An Outside Lesson in English and Spanish with Animal Puppet Fun

It has been super windy here in Florida the past couple of weeks!  Yesterday was no exception when we took our seven/siete puppets outside to film this YouTube mini lesson from our Boca Beth Program!

Enjoy learning about the sounds a dog/perro, cat/gato, duck/pato, cow/vaca, horse/caballo, monkey/mono, and bird/pájaro make!


Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

P.S. (Who recognizes the last puppet?  The pájaro? I use that puppet in my workshops, keynotes and concerts every time on the opening song … what is her name?  She is BOCA’s amiga named …….??????  First one to guess correctly wins the CD that this children’s bilingual song is on!  Comment below in our blog comments to be considered for the entry of this puppet’s name!  ¿Cómo se llama?)

7 Responses to “An Outside Lesson in English and Spanish with Animal Puppet Fun”

  1. Adriana Gutierrez says:

    I think the pajaro name is Ricardo. Hope I get it right amiga! My students love your songs!!!

  2. Boca Beth says:

    Sorry Adriana – her name is not Ricardo. He is the puppet that I use to introduce fruits in the fruit song. Good try but not correct!

  3. lisa says:

    Rojo? Actually I have no idea. :) My daughter enjoyed the video, though.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Is the pajaro named Pedro?

  5. Desiree Glaze says:

    I think it is JULIA!!

  6. Lisa Coonan says:

    I think it is Rosalita.

  7. Boca Beth says:

    ¡Bravo! Desiree is correct with Julia. When we bring BOCA’s shy friend from the Dollar Store out at concerts, workshops, keynotes and any live event we hold with our Spanish and English fun for kids and their teachers and parents, I introduce her as Julia!

    We will be sending Desiree our My First Songs in Spanish / Mis primeras canciones en Inglés music CD muy pronto/very soon!

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