Boca Beth:  Teach Your Child Spanish with Fun Bilingual Music CDs and DVDs!

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Want to Know Why Homeschooling Families Love Boca Beth?

A Christian bilingual music CD, real life images that make learning fun and easy-to-relate to, and an assortment of second language learning tools that appeal to various styles of learning by each of your individual children make The Boca Beth Program and products a popular choice with homeschooling families with young children. It's about curriculum for teaching Spanish to kids made simple for the busy homeschooling family.

Meet Young Graham Who Is Learning Spanish the Boca Beth Way at Home!

So simple that all you need to do to jump start your family's second language learning is listen to one of our four bilingual music CDs or watch one of our three interactive DVDs as you are on the go. Once back home, you are able to reinforce the learning that takes place on our multimedia Spanish and English products with our activity or sign language books, FREE language cards and suggested circle time activities.

Use What Many Homeschooling Familes Have Had Success With!