Contests Everywhere! Come On and Win!

It’s fun ‘meeting’ new amigas and amigos online.

Jamie is one of those new virtual friends of mine, and she is running a cool contest for some of my Boca Beth fun products at her adorable blog called Jamie’s Precious Peas … check it out by clicking here now!

And don’t forget the contest I have running which is found two posts below or by clicking right here  This contest is for two of our Boca Beth CDs and some fun animal masks for children to bring the I See Animals / Veo animales song to life!!!!  Missed the YouTube mini lesson on this song?  Click here to view it now!!!!!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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  1. Martha Jackson says:

    Rating for Boca Beth-a perfect 10. I love using the flashcards I download from the web site. The learning kit I bought at a workshop (SECA in KY) has been so valuable. The kids love the maracas, the puppet, and the animal DVD. They think they are just having fun but they are LEARNING! I subscribe and YOU should, too!

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