Music Monday Fun with Boca Beth and Bilingual Spanish/English Song

I Know the Days of the Week / Yo sé los días de la semana  Download this FREE MP3 (link to the left) of our award-winning Boca Beth song that has even enjoyed the honor of being listed on the US Deparment of Education’s linked web site OELA (Office of English Language Acqusition).  Want to see our listing?  I keep hoping and praying that Arne Duncan will call me to discuss how to implement this fun and easy bilingual program of mine nation wide to meet President Obama’s request to ‘make certain your children know how to speak Spanish.’

YES!  That’s right!  Latino children learn English with our Boca Beth music & movement fun while Anglo children learn Spanish.  This bilingual methodology WORKS better than immersion millions report because it allows the young child the ability to hear and read his native language while also hearing and reading their new language.

In fact The Boston Globe reported last fall that immersion classes were causing anxiety in young children along with sleeplessness and nausea.  Read the article from The Boston Globe by clicking here  that really supports this bilingual (or addition learning method, parallel learning method) that we use at The Boca Beth Program.

Marian Lora, who recently moved to Framingham from the Dominican Republic, takes part in an English-immersion class at the Brophy School.

Not sure what the Boca Beth Program is all about?  Read about what makes us different here and learn more.  Have a Happy Monday!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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