Do You Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8? We Do – Which is Why I Donated Boca Beth Fun to the Jones Family !

My daughter Megan loves, loves, loves watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, and she has gotten me hooked on the new shows.  (She will watch re-runs of this reality TV show time and time again – not me!)

The Jones Quints

So when I was approached by Tamiko Kelly to contribute some cool Boca Beth products for the quintuplets of a couple in Texas who already have a darling daughter, I said “Yes!  ¡Sí!” because I have always marveled at how parents of many multiples (3 and beyond!!!!!) both afford it financially and get the job done with the daily routine.

What particularly compelled me to share our Boca Beth music and movement fun were two main things:

Mom and Dad (Casey and Ethan) are Christian families who appear to live life with the Lord by their sides.

Plus they live in Texas, and any child in Texas MUST be able to communicate some in Spanish (even if their mommy and daddy speak ‘un poco’ / ‘a little’………..

Jones Family Plays with Their BOCA Puppets
Jones Family Plays with Their BOCA Puppets

Visit this family’s journey as the Quints just arrived home last week on their blog:

It is truly about sharing our fun and easy way of bringing Spanish and English together for babies and toddlers with this bilingual approach because many, many of the experts say it is just as easy for a little one to learn two words for one item as it is to learn just one word.  Our bilingual method works great even into the preschool years and early elementary years because these children are STILL mastering their native language.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!  (and happy Quint-Fun at your home Jones Family!)

Boca Beth

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