Southern Conference on Children, Women in Charge with Entrepreneur and American Express OPEN

YOWSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been so incredibly busy since I sent the tape into the Donny Deutsch The Big Idea Show, that it seems like I went to the UPS Store in a frantic state two weeks ago (not 5 days ago!!!!).

I so forgot to bring my camera to Statesboro, Georgia where we drove last week to exhibit at the Southern Conference on Children.  I was planning on playing “Where Is BOCA?” with him hanging out with Dr. Thomas Moore (one of the keynotes for the Conference) or at least at our Hampton Inn by the freezing cold pool!!!!!!  But neither one happened since I literally flew out of the house last Friday (knowing that I had forgotten at least 3 things of importance but could not remember for the life of me what they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  Don’t you hate when you do that?  I think sometimes it’s not just age, but it is simply a reflection of how crazy busy we all keep ourselves.

We returned late Saturday night, and I had convinced my husband that it would be sooooo amazing if he and I could fly to South Florida so that he could work a day in the market place with his colleagues while I attended a wonderful event sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express OPEN.  The event was today, and I am still reeling from the information, the opportunities and the wonderful networking and sharing of ideas that took place at the Women in Charge event.

It was so energizing!!!!  Every time I attend a women’s event, we all mention the electricity in the room!!!!  How very charged every micro fiber and inch of space is!!!!  Today was no exception, AND I had an opportunity to pitch to Charlotte Jensen (Senior Articles Editor for Entrepreneur Magazine) why my company and my story idea would be a great fit for their magazine and its readers!  I had two different angles, and I feel Charlotte liked one over the other but seemed impressed with both.  One was to feature my bilingual CDs and DVDs for children while addressing the ever-growing Latino Market, its buying power and the other many products produced by fellow female entrepreneurs that address this niche product void!  The other is a secret!

(Please!  Oh please!   Oh pretty please!  Choose me!!!  ……………..  I kind of feel like I am back in grade school, and we are picking kickball teams, and I might be the last one chosen …………….  I was always about 20 – 25 pounds overweight so this must be a throwback from those traumatic moments as the chubster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

THEN!!!!!  (Yes!  One cool last thing!)  The MSNBC show called Your Business was at the event taping attendees questions, pearls of advice and wisdom for future show use.  I was spot on (I LOVE the camera!!!!!) and the producer Lisa asked me for a couple of my cards!  YIPPPPPEEEEE!

Man, I feel like the roll is starting big for us – for my Boca Beth Baby!!!  Any thoughts on what more I could do as the founder to keep the momentum going?  What more can we do as a company to keep front and center in moms’ minds since they are our target market?  I would love to hear from you……………

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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  1. Susan Payton says:

    Yay! So much is going on! Getting media coverage is what you make of it. You’re making contacts now at these events that may lead to something down the road (tomorrow, next year). Follow up and send thank yous to everyone you met.

    And you know what else I’m going to say, honey…PRESS RELEASE, PRESS RELEASE, PRESS RELEASE!


  2. BocaBeth says:

    And Susan, if anyone can help with press releases, it is YOU and your terrific company. Not only does our web site’s home page read awesome (along with other pages as well thanks to you!!!), I can attest to the power of Egg Marketing’s press release and marketing assistance.

    Thanks – Boca Beth

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