Music Monday with Boca Beth and the Spanish Alphabet / Alfabeto español

Ready for a new song?  A new theme?  More teachable moment ideas?  Book resources?

Then you are at the right place amiga, amigo / friend!  This week we will help you out with the Spanish alphabet.  Read what a fellow teacher says about this song I wrote (and the fact that she is a native Spanish-speaker makes me so proud how she raves about it!):

      Anna M. Ortega-Shyne, Spanish Teacher, Florida

I have found that BOCA BETH‘s Alphabet song is the first song I have been able to use with my Spanish class. The song is accurate and presents ALL of the letters in the Spanish alphabet. I have never been able to use a recording of a Spanish alphabet song in class before, because the whole Spanish alphabet was not used in the song. I am so excited that I am finally able to use a Spanish Alphabet song in my classroom! I also love the ¿ Cómo te llamas ? song. My kids love it too. There are large quantities of Spanish instruction materials out there, but I am encouraged that the songs I have chosen to use from the Boca Beth Program are helping me to instruct my students in a correct use of the Spanish language. Thanks BOCA BETH!

Enjoy the song!  Then come back as the week goes along for more ideas on how to introduce the Spanish alphabet.  Click link to the right for song:     Rappin the Spanish Alphabet with Boca Beth

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

3 Responses to “Music Monday with Boca Beth and the Spanish Alphabet / Alfabeto español”

  1. Thank you. The kids love this!

  2. susan says:

    I love your cds. Susan

  3. Boca Beth says:

    Thanks to both of you amigas for your positive comments. I can’t tell you how much this means to me to be sharing my passion for 2nd language learning fun!

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