Music Monday with Easy to Use Boca Beth Songs


¡ Hola !  Back from Texas and ESC 20 Training.  (That’s me, Boca Beth, in front of The Alamo!)  First time to Texas for our Boca Beth Program and Products.  Fun!

Ready for some FREE bilingual (Spanish and English) music?  We add in the new language, right next to the native language (read my article on why this method of introducing a second language to young children is truly the best for their self confidence and long term retention).

Below is a favorite song from our SmartBabyExpo yesterday.  What a blast that was.  Click here to see if there is a Smart Baby Expo heading to your town soon.  It’s a must attend for expecting parents and families of young children (newborn – five). 


Here is your FREE MP3 of thousands of families who enjoy our fun and easy to use bilingual songs from our Boca Beth Program!

Here and There / Aquí y allí   

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

concert-with-boca-and-boca-bethBoca Beth and BOCA the mascot character perform hit song Aquí & Allí / Here & There

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  1. Tammom says:

    I hope the Alamo was all we talked about and more for you! It’s amazing the history behind it … and although John wouldn’t admit it to a “stranger”, every single time we’ve visited, he tears up. It really and truly touches the soul of a true Texican – and hopefully of others, who hold freedom and sacrifice for that freedom as one of their values and passions.

    HUGS, Tammy

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