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Price reduced to only $7.00 for this Spanish Learning Starter Set!

Delight as you give the gift of a second language to any baby, toddler and preschooler in your life. Featuring a true bilingual presentation where you will hear Spanish and English in each song and see it in each movie frame. Parents and teachers will raise a generation of bilingual children using these fun teaching tools.  Includes the following items:
My First Songs in Spanish CD
Mi Casa/My House DVD
One language learning activity book


Looking to try our Boca Beth Program out? This is the set to begin with. One bilingual CD, one bilingual educational DVD, one puppet and one Spanish & English book!!!! Start your child's second language journey the fun, easy and affordable way. No monthly installments needed!

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Price: $7.00

You save: $12.99! (64.98%)

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My children love listening to BOCA BETH and often request her CDs when we are in the car. They especially love the Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed song which they listen to over and over and over! Our family is bilingual but we have been a little lazy on the Spanish side, and I think the BOCA BETH CDs have solidified some of the Spanish my children have heard from us. It makes Spanish fun!rnrn — David & Amy Mozombite, Florida

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