How to Introduce Opposites to Young Children in Two Languages

Did you realize the experts are agreeing that it’s just as easy to teach a baby or toddler two words (one in the native language, the other in the target language) for one object?

See the ball.  See the pelota.  I know it sounds so elementary, but many people think this type of learning will confuse the child.  Quite the opposite says the research – it wires the young child’s brain to become a lifetime language learner!

Use this methodology to introduce opposites to young children.  After playing our Boca Beth Opposites / Los opuestos song from yesterday’s free download, use these resources to add to the learning fun:

FREE bilingual language cards off our Boca Beth Sample Resource area.  Click here!

This adorable bilingual book from Scholastic Book Company.

Clifford Y Los Opuestos/Clifford's OppositesReally easy to use and affordable opposite language cards on a ring stand to buy from Ingenio are found here at this link.

Another fun book called Los contrarios/Opposites (I know!  I know!  Way too many ways to say the one word from English to Spanish!)  Find the book here with cute teddy bears!

Lastly, allow some true Spanish culture to weave into the lesson with this wonderful resource from Cinco Puntos Press.  Click here to find it!

As always amigas, amigos/friends … Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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