Boca Beth:  Teach Your Child Spanish with Fun Bilingual Music CDs and DVDs!

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Looking For That Perfect Gift For A Special Child In Your Life?

We all hope to find it - that gift that not only the child squeals over but the one that the parent sighs with relief that it's not just 'another toy.' The Boca Beth Program has a wide selection of price levels from which to choose for children ages birth - ten.

Fortunately as I surfed the internet for a web site selling a book about bilingual couples planning on raising their children bilingually I never found the book but came across Your program will be a lot more fun than some dry books and thanks to your speedy reply and great service I have found a unique gift to give my very special sister and her family.

Ami Leigh
English teacher in Germany

Give the Gift of Language Today!

You can give these bilingual gifts with pride - knowing that you are making a difference in the future of this young child. Parents love that their child will be exposed to a new language with music, movement and creativity. The child will love BOCA the puppet and language amigo/friend. It's a win/win all around!

Listen to 22-month-old Abi share her bilingual Days of the Week song learned with Boca Beth's fun CD!

Want to hear what Abi's Mom thinks of the Boca Beth Program? Listen in:

The Boca Beth Program has made a tremendous impact on my son's bilingual development. He is fascinated by BOCA the puppet and the music. He demands the CD once buckled up in his car seat. This great bilingual program has built a solid foundation that my son will continue to develop his second language upon. The Boca Beth Program has now become our standard birthday gift for all our amigos!!!

Pam Cozene
Mom of Blaise & Owner, The Grape

Shopping for a baby shower gift? Might we suggest the Boca Beth Mi casa/My House DVD and puppet combination for only $19.99 ... Shopping for a special birthday gift? Perhaps this bright and colorful Boca Beth Grande Bag is just the thing! ... Shopping for that perfect Holiday Gift that you don't want to fall to the bottom of the toy box? Then this Bilingual Backpack Set is perfect for any young child in your life.