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Help your young child learn Spanish with a fun second language journey using our best-selling Boca Beth bilingual CD.  We have FREE resources that include the suggested circle time activities for each song on this educational CD.
100% Eco-friendly packaging! Buy with a company that cares about the planet.

Treat your child to learning Spanish with music from Boca Beth ~ more than 100 words & 30 phrases introduced in this one CD in both languages.  (Concepts such as the Days of the Week, Greetings, Numbers, Colors and Manner Words are taught with music and movement fun.)
Titles include: 1. Boca Beth Theme Song 2. Hello Friend 3. I Like to Count 4. I See Colors 5. I am Hungry 6. Greeting Song 7. Kiss is a Beso 8. The Animal Song 9. There Are Ten Toys 10. How Are You? 11. Where is My...? 12. I Know the Days of the Week 13. Please, Thank You, You're Welcome 14. Hello and Goodbye


WHAT DID YOU LEARN WITH MUSIC WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG? Don't you to this day remember something that you learned to a song? States, capitals, the planets... We know it's true that learning with music makes the remembering last a lifetime!GIVE YOUR BABY, TODDLER, PRESCHOOLER THE GIFT OF A SECOND LANGUAGE TODAY WITH THIS AWARD-WINNING BILINGUAL MUSIC CD! Download the Songs Digitally NOW

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My experience has been WONDERFUL!! I use it to teach my 4 year old. My oldest is 9 years old and just is not into singing and music and has that an attitude about it. I don’t push him to do it…but!!!! I was later listening to him singing to himself and it was…Me gustar contar/ I like to count…. So it works on the young ones and the ones who don’t want to learn. Thanks Boca Beth!

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