Music Monday with Boca Beth and Children Learning Spanish & English the Fun Way!

One of THE most rewarding parts of sharing our Boca Beth bilingual beats for more than 7 years is the testimonials of children in action with my Spanish and English songs!

Check out Graham below as he Moves & Grooves with me, Boca Beth. His Mommy runs a popular blog at this link.  And this song is off of our physical fitness CD titled Sing Along with Boca Beth found right here!

Then check out little Abi below singing our Days of the Week song (to the tune of Ten Little Indians)at less than 3 years old!  Her mommy runs an amazing site called MOMboTV – check it out right here!

How fortunate am I to connect with such wonderful families who all hope to jump start their children’s second language journey with our award-winning Boca Beth products?!?!  Thanks to all of our Boca Beth family/familia.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Have time to shoot a short clip of your child in action with one of our Boca Beth songs?  Send it to us for use on our web site, blog or newsletter and we will gift you with a Boca Beth child’s t-shirt and mini maraca!  Send all video clips to today – just in time for some Christmas and Hanukkah gift giving!

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