the gift of a second language to the young children in their lives.

As the new ‘school year’ begins, take hope in what these experts are saying, and start your child’s second language journey now!  The earlier, the better!  Have fun.  Make it easy.  Check out our Boca Beth Program………….We make it super easy for monolingual parents, teachers, and providers to raise lifetime language learners.



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