How to Help Children Learn About Feelings in English and Spanish

Let’s explore some fun ways to introduce feelings to young children this week via my bilingual kids’ song from the Boca Beth Program titled Feelings / Sentimientos off my second of four CDs.

Here are the lyrics:

Feelings / Sentimientos
(sung to the tune of the song “London Bridge” )

I am happy, Yo estoy feliz
Yo estoy feliz, Yo estoy feliz.
I am happy, Yo estoy feliz.
I smile when I’m happy!
I am sad, Yo estoy triste
Yo estoy triste, Yo estoy triste.
I am sad, Yo estoy triste.
I frown when I’m sad.
I am surprised, me sorprendio,
Me sorprendio, me sorprendio,
I am surprised, me sorprendio
I smile when I’m surprised.
I am scared, tengo miedo,
Tengo miedo, tengo miedo.
I am scared, tengo miedo.
I shake when I’m scared.
Repeat first verse of ‘happy!’

Follow this link for the suggested classroom activity to accompany this bilingual song for children.  (Look for the fourth song down on the list and note the difference between the song lyrics of ‘estoy’ and ‘soy.’   When I wrote the song our translator and I thought it would be fine to stay with soy – which is a permanent state of being – because it fit the beat of the song much better with one syllable.   But as time has passed we truly accept that it should be estoy as a temporary state of being and plan on changing it on the next run of this CD.)

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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    Wow! love the lyrics… Enjoyed reading it.

  2. In my youth, London Bridge was the my most loved and best lyric ever. I used to sing it a great deal entire day. Regardless I recall the entire ballad.

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  4. It good topic but i think that the when your child born try speak with this language so i think your child never confused

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