Music Monday Presents Chances to Win Boca Beth Set and FREE Bilingual Lesson Fun

Every Monday I continue sharing some version of our Boca Beth music – sometimes it’s a free MP3 download, sometimes a YouTube mini lesson, and today it’s a little of each!  Plus a link to WIN for FREE our Boca Beth bilingual fun stuff.

Read what Lisa has to say about our Boca Beth Spanish and English fun for young children:  “It’s great to play in your car and your kids don’t even realize they are learning. There also is the DVD I Like Animals. My kids really liked the video! Will enjoyed the animals (especially the monkeys), and Madison liked that she knew a lot of the songs they were singing; BOCA the lovable puppet was also a huge hit!  What kid doesn’t like puppets?”  Read all of what Lisa has to say here!

Here is a link to another amiga’s blog where she is giving away some cool Boca Beth products – very few entries as of today so your chances of winning are good!   Really good!  Hurry – the giveaway ends 10/21/09 !!!!

And below you will find a fun YouTube video featuring our bilingual version of the Happy Birthday song with the Mexican version of  how to sing Happy Birthday.  Did you realize there are about 15 different ways to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish.  It all boils down to which country or part of Latin America you hail from ……. enjoy this one with Cha-Cha-Chas!!!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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