Happy Valentine's Day / Feliz día de San Valentín / Feliz día del amor y amistad

Have you visited our See It!  Say It! section of our Boca Beth web site?  It’s fairly new and gives you audio clips of vocabulary words and phrases in both English (I list the English words in blue) and Spanish (I list the Spanish words in red).  Check it out sometime soon in our Sample Resources area.  In the meantime, I brought some directly to you today for Valentine’s Day coming up!  Read it, See it, Say it, Learn it!!!! 

Audio clip for all words and phrases found here (click link to the right)!  Valentine’s Day Words and Phrases

Happy Valentine’s Day! ¡ Feliz día de San Valentín, Feliz día del amor y amistad !

A hug / Un abrazo


A kiss / Un beso

A little kiss / Un besito

Friends / Amigos, Amigas

¡ Qué tengan un buen día de San Valentín !  / Have a great Valentine’s Day!

And if you are really feeling the love, enjoy this 7 minute video of Caillou learning about the traditions of Valentine’s Day in Spanish!  (This clip is 100% in Spanish.  Enjoy it!).  This was shared by my amigas at Spanglish Baby

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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