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Save more than $17 on these Spanish Learning Fun Products from Boca Beth that arrive in a sturdy vinyl backpack that helps your child keep all of the bilingual fun products together!

This starter set will get the second language journey going today! Use our award-winning Boca Beth bilingual products to bring Spanish and English along in the car, in the plane or over to visit Grandma. Using the parallel method of teaching two languages everyone in the family will feel comfortable using these tools! Raise a bilingual child the fun and easy way with Boca Beth.  Includes the following items:
My First Songs in Spanish music CD
I Like Animals bilingual DVD
One language learning activity book
All delivered in this bright, child-sized vinyl backpack!



PERFECT STARTER SET ALL IN A REUSABLE BACKPACK!!!Give your child the gift of a second language today with more than 225 words and 100 phrases introduced in English and Spanish. Children love learning with music and movement! We help you raise a bilingual child the fun & easy way! English-speaking children learn Spanish as they sing, dance, and play! Spanish-speaking children learn English with a wonderful feeling of pride in their native language!

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