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Giving the Gift of a Second Language for only $24.99 with this Spanish Learning Starter Set!

Delight as you give the gift of a second language to any baby, toddler and preschooler in your life. Featuring a true bilingual presentation where you will hear Spanish and English in each song and see it in each movie frame. Parents and teachers will raise a generation of bilingual children using these fun teaching tools.  Includes the following items:
My First Songs in Spanish CD
Mi Casa/My House DVD
One language learning activity book
Includes a How to Guide in English or Spanish

Looking to try our Boca Beth Program out? This is the set to begin with. One bilingual CD, one bilingual educational DVD, one puppet and one Spanish & English book!!!! Start your child's second language journey the fun, easy and affordable way. No monthly installments needed!

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The BOCA BETH Program is so much fun! My son Jacob comprehended and relayed amigo/amiga after 2 classes! He could count to 10 in Spanish after three weeks! He loves the music and the interaction. The CD makes it so easy to instruct your child on the vocabulary. I feel that my child is not only being exposed to a second language – he is learning it!rnrn — Monica Van Landingham, Owner Playtime Express

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