Celebrate Our New Direction with this Great Giveaway! All Teachers Unite to Prepare Children to Become Global Citizens!

Boca Beth Gigante Bag

Boca Beth Gigante Bag


I am so ready to start a new week with a new mindset and a fresh sense of hope.

I want to share our Boca Beth Program with millions of families and teachers and schools and programs world wide.  I am hoping as our new President takes office January 20, 2009 that there WILL be a strong push for early childhood education PLUS a strong push for world class education (two things President elect Obama spoke of often).


Here is how you can win this entire Boca Beth Gigante Bag!!!!  Value of $74.99!!!


WIN all three of the Boca Beth bilingual music CDs that have won various parenting and education awards along with our two full length bilingual DVDs that feature BOCA the puppet as the language amigo for children around the world and our 44-page Spanish & English language learning book that homeschooling parents use daily and teachers love to reproduce for classroom use and stay-at-home moms carry with them in the diaper bag for the older sibling to keep busy with.

Oh, and did I mention that also in this Gigante Prize Bag you will receive not just one, but TWO of the BOCA puppets along with a mini maraca and brightly colored egg shaker?!?!?!?  All together the value is $74.99!!!

Here is how the contest works (for US Residents Only):

Start Day:  Monday, November 10, 2008

End Day:  Monday, November 17, 2008 5 pm EST

How to Enter:  Visit our web site at www.BocaBeth.com, and then come back here and leave us a comment in the comment section.  Tell us which color of bag you would want your Boca Beth fun CDs, DVDs, puppets, book and musical shakers sent in PLUS please tell us which item you would love to use first out of the entire set!  Would you pop a CD in the car CD player first or watch one of the bilingua movies first or maybe do some coloring and activity fun out of the cool bilingual book?

We will choose the winner randomly by pulling the winner out of a sombrero full of entries.  If you want your name entered more than once, you can do one of two extra things:

  1. Go to our home page of our Boca Beth web site and subscribe to our monthly FREE newsletter.  (We get a list of new subscribers so just come back here and say “I subscribed.” as another comment.
  2. Share this Giveaway on a Blog that you have or a web site that you host or Stumble It or Digg It leaving your URL or e-mail as the tracer. 

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Beth Butler, Founder of The Boca Beth Program

129 Responses to “Celebrate Our New Direction with this Great Giveaway! All Teachers Unite to Prepare Children to Become Global Citizens!”

  1. Angela Gonzalez says:

    If I won your giveaway I’d like to use the Mi casa DVD first and I’d like a red bag. I have a 3 yr old son who’s father is bilingual but isn’t doing a good job speaking Spanish at home.

  2. Angela Gonzalez says:

    I subscribed

  3. Becky Carr says:

    If I won, I would love to use the puppets with my 2 year old son. Unfortunately, I am the slacking spanish speaker/teacher and the puppets would help encourage playing with the language for both participants. The green bag would be great to put these materials and the free flashcards from the subscription 🙂

    I will be mentioning this offer to my family through my family blog. Thanks!

  4. Barbara says:

    If I won, I would love to have a blue bag, from which I would first use the language learning coloring/activity book. My boyfriend’s son is 6, and lives with us 50% of the time…I’d like to share my love of the Spanish language with him.

  5. Barbara says:

    P.S., I just subscribed to your e-newsletter, and I’m looking forward to receiving it. Thanks!

  6. amandasue says:

    I’d go with the CD first since my niece loves music alot! Aww no pink bag, so I guess I’ll stick with Red! Thanks for entering me.

  7. jenna says:

    I really like CDs and I would love to win the red bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Amy B. says:

    If I won this (which I hope I do) I would like the purple one. That’s my daughters favorite color. I would try the bilingual movie first. I have to confess that if I won it that it would have to be for me to..I would love to learn spanish. I have 3 kids who would benefit from this..Thank you for the chance..

  9. cgogis says:

    If I won, I would get the Orange bag and would use the bilingual music CDs first. My son loves music! Thanks for the chance to win!
    cgogis at yahoo dot com

  10. Allison says:

    I would love to have the blue bag and I think my son would be interested in the maraca and the egg shaker first– he loves to make music! Thank you for this! I would love for my son to learn Spanish! I need to learn as well! 🙂

  11. Veronica says:

    I think blue would be perfect and we would probably pop in a CD first, music is a hit in any language here.

  12. Middy says:

    I speak some Spanish but don’t know any children’s songs to make teaching my sons fun, I think this would help them learn to love learning new things! I would love to have it in the red bag!

  13. Angela K says:

    I’d like the blue bag for my son. I’d play the CD first since we love dancing to music!

  14. Jamie says:

    If I win this I would like the blue bag. I would try the bilingual movie first followed by the Cd and of course the macaras which I think my sons would get a big kick from. I have 2 sons who would benefit from this..Thanks

  15. rebecca says:

    I’d like the blue or red, I have a son and he loves both. I would put on one of teh Spanish CDs – we’re music lovers. I think its great to see someone seamlessly bringing 2 languages together – it’s not like ‘teaching’.

  16. GraceFULL says:

    Wow! We are language learners here indeed! What a great package you’re generously sharing. We’d love to pop those CD’s in the car – great way to learn on the go & we’re always listening to something…might as well be supplementing our language learning. The red bag looks nice & spunky. Thanks again!

  17. GraceFULL says:

    I’m a new subscriber! Thanks again!

  18. crystal says:

    We like the Green Bag and would love to check out the I Like Animals DVD:)

  19. Renee says:

    A Purple bag for me and what a great giveaway. I Love the musical theme and the Spanish and English would be great too…

  20. C Gibbs says:

    BLue bag for my son. I think he would go for the puppet first and then want me to play the CD’s nonstop on the way to preschool every day! Thanks for the great giveaway!


  21. I love red, it is “luck”, in Chinese and I would be using the goodies for our sweetie coming home from China 🙂 I imagine that we’d have to start with the puppet, but we’d wuickly move on to coloring!

  22. LauraJ says:

    We love orange here so that’s the color I’d pick. My daughter is VERY into coloring these days so I am sure she’d attack the coloring & activity book first (probably while I popped one of the CDs into the player).

  23. Sara Grotz says:

    I am so glad I came upon this site. I am looking for a way to learn Spanish with my son, and this is perfect. We would love the blue color for the bag. And I think we would tackle the coloring books first. My son loves workbooks and such so I think it would be the most fun for him. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Sara Grotz says:

    I also subscribed.

    skylergrotz at hotmail dot com

  25. Tracy says:

    I would love to use this with my children as well as my students! The pruple bag would be my choice. We would immediatly be checking out the cd’s but I know my daughter would grab the shakers as soon as she spotted them!

  26. Valerie C says:

    I would like the red bag, and we would use the DVD first, then the CDs and maracas! My son love to dance and sing, so they would be much loved around here. 🙂

  27. Barbara Baker says:

    I have also signed up for the newsletter over at Boca Beth…easy, peasy!!!

    Thanks again, I hope I win!

  28. Marci says:

    Red Bag, My First Songs in Spanish CD. I homeschool my 6yo daughter and this would be a wonderful asset to her curriculum

  29. Kalani says:

    We would love the Green bag and can’t wait to pop in the cd!

  30. Kalani says:

    I subscribed!

  31. lolly says:

    I would let the girls listen to the “My First Songs” cd first… they LOVE music and that would be a great way to introduce them to the set! I think the red bag would be very spiffy :). What a great educational giveaway!!

  32. diane says:

    I’m a Francophile trying to teach my sons both French AND Spanish. (As you can imagine, the Spanish isn’t going quite as well and I need some help!) Both boys LOVE amarillo, so that’s the natural pick for the bag. And I’d probably start with My First Songs in Spanish CD.

  33. diane says:
  34. diane says:

    I blogged ya at foreignlanguagefun.com
    (I left the url in a previous post, but I got a message that it was mistaken for spam.)

  35. […] on over to Boca Beth’s blog right away and enter to win the Boca Beth Gigante Bag. […]

  36. melissa says:

    I homeschool my children, and we do some Spanish, but nothing like this. If I were to win, I would select the orange backpack, and would probably start with the coloring and activities first. What a great package.

  37. Tricia says:

    This stuff all looks like so much fun, but I’d probably listen to the cd first, because my three year old loves music more than just about anything. And I’d go with a yellow bag, as that’s his favorite color.

  38. Tricia says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter.

  39. socmama says:

    My kids would love the red bag, and since they love music, we would be most excited about the My First Songs in Spanish CD. Thanks!

  40. gidget says:

    I’d go with blue, and then I’d put the music on our ipod right away as my daughter loves music! 🙂
    ¡Muchas gracias por la oportunidad!

  41. gidget says:

    I’ll have a post mentioning your giveaway up tomorrow (11/14) on http://language.gidgetgoeshome.com

  42. Mary Jenkins says:

    I’d love th ebag in purple and the I like animals dvd would be the first I’d put in for my kid!


  43. Heather says:

    I love the red bag. My kids want another puppet so he would be the first thing out of the bag and then the DVD. SO cute!

  44. Nancy says:

    I am a first time grandmother (GoGo). My son would like me to be responsible for teaching my new little guy Spanish. He is only 3 weeks old, so I would start with the maraca (to get attention) and a song from the CD. I am so excited about this project. I would take any color bag. If there is green, my little Will might like that!!!

  45. I’d like blue and I’d play with the puppet first!!!! 🙂

  46. posted the giveaway 🙂


  47. Leoa Linamen says:

    I would not care what color bag the prize came in! I would use the book first and play with the puppet while reading. If I won the prize I would use the items in my classroom with my children. Since I am trying hard to learn Spanish since some of my children speak NO English I would watch and listen over and over to learn myself to help me out and to also help the children in my classroom learn to communicate with the children. Thanks Beth for all you do for us.

  48. LadySnow says:

    I have already subscribed to your newsletter, but the color bag I would prefer would be…..hhhhmmmmm…..I think I would have to go with the red bag. And…I think I would first use the Mi Casa DVD. My children love watching DVD’s and learning new things. 😀

  49. Jennifer says:

    If I won, I’d want an orange bag and will start at the beginning with the first songs CD. I go on mission trips to Latin American and I’m taking my 10 year old daughter in the spring. We really need to jumpstart her Spanish!!!

  50. Jennifer says:

    I’m subscribed, too!

  51. yolanda vega says:

    I am already recieve the newletter but i would like the in red . Both of my children speak spanish. And i enjoy recieving your mail.

  52. Nancy says:

    Hola Beth and Boca!
    Since I was involved with the concert for Osceola County the spanish has been flowing out of my mouth so much more easily. You may remember that some of my crew were your assistants and although I am a gringa like you, mi esposo is espanol and my fear has always been having the sentence come out wrong but you encouraged me to just let is flow and boy has it.

    My 4 yr old granddaughter has learned so many new words and loves to ask me now how to say things in spanish and her Papa is smiling from ear to ear because of it! So I am a subscriber of the newsletter, we have your printed word cards all over the center and even have a set at home for the grandkids. As far as the kit goes, it would go to great use at the centers not only helping the kids be bi-lingual but some of my gringa staff who need the same motivation from you that I got that night. A red bag would go great with the center colors!
    Muchas Gracias Beth!

  53. Leanne M says:

    Hi there!
    I would take any color of bag if I won….and I would donate the Boca Beth Gigante Bag to my son’s school. They just started a Spanish program this year with some volunteer teachers and I think this set would be a wonderful asset to the curriculum.
    Muchas Gracias!!!!!

  54. this is realy grate so children can learn spanish i love to try and win it for my child thanks

  55. susan says:

    Grat work! We like learning spanish, and we like the blue bag. Thanks!

  56. susan says:

    Great work! We like blue. Thanks!

  57. Rose says:

    I like the blue bag. I’d use the puppets while we color and watch a DVD. We love your music!!!

  58. Lisa says:

    Definitely purple 🙂 And we would start with the DVD and the puppet. I know this will be fun for my son who speaks”pretend Spanish” around the house, and I might learn too!

  59. Lisa says:

    I’m signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  60. Donna K says:

    I would like red please. I would listen to the CD in the car first.

  61. Donna K says:

    I subscribed

  62. Colette S says:

    If I won your giveaway I’d like to use the Mi casa DVD first. I have a 3 yr old son and 20month old daughter who I’m trying to teach Spanish. I’d love the red or blue bag.

  63. Karen F says:

    YELLOW!! I would donate the prize to my children’s school.

  64. Karen F says:

    Subscribed! Keep up the awesome work Beth.

  65. Michele says:

    I would like a blue bag, and I would probably watch one of the DVD’s first.

    Great giveaway!!

    Thanks so much!
    Michele R.(CA)

  66. Michele says:

    I’m a subscriber!

    Thanks so much!
    Michele R.(CA)

  67. Laura Franco says:

    I love all your CD’s, I’m a native Spanish speaker and I teach at a preschool, the music is great and the kids listen to it over and over and they always want more. I love color red. I would like to try the DVD’s first.

  68. Laura Franco says:

    I’m a subscriber.

    Thank you.

  69. Aundrea says:

    If I won your contest I would love a bolsa rojo. I have some of your items already and love them!! I homeschool my two boys…one is 6 and one is 3. We would play one of the CD’s first because they love to sing your music. Thanks for the opportunity!
    A. Cherry

  70. Heather Miller says:

    We like the Green Bag and would love to check out the I Like Animals DVD:)

  71. Heather Miller says:

    I’m a subscriber.

    Thank you.

  72. Annie Shyne says:

    I love using the Boca Beth products! I would love the Orange big bag and the first thing I would use is the new version of “Me gustan los Animales”. We love the Boca Beth Shapes, Alphabet, and may other songs at school.

  73. Dorothy says:

    Dear Beth and Boca Beth Family,

    I am extremely excited about the opportunity to possibly win your products!!!! I met Beth at an educational conference about a year ago! I even had my picture taken with you and asked you to sign one of the CD’s I had purchsed that day! I LOVE and BELIEVE in your products! I have since had a child of my own who just turned two years old. He is beginning to talk a lot more these days and I play your CD’s for him all of the time! He has learned a few words and I know that once he conquers the Spanish language I will be able to give every ounce of credit to Boca Beth! One of the main reasons I desire to win your products is because I know that your products are extremely beneficial to my child learning Spanish. I am a stay at home mom now and do not work so that I do not have to send my son to daycare, however I care for several children in my home and we have a routine much like a preschool learning and playing together. I do include music and lessons from the Boca Beth CD’s I currently own and would love to expand our lessons with new songs and activities with additional Boca Beth products that I cannot afford to purchase at this time. I live in Celebration, Florida near Disney World and this town has quite a few stay at home moms and caretakers who care for handfuls of children. I lend my CD’s frequently and help spread the word about your unbelievable products pertaining to immersing children in the Spanish Language. While I realize I am only one person spreading the Boca Beth spirit I hope that one day you get at least one order from my efforts! Not only will you benefit from this but so many families and children will also! Thanks for this opportunity to enter your drawing! Any color bag is fine with us! We will take what we could possibly get!

    ¡La buena Suerte a todos sus participantes y mejores deseos a Boca Beth y su equipo en el éxito de este concurso!!

    Okay, while I do not speak Spanish I was able to add this by visiting the website of free translation.com to make you feel more comfortable reading in Spanish!

    Dorothy Raymundo and (2 year old Andrew Raymundo)
    Subscribers and Boca Beth Fans!

  74. Rosalene Ramdeen says:

    Dear Boca Beth,

    I would love to win this exceptional gift for my 3 children. They already are speaking both English and Spanish, but to broaden their knowledge even more would be great with the materials offered in this gift pack, as well as the ease of learning in a fun way. I would be most comfortable letting my children view the cd’s especially in our car while we are traveling. This way, they can learn while still enjoying the video.

    While my 3 year old daughter is learning more and more each day, the color purple is not so easy for her to say in spanish so by letting her see the object with the fun learning tools, she will come to learn the color better because she will associate bag with the color, and my daughter loves going through bags. :o)

    Thank you for this opportunity

    Rosalene Ramdeen y (Victoria Elissa, Marcus Alejandro y Christian Matthew Ramdeen)

  75. P. Everett says:

    Hola! We would like the purple bag. My newly 5 year old has the CD in the car and she loves it! We would love to win the entire bag! I wanted to buy her the bag.. but I homeschool 3 others and there is never enough money! Hope we win!

  76. P. Everett says:

    Oh, we have already signed up for the newsletter. Thanks.

  77. Tina R says:

    If I won I’d like a purple bag. I would use the CDs first. As an FLES teacher, I’m always on the lookout for new products, especially songs. Songs are the foundation of my lower elem. programs. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  78. LisaMarie says:

    My children would love this set. We would like the set in the green bag. I think our first look would be at the DVD, then we would play with the puppets.

  79. Sara says:

    This looks great. Probably the yellow bag. And we would definately look at the DVDs. Thanks. And we are signed up for the newsletter already.

  80. Lisa-Marie says:

    As a newsletter subscriber, I would love to win this package for our group. We would like the blue bag and would watch the I Like Animals DVD while playing with the puppets.

    Thank you for this chance to win.

  81. tina rodocker says:

    Hello Boca Beth,

    If we will would love the blue bag and we would pop in the cd and listen for Aquí y allí Here and There my granddaughter loves that song, we listen to it on youtube everyday more then a couple of times! The items you are offering would be used and loved in our home and all the children. thanks so much for this wonderful offer!

  82. tina rodocker says:

    We subscribe to both your email newsletter and to your youtube site, we love them both, it is always exciting to open up the newsletter like today and see what boca beth is up to now.
    thanks again

  83. Melanie says:

    I would love to win this stuff for my classroom. I would use the CD in my classroom so my 1 1/2 year old students would get exposed to the spanish language. I already subscribe to your newsletter. If I won, I would like a blue bag. Thanks!

  84. tina rodocker says:


  85. Veronica L. says:

    I really love the CDs and I would love to win the red bag.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  86. Mera McLean says:

    I would love, love, love the purple bag! We have 5 kids each with their own favorite color. Guess what? Nobody has claimed purple, so there would be zero fights over who “owns” the bag! LOL! We would immediately put in the Animals DVD, as we are serious animal lovers in our house. Thanks for the offer, and I am putting you on my blog and Twitter! Thanks, and good luck!

  87. Laurie B. says:

    As a preschool Spanish teacher at 4 different schools with a total of 240 students, I would love the Gigante bag set for my classes. I would like a red bag and I would immediately begin using the Cds and puppets with my students. I am also the mother of a 3 year old and a 5 year old who are learning Spanish and we’d watch the DVDs together at home. Thanks!

  88. BocaBeth says:

    Keep the comments coming friends – we will choose a random winner Monday.

    Who knows???? We might run another contest right after the winner is chosen so come back Monday after 5:30 pm EST to find out if you won this Gigante Bag full of Boca Beth bilingual CDs and DVDs!

    Tell your amigas about this cool blog site and how much we have to offer please.

    Thanks –

    Boca Beth

  89. BocaBeth says:

    I loved meeting you in Georgia during the Conference, and I went to CT and told all my teacher friends about you. Now I want to win the blue bag and use the music CD called More Boca Beth since I already know all of the yellow front cover CD.

    Wish me luck! Linda Hughes of GA

    (penned by Boca Beth via a phone call because Linda could not get online!!!)

  90. Amy says:

    I would love to have the blue bag, and would sit down with my 3 little ones to watch the DVD first.
    Thank you!

  91. When we win. We Will POP in that magical music CD The children love your music ,movies and art activities. We love to be SURPRISED! so send us any one of the colorful bags.

    Thank You

  92. Vera M says:

    I Subscribed

  93. Laurie Mykel says:

    I have enjoyed your workshops at ECA of Florida for a couple of years now. This year I took a new teacher and now she is hooked on you as well. We have two bilingual teachers that love all your CD’s and we were so excited to see you partner with the people doing Sign Language. We use the songs everyday ( Hola Amigos is a favorite!) As our school is primarily funded children, we never have extra money to purchase all the wonderful items you have. We would love to win the bag so that every class could further enjoy and learn the Boca Beth way!! I have always wanted the Boca Puppet and would be the first to grab that for my class!!

  94. Juliette Johnson says:

    Anything pink! Whatever is inside will be a happy surprise to me.

  95. Terra says:

    PINK!! I LOVE Pink!! I would like to watch the DVD.

  96. Zoey says:

    I would like my goodies in the orange bag. I would start with the ‘My First Songs in Spanish CD’ because I think that music can ease that learning curve.

  97. Sarah says:

    I would claim my loot in the purple bag. I’d have a hard time deciding which treasure to explore first. I’m sure my daughters would pick one of the DVD’s and the puppets.

  98. Shannon says:

    Oooooh, I would definitely choose the purple bag. Otherwise my daughter might disown me! CDs and puppets are on the top of our list!

  99. Paulie says:

    I prefer the red bag – my favorite color. I think I would start with the “I Like Animals DVD” because, well, I love animals.

  100. Christine says:

    Thanks for the great newsletters, I already subscribe.
    Any color bag would be great – I use your CD’s in my preschool music class regularly after meeting Beth at a NAYCE conference and purchasing some. Sharing the Spanish language with the rest of the teachers at the school would be an added bonus. Thanks.

  101. Amber Boeker says:

    I like the red bag. And I’m sure one of the items in the package that we’d use most is the music CD. What a great tool to learn Spanish words in a fun way! I like your newsletters. Thanks!

  102. I attended a workshop and learned so much to use everyday
    in my class,
    Tricia wilson Georgia

  103. Marie Fuqua says:

    I would pick the purple bag and the first thing we would use is the C D because my 3 year olds love music. And I also subscribed to your newsletter.

  104. Susan C says:

    I would pick the green bag. The first thing I would like to check out would be the music video to get me in the Spanish mood.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  105. Lisa Bohn says:

    Hi Beth,
    I saw you in Orlando and enjoy your newsletter already. I would definitely use the CD first in my VPK class. We end our day with music every day and I can’t think of a better time to be able to share your music with the kids. An orange bag would be my preference. Thanks for yourgenerosity in making so much info available.

  106. Renee says:

    I would like the green backpack. I think I would probably grab one of the cds first. Then maybe move to the dvd. My daughters love music and it’s such a great way to learn.

  107. Kathy Paul says:

    I attended a workshop with You and your sister this past summer in Louisville, KY. I use what I learned there, your “flash cards”, the Boca puppet and two of your videos . Some are used daily and others are rotated into my lesson plans. My students are really into learning another language and are quickly picking up the English and Spanish for colors and numbers, as well as new songs. Did I mention my students are three and four-years-old?

  108. Kim says:

    I attended 3 of your classes Saturday 11/15/08 in Rome, Georgia. I signed up for your newsletter there. I would like the red bag because red is my son’s favorite color. I would probably listen to the Christian CD first in my car and then play that CD at the Christian Learning Center that I work at. Then I would show my kids Boca and play the Mi Casa DVD. I enjoyed your classes. Thank you.

  109. Hetal Gandhi says:

    I will go with orange color for my girls and I will watch one of the DVDs I guess on our friday movie night.

  110. jasmine says:

    Hi, i would go with a green bag and if none, i would like a red bag. I try to teach my boys Greek as well as Spanish. I have bought things from you before and the boys like them a lot! I would pop in the CD in the car, they love to sing in the car!

    Best of luck!



  111. sharon martinez says:

    I was raised in a Spanish and Italian home and speak fluent spanish. None of my 4 children speak Spanish very well. BUt I have 8 grandchildren. I care for my 4 and 5 yr old granddaughters everyday. I am teaching them Spanish ad they LOVE ti. So sorry it didnt do it for my children. They would love the purple bag and I think we would love the musoc CD and the maracas . It has now become so imortant to me to teach tem my language and customs. Thank you so much for a wonderful prize

  112. sharon martinez says:
  113. Laura Ruble says:

    We use your cds in our classroom on a daily basis. The children love them. We are the Blue Bears so we would like the Blue bag.

  114. bridget says:

    I would pick the purple bag ( my daughter’s favorite color) and we would probably start looking through the coloring/activity book first to get an idea of the whole system.

  115. Brooke says:

    I’d pick the green bag and I’d definitely flip through the coloring/activity book first.

  116. roberta says:

    i’d pick the red bag. i think the first item i would use would be one of the music cd’s. i purchased the “i like animals” dvd for my daughter. she loves it and is always singing “me gusta contar”-i bet she would LOVE to have a music cd with the boca beth songs to sing along in the car. she sings it so much i have the song in my head constantly! 🙂

    thanks so much for providing wonderful and fun tools to expose children to the joy of learning another language. 🙂

  117. 1stopmom says:

    I would pick purple as an color for the bag. The first thing I would do is put in a dvd. My oldest daughter has had 3 years of spanish and my kids want to learn spanish. Especially my 6 year old, she is just absorbing everything up.

  118. 1stopmom says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter 🙂

  119. Kathy Conley says:

    I like the purple bag and would use the I like Animals DVD first.

  120. Mary says:

    I would love the red bag! If I won, the first thing I would look at is the DVD with my son. I want to really expose him and my infant to the Spanish language. I would then share it with my two and three-year olds in my classroom.

  121. kathy pease says:

    awesome site i would pick the red bag and the first thing we would use would be the I Like Animals DVD because we love animals so much 🙂

  122. xenia says:

    I would choose a red bag and definitely use a CD first. My daughter loves all music but we seem to listen to the same songs over and over and over… we could both use some new tunes! Thanks!

  123. Amber says:

    Boca Beth is putting this in for Amber who teached Kindergarten age children and will use the puppets for sure because she says they LOVE puppets! She would like the purple bag if her name is drawn for the prize.

  124. Susan Rauh says:

    Susan commented to me via an e-mail so I felt I needed to at least put up part of what she typed to enter her into the contest today.

    “Now that I am in school to get a teaching degree, I am even more impressed by your program! The first thing I would use would be the first CD. And now that I visited your web site I see how your materials support the Hispanic families keeping their Spanish and also learning English. I would want the Orange bag so I could find it easily!”

    Good luck Susan in Kentucky!

  125. Kayla Bowden says:

    I would use this stuff so much at work because we have several bilingual students and some who speak no english at all. I think this is the most wonderful program that she has put together. I looks like so much fun!

  126. […] on over to Boca Beth’s blog right away and enter to win the Boca Beth Gigante Bag. […]

  127. Carliss Williams says:

    I like the green one , Thanks for the chance to win…

  128. Joyce Jarboe says:

    Dear Boca Beth and family,

    I’m so excited about this great opportunity to win some great things from Boca Beth. I assist in a Headstart class in Louisville, Ky and we really have a fun time listening to your CD’s. The children have learned so much and so have the teachers. Beth we look forward to seeing you again soon in Louisville.

  129. wow wwhat a grate prize and giftt this would make for my little one i love to win this thanks

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