Community Conversations with Juan Sepulveda – A Morning of Bilingual Ideas

Today the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans honored many of us in Tampa with a Community Conversation featuring Juan Sepulveda – a gentleman working with President Obama, Arne Duncan and the entire team of the US Department of Education. 

We were invited to attend and brainstorm, network and exchange ideas on how best to improve the education of Hispanic Americans and the overall education system here in our great country.

Thanks to Leslie Acosta-Martin and Anya Smith for accompanying Señor Sepulveda for today’s Tampa conversation.  Lots of great exchanging of ideas and common interest in the children of the United States of America filled the room.

As promised – here is a free MP3 download of one of our songs that addresses helping the Latino child in our preschools and early elementary schools.  By hearing her native language in this song, the Latina child is more apt to maintain her native tongue, feeling proud along the way, while also learning English right alongside her native language.

Click here for the Boca Beth bilingual song!I Know the Days of the Week / Yo sé los días de la semana

Boca Beth, Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, and teachers, parents, students around this nation need to come together in the interest of our young children and the future of our country to improve the system that is currently failing a majority of our children.

Here is the contest part of this post:  On the way home, I stopped to get something at the mall, and as I headed back to my car, there was a grandma, a very young mom and her 3 or 4 year old son.  They were in a car with no air conditioning next to me – also getting ready to leave the mall.  He looked so sad, mom looked so hot and grandma had already said out loud how she just needed her pillow and a nap.

I rolled down my window and asked the mom if she had a DVD player at home.  She nodded her head yes with a most quizzical look.  And I explained how I owned the company that she had been reading the magnetic signs on my car about, and I gave them our I Like Animals / Me gustan los animales DVD and told her I hope that he loved the Spanish and English fun!

What have YOU done out of the kindness of your heart lately for a complete stranger?  Share your stories below and the best three will win the same DVD that I gave that family today!  Winners chosen by me!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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