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Children CAN Learn More Than One Language at a Young Age

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

I will never forget being at a MOPS Convention where I could barely give away our Boca Beth bilingual coloring/activity book.  The moms would tell me on the exhibit floor that the preschool age is too young to begin teaching Junior a second language – that learning a second language would only confuse him as he learns English.

With the article found at the link below you will read exactly why all of these young moms were so very incorrect: 

Bilingual beats add up to literacy and math learning fun for young children.

Now SEE and HEAR proof that young children CAN learn a 2nd language early and have fun: 


When I created the Boca Beth Program I did it with busy parents and teachers in mind who have no time for reading a 32 page How to Manual!  And I had the little children in mind who are sponges during the early years of life and soak up all this new stuff quickly!

So many of the Boca Beth Language Learning Sets are super affordable and produce similar results that $499 Curriculum Kits produce with more fun and way less money.  Save 20% on any Boca Beth Spanish and English fun learning product with code bocarocks.  (Shipping is always free in the United States.)

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

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