Bilingual Lyrics, Preschool Activities and Fun for Teaching Spanish!

Why reinvent the wheel?!?!  Don’t we say that often as teachers and parents, gleaning ideas from others who have walked before us?  I love learning from fellow women, fellow teachers, fellow moms!  So this week I am sharing with you the words from our bilingual kids’ song titled I See Animals / Veo animales  plus suggested circle time activities to go hand-in-hand with our Boca Beth song!  That’s what makes us different here at Boca Beth.  We really help you bring the music & movement learning to life!

tiger-children-with-hats  Sung to the beat/tune of This Old Man, here are the Spanish/English lyrics:

I see a tiger, Veo un tigre.
He has stripes, El tiene rayas.
He likes to run very, very fast!
El le gusta correr muy rapido!

I see an elephant, Veo un elefante.
He’s so big, El es tan grande.
He has a trunk that’s very long.
El tiene una trompa que es muy larga.

I see a lion, Veo un leon.
He is a king, El es un rey.
The lion roars just like this. (Leave time for roar.)
El leon ruge justo como asi. (Leave time for roar.)

I see a monkey, Veo un mono.
He eats bananas, El come platanos.
The monkey makes a silly noise.
El mono hace un ruido tonto.



And now the suggested circle time/classroom activity to go along with the song:

There are sometimes some cute animal masks to be found inexpensively at the Dollar Store for the tiger, elephant, lion and monkey in this song. Choose four children to wear the masks and invite them to come inside the circle of children. The other children on the outside of the circle are asked to act out the animal and its actions (running in place for the tiger, swinging a big trunk for the elephant, roaring like a lion or making a silly monkey noise and action. 

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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