Boca Beth:  Teach Your Child Spanish with Fun Bilingual Music CDs and DVDs!

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Looking For a Fun & Easy Way to Bring Spanish Learning Into Your Daily Routine?

With more than 25 years of education experience and 10 years in the classroom, Beth Butler, founder of The Boca Beth Program, knew she had to provide fellow teachers with an easy and approachable way to weave Spanish and English into the daily routine of their classroom. Whether you change diapers with the babies, keep up with toddlers all day, or teach those energetic kindergarten kids, Beth has made it realistic to use her fun bilingual products every day ... no matter if you speak one language or three!

I am a first time Spanish teacher, and the kids just love BOCA. As soon as I walk into the classroom they start calling out for BOCA the puppet! The love the songs and are learning them. They love my Spanish class, and as a native speaker, I have to tell you that your program is excellent!

Arlyn Portalatin

Buy this bilingual CD that Arlyn and her preschool children love!

Educators know that it's most beneficial for children to learn Spanish young and be exposed to it often. What many do not know is that, contrary to the myth that has been around for years, you do not have to be a native speaker to teach young children a second language. What is important between ages birth and ten is vocabulary building and repetition. The Boca Beth fun products make children ask for the music & movement fun again and again, and the teaching tips make it easy for you to use our CDs and DVDs today!

Listen to How Fellow Teachers Use Boca Beth Products with Success and Smiles