Make Maracas for Children, Dance to Free Bilingual Music Download, Then Win From Boca Beth!

Let’s continue this theme of jump starting Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) with this arts & crafts activity for you and the children to enjoy ~ making maracas with toddlers,  preschoolers and early elementary aged children.  Perhaps you can win our Boca Beth Sombrero Set worth $100 pictured below … find out how right here!  Then maybe you’ll have a Boca Beth maraca of your own (plus puppets and CDs and DVDs and more)!


BOCA loves sombrero fun with Spanish and music           

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Maracas help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the culture and music of Spanish-speaking countries.  Using old cardboard tubes, jelly jars, plastic soda bottles (anything that you can put a lid on and shake!) makes this project inexpensive and fun!  Find different materials and different sized containers to create a wide range of musical sounds that will allow the children to create their own band!


This activity is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children (with adult supervision).  And what child doesn’t love singing the Happy Birthday/Feliz cumpleaños song with cha-cha-cha’s sprinkled throughout?!?!  Download our Boca Beth version of this children’s favorite song – presented in a fun bilingual format!  (click the link below please)

Bilingual Happy Birthday Song / Feliz cumpleaños bilingüe


Materials needed:

*      Containers with tops/lids to hold dried beans or rice in.  (jelly jars, plastic soda bottles, cardboard tubes with paper glued on as ‘lid’)

*      Dried beans, rice, small shell pasta

*      Construction paper or white computer paper

*      Paints, markers, glitter, glue, Spanish/Mexican theme stickers



*      Allow each child to choose their own ‘maraca’ container and filler.

*      For soda bottles you can insert a cardboard tube that has been cut and wound tightly to fit into the top of the bottle in order to create a handle.  Secure the top to the handle with quality masking tape.

*      Pour approximately 20 dried beans, grains of rice or pasta shells into the container (amount based on size of container and filler chosen).

*      Secure the lid back onto the container.  If no lid is available, make one with paper and secure tightly with quality masking tape or transparent packing tape.

Wrap paper around the container as desired for decorating purposes.  Some children may simply want to decorate the container with stickers.  Encourage the children to customize their maraca with markers, glitter, stickers and imagination.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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