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How Can You Win Target and Starbucks Gift Cards, Boca Beth Bilingual Products AND Have Fun? Join my Twitter Party Tonight – 8.24.11 at 9 pm EST

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Tonight is our Back to School Twitter Party where I will be giving away Target and Starbucks Gift Cards PLUS a lot of fun Boca Beth bilingual products. 
I am giving all of you blog readers the questions and answers for tonight’s party fun.
How does a Twitter Party work?  Super Fun – Super Easy – Short Time Frame.  From 9 pm EST – 10 pm EST we will be on Twitter as a group (not signed up on Twitter?  It’s free and easy to do in only 3 minutes at  The questions below will be asked in random order and timing, and all you have to do is type in your answer and click enter.  During a Twitter Party normally people use what’s called a hashtag – that’s where you type in #BocaBeth to find all of the ‘chat’ going on for my Back to School Twitter Party.  Got it? 
Check out the questions, be ready to answer as they ask you to, and have fun!  I am not running it – a fun group called Living Your Moment is – but I will be there the entire time commenting and saying HOLA!!!!!  I encourage you to tell your friends about this please.  The more the merrier!  You’ll see!
First of all – questions for the Twitter Party: (Answers follow the *.) 
  1. Why does Boca Beth choose to introduce Spanish as a 2nd language (and not Mandarin, French, German or any of the other world languages)?  *Beth lived in Chile and Mexico and learned Spanish as her second language during her high school years
  2. What morning does Boca Beth host an online show for children to learn Spanish and English with music fun?  *Tuesdays at 10am
  3. What online web site is the show currently aired on?  *
  4. What is the method used by the Boca Beth Program – immersion or bilingual?  *bilingual ~ where the two languages are presented side-by-side
  5. What is Boca Beth’s company’s newest product?  *A Curriculum/Resource Guide Book
  6. What is the name of the hand puppet Beth uses in her award-winning DVDs and on her online show?  *BOCA the puppet and language amigo of children around the world
Prizes will be: 
  1. Two Boca Beth DVDs – Mi casa/My House and I Like Animals / Me gustan los animales and a BOCA puppet (value $40)
  2. TARGET Gift Card $20
  3. Starbucks Gift Card $20
  4. 10 Boca Beth bilingual coloring / activity books (to share with a local preschool, homeschool co-op or simply give away to family and friends with children hoping to teach Spanish as a 2nd language) Value $40
  5. A Boca Beth customized Beginner Set featuring our Mi casa/My House DVD, our Physical Fitness bilingual music CD titled Sing Along with Boca Beth, a BOCA puppet and our bilingual coloring/activity book (Value $42)
  6. GRAND PRIZE ~  Boca Beth Vinyl Backpack full of Boca Beth bilingual products including a Boca Beth DVD, music CD, puppet, book, beach ball and children’s t-shirts (Value $85)
See you tonight amigas and amigos ~ Boca Beth

If Ever I Were to Share a Personal Story – This Is It!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

In the 7+ years that I have been sharing on my blog I have rarely shared anything remotely personal.

As I hang up the phone from my cousin in New York talking about her brother, my first cousin (who happens to share a very close birthday and age celebration with me) I know that I am moved to share.

My cousin Jimbo has been fighting the fight with cancer for two+ years now.

My family tells me his days are numbered.

I am reading the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. 

I know that God has a plan…I know that I am in the middle of this book for a reason when the call comes…I know I need to do more.

I am asking you to pray for him – pray for Jim to have a total remission of this horrible disease and for a miracle to occur where he is cancer free and WILL see his children grow, learn, play, and live.

GOD … are you listening?  I ask for Him to listen to my friends prayers tonight.

Thank you.  With love – Beth Butler

I question why does it have to come to this when he has a family, a lovely wife and children, who need, love and wish to share more on Earth with him?

Greetings in Spanish and English ~ Helping Children Communicate in World Languages

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

World-original-holding hands2Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day when you woke you could say Good Morning in more than just English?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every person in our United States of America opened their mind and their heart to the notion of more than just English?

It’s time to help break the “English-only” mentality that has existed in our society for way too many years.

Give the young children in your life the jump start they deserve (and need) to succeed in this very global economy.

With more than 55 million people in our United States of America speaking Spanish as their native language, it makes perfect sense to introduce Spanish alongside English for a meaningful 2nd language journey.

Click here to help your child today!   Use code bocarocks to enjoy 20% savings on any of my CDs and DVDs plus enjoy free shipping every day!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Learning Spanish with Music with Your Children!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Ahhhh….the sounds of Back to School commercials…..the ads in the Sunday paper for Back to School supplies…..the groans of many children who don’t want to return to their classrooms just yet!!! 


My online show yesterday over at featured lots of Spanish and English learning fun using my Boca Beth bilingual songs.  One in particular was so much fun and very helpful in teaching the greeting words of good morning/buenos días; good afternoon/buenas tardes; good night/buenas noches.

Check out the replay here of my Fiesta Fun show from 8.9.11 to learn a second language with music along with your children!

And if that isn’t enough to get your Back to School juices flowing, how about a little more lesson fun from my friends over at  They introduce Spanish to young children quite nicely.

Here is a YouTube video you might find very helpful in reinforcing the greeting concepts taught in my Boca Beth song plus he explains a few other greetings in Spanish:


Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth