Preschool and Early Elementary Age Activities and Art Fun for Learning Fruit Names in Spanish and English

Enjoy the suggested activities below to go along with our Boca Beth bilingual  Fruit Fun/Fruta divertida song (it’s found on our More Boca Beth music CD which is packaged in 100% eco friendly packaging!!!):

Circle time activities for this fun bilingual Fruit Song:

Using a plastic bowl with plastic fruits from my kitchen play center that match the fruits sung about in this song, I stand up with the children standing and they sing back to me the “I see a grape” “Veo una uva.” The ones who do really well singing back and not shouting back get to hold the fruit they sang about without grabbing for it.

The children have so much fun keeping the beat, echoing back, seeing and holding the actual fruits and trying to say a complete sentence and not just one word in their new language.  Notice I never say “The verb is ver and to say “I see” in Spanish you should say “Veo.” We do not conjugate verbs in the Boca Beth Program. The children will get it as they repeat, repeat, repeat acting like sponges with each new word, each new phrase.

Art Time Activities for Fruit Fun

Fruit Made From Styrofoam Balls:

Invest in some Styrofoam balls of various sizes for this fun

Summer Fruit Fun Project, and invite parents to help as needed.

The children can “produce” their own fruit by using the small

balls and paint them purple to become plums. Perhaps they can

make apples with the medium-sized balls and paint them red.

(Other thoughts can be gathered from the children as you

discuss the concept of round, circle and which fruits fall into

that category – based on the group’s age range!)

When the various ‘fruits’ are dry try placing green Popsicle

sticks which have been previously painted by the children

through the top. These sticks become the stems of the fruit as

needed. Get super creative and apply leaves by gluing various

shades of green fabric to the top of the fruits by the stems.

Strawberry Shampoo Painting:

Buy some inexpensive strawberry shampoo then mix it with

green watercolor paint. After a walk outside if you live near any

type of fruit garden, fruit trees, orchards, fields of strawberries

or something of the kind or after you read a book about fruits

(preferably a bilingual one – see later resources) or maybe after

clipping pictures of fruits from the Food Ads in the local paper

… encourage the children to paint with this shampoo paint on

red paper (since the green is mixed in).

Wait until it dries! Ay mama… it is a scratch and sniff heaven

full of strawberry scent!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

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