How to Teach Colors in a Bilingual Format – Let's Use the Addition Method of Learning

It’s so easy to get children excited about learning! 

Take a little RHYTHM, add a little RHYME, throw in REPETITION, and you have REMEMBERING!!!!

I encourage you to use the free audio clips on our web site under the Sample Resource area (which we are thinking of changing that area’s name, and we need your help — read below) to practice the color words in Spanish and English.  Click here to See it! Say it!

Now try using our suggested classroom activity that goes hand-in-hand with our Veo colores/I See Colors song (look for the 4th activity down on the list since the song is #4 on our Boca Beth CD).  These ideas are teacher-created and classroom-tested!  Then, please share your own ideas on other ways in which you would introduce Spanish and English color words below in the comment section.  We all would certainly appreciate learning from YOU!

For example, Mary, a first grade teacher in Pinellas County Schools in Clearwater, Florida has her students stand up when the color of their shirt matches the color being sung about in the Boca Beth bilingual color song!  (Some days she would pick socks, or shorts, or shoes….you get the idea!)

My amigas/amigos at Discount School Supply used to have some cool, oversized felt crayons that feature the Spanish and English words on them on their web site.  As I prepared to write this today, I could not find them.  I did put their site link here because they are truly making the effort to have available bilingual products for children and the teachers that teach them!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

P.S. (Please take one minute or two to share with us how else you introduce colors in a bilingual format with your child or children!  All of us appreciate the effort made to share your teachable moments!)

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  1. Vivian Vega Bolanos says:

    I used large gold rings that had different colored ribbons tied to them. Each child had a ring with the different colored ribbons and I had them find and hold each color as they sang the boca beth veo colores song.

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