Fiesta Friday with Boca Beth – Winners Announced and Summer Bilingual Activity Fun

Off to Georgia (Dalton, Georgia to be exact) in one hour and thought I would take a few minutes, let you know about the winners from our two most recent contests and give you a summer fun activity for kids!

Sara in Seattle won our Where is BOCA? last week!

Courtney won our Music Monday contest with the cool music video DVD from Boca Beth and two t-shirts (one for her, one for her daughter!).

Below you will find our Boca Beth Summer Scavenger Hunt fun (edited for blog length):





Kids love a good hunt, and this one is limited only by your

imagination! We have created this month’s Boca Beth Educator’s

Club lesson around Summer Fun that can be used all year round!

Whether you live in Kansas, Florida, New York, South Carolina or

California we will give you and your children the chance to have

some beach fun! Inside with air conditioning, no chance of

sunburn, stingrays and sharks only on TV you will enjoy learning

and laughter as you play our Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Featured Song of the Month: There Are Ten Toys/Diez Juguetes Son

The featured song this month is from the My First Songs in Spanish CD, track number 9 called .There Are Ten Toys/Diez Juguetes Son..

Following are the lyrics for this counting song that is written to the beat of “Ten Little Indians.”

Diez Juguetes Son/There Are Ten Toys

Uno, dos, tres juguetes,

Cuatro, cinco, seis juguetes,

Siete, ocho, nueve juguetes,

¡Diez juguetes son!

One, two, three toys,

Four, five, six toys,

Seven, eight, nine toys,

There are ten toys!

(Repeat entire song one more time)


Preparation for the activity: Summer Scavenger Hunt

Before doing the lesson plan associated with the scavenger hunt I

recommend talking about what a scavenger is. Based on the age level of the children you might go into the simple explanation of ‘a person who collects discarded items’ to a more involved one that incorporates the cycle of life for older children with .animals that eat refuse and decaying organic

matter.  Animal Planet shows some incredible footage during some of their

show segments regarding scavengers if age appropriate.  Also recommended is watching a DVD segment on beaches, sea life, water

friends and more. See our ‘Additional Resources’ area in this month’s Boca

Beth Educator’s Club.

Download the sheets of things to find here:  click this link.


Lesson Plan: The Indoor Summer Scavenger Hunt

Age Level: Ages 2+

Number of students/children: 2-24 works fine; Children will be divided

into teams . smaller teams are more fun and easier to maintain order with.

Each team can either find different items, some of the same items or all of

the same items (based on the number of children playing).

Materials needed:

• Summer Scavenger Hunt color sheets provided by Boca Beth

• Beach theme decorations around the room . sand, buckets, plastic

sand shovels, beach towels, beach chairs, shells, beach music playing

on CD Player, cooler with drinks for later, goldfish cracker snacks for

later, and more!!!

• Crayons, scissors, notebooks for children’s recording, pencils or felt

tip pens for children’s recording, list of items for each team to collect

• Children’s beach bag for each team to place items in as found

Introduction: We have talked about what the word scavenger means, we

watched some fun beach time on the DVD player, and we sang our song

about counting from BOCA BETH. Now we are going to go on our own

Summer Scavenger Hunt for prizes.

Stated Objectives: Students will be able to use audio, visual, tactile and

kinesthetic skills while working in a team setting to find objects associated

with Summer Fun.


1. Give the children the pictures of the ten summer objects to color.

Based on how many teams you have will determine how many of each

item to copy off and color. Suggested number of items is five per

team for the younger children (2-4) and eight per team for the older

children (5-10). There will be some duplicate items being searched for with larger groups of children. The list will help them to

understand what they are responsible for finding per team.

2. Divide the children into even teams.

3. Give each team a notebook, the felt-tip pen or pencil, children’s beach

bag and a list of summer items to collect.

4. Limit the Summer Scavenger Hunt to one room, one playground, one

Building (depending upon your setting).

5. Assign each item a point value (example: umbrella=2 points, beach

ball=4 points, crab=6 points) being aware as you create the lists that

the point distribution is equal.

6. Stress that each team member must find at least one thing.

7. Set a time limit based on your setting and your group size.

8. Tally the points once the Summer Scavenger Hunt has ended. The

team with the most points wins.

9. Award prizes. Leis, mini beach balls, bright colored bouncy balls,

pixie stix, goldfish cracker bags, whatever you like!

10. Enjoy some summer beats or Boca Beth music on the CD player while

all enjoy some summer drinks and goldfish crackers as a snack!

Closure: Once the Summer Scavenger Hunt is over and snack time is done, have the children help clean up the summer decorations and save for another day anytime during the year! Play the .There Are Ten Toys. song as you clean up and discuss the summer items you found during the Summer Scavenger Hunt.

Additional Resources: There are various DVDs and books out on the

market that can help bring the beach to you and the children you care for

and/or teach. Listed below are some very affordable options and how or

where to find them:

Baby Road Trip BEACH (2003) $12.73+

Disney.s Sing Along Songs . Beach Party at Walt Disney World $8.34+

Spot Goes to the Beach by Eric Hill;;

Target, Wal-Mart, Borders $5.95+ (there is a Spanish version of this book!)

Beach Day by Karen Roosa $7.99+

How Will We Get to the Beach . A Guessing Game Story by Brigitte

Luciani .19+ (this is not a mistake . used copies are available at this price!)

As part of your membership with the Boca Beth Educator.s Club you

receive two additional bilingual language cards monthly. Listed below

are the links to those cards . either using word or a pdf file. Enjoy!

Word Document:

PDF File:

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth


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