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Big Savings on Fun and Easy Way to Introduce Spanish to Your Child!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Today is the last day of the 30% off celebration on our Boca Beth web site.

Enter code bocarocks in the discount code box on our shopping page to save 30% off any of our bilingual music CDs that introduce more than 100 words and 30 phrases in both Spanish and English.

Enter that same code bocarocks to get 30% off any of our Spanish and English fun DVDs for children that teach in a bilingual method – meaning the Spanish and English are presented side-by-side!  It’s fun!  It’s easy!  It’s affordable!  Shop now!  Save money today!

Want one of our Award-Winning Language Learning Sets for 20% off?  You guessed it!  bocarocks gets you that great savings of 20% off of our already nicely priced bilingual sets that make learning Spanish and English before elementary school a reality (even if Mommy and Daddy speak only one language!)

This is all in celebration of a new administration that speaks directly to World Class Education and often times the new President, Barack Obama, has told parents and teachers of the United States of America, “You need to make sure your children can speak Spanish.” 

Well, Mr. President, and Mr. Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, I welcome a call from either of you at 813.855.5393 (our bilingual Boca Beth offices in Tampa, Florida) to discuss how we can make that happen without having to hire bilingual staff for every classroom.  I have the solution for creating a future of lifetime language learners.  An interactive, integrated and realistic approach.  ¡ Llamame !  Call me!

Happy Educating !  ¡ Sea feliz educando !

Boca Beth

Testimonials from Parents, Teachers and Children Speak Volumes About our Boca Beth Fun Products

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

“They” say in marketing that using testimonials makes more of an impact than some expensive ad!

Well, here at the Boca Beth Program, we have so many great testimonials about the success people are having using our Boca Beth CDs, DVDS, coloring/activity books and puppets that I felt I really needed to share some of these with the mundo/world!

From Teachers After Attending a Boca Beth Training – It’s Fun!

And read some of these amazingly touching testimonials on our web site at this link!

Or read a few right here!

My children love listening to Boca Beth and often request her CDs when we are in the car.  They especially love the Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed song which they listen to over and over and over!  Our family is bilingual but we have been a little lazy on the Spanish side, and I think the Boca Beth CDs have solidified some of the Spanish my children have heard from us.  It makes Spanish fun!
David & Amy Mozombite, Florida
I’ve recently purchased the entire Boca Beth set of materials for my grandchildren and me.  My five year old granddaughter was really excited when they arrived.  We had been dabbling a bit with some Spanish before ordering and like you say, their minds are like sponges for their ability to retain things.  Now that we have Boca Beth our Spanish speaking has reached new levels.  If we aren’t together practicing our Spanish, she calls me and always amazes me with her new found knowledge.  She has twin sisters that are almost two that I’m sure are picking up on these words too.  They all especially love music which will surely draw them close to learning Spanish with your fun CDs and DVDs.  My grandchildren and I thank you for the fun of learning with your product.
Mike Johnson, Granddad, Minnesota
I like the animals on the movie.  I like the elephant animal.  I like the BOCA puppet because it moves.
Ellie, Age 3, Virginia
Thank you all for sharing your stories, your kind words!  Priceless is what these testimonials are!
Boca Beth

Homeschooling Families Love Our Boca Beth Bilingual Method for Spanish Learning Fun

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

We really made a great entrance into the homeschooling community back in 2007 at the Cincinatti Homeschooling Convention.  It’s a great group of families committed to bringing the best in educational tools and techniques to their children directly. 

As the founder of The Boca Beth Program this type of testimonial is PRICELESS!!!

So, why not enjoy a GiveAway from Jenn of One House Schoolroom in honor of all parents who are simply trying to give their children the best jump start on learning early in life? 

Enter her GiveAway here.  You have until Tuesday, January 27, 2009 midnight to enter to win a Boca Beth Beginner Set found at this link and pictured below.

A Great Place to Start the Spanish and English fun!

A Great Place to Start the Spanish and English fun!

Buena suerte / Good luck!

Boca Beth

Bringing Spanish and English Together From Here and There/Aquí y Allí

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Ready for some cool preschool and early elementary school fun as we keep the party going?

Check out this fun and easy-to-follow Bilingual Boca Beth song simply by clicking the title of this underlined song called Here and There / Aquí y allí

Would you like to SEE it performed?  Watch this fun mini lesson we shot with our mascot just for YOU!!

Beth Introduces Spanish and English with music and movement fun

If you would like more resources to go along with introducing this concept to young children and have even more fun, visit this FREE RESOURCE area on our web site for free bilingual language cards, download the lyrics and even get suggested activity ideas to go along with this mini lesson of bilingual fun for kids.

Hey, why not suggest our next mini lesson idea to us today via the comment section?  We would love to hear what you would love to see from our Boca Beth Bilingual Program.  Thank you / Gracias.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Will Malia and Sasha Bring Their Boca Beth Backpacks to the White House?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

As I sit here so emotional, so moved, so wonderfully full of American Pride, I can’t help but wonder if Malia and Sasha Obama will bring the Boca Beth Backpacks that they received back at their South Greenwood Avenue address in Chicago months ago.

Barack Obama Feels Each Child Should Speak Spanish

Barack Obama Feels Each Child Should Speak Spanish

I had worked the campaign efforts here in Tampa, Florida on behalf of our soon-to-be-sworn-in President Barack Obama and, after hearing him speak repeatedly about making sure our children can speak Spanish, I decided to send his two daughters some of our fun and easy to use Boca Beth music and movement fun

Number one, to show them how much they were appreciated back in the Fall of 2008 having a Daddy gone so often on the campaign trail.  And number two, hoping their Daddy would see how an Irish American Teacher could really bring the gift of a second language to his own children and thousands of other children around the world!

Will Malia and Sasha Learn Spanish with Boca Beth fun?

Will Malia and Sasha Learn Spanish with Boca Beth fun?

Now, with the day upon them here to move into the White House, I can’t help but wonder if those two young girls will fill the White House with sounds of my bilingual beats some days…Will they pull out BOCA the puppet and have some silly Spanish and English fun time?…How about a mini lesson with friends who come to visit using our Boca Beth coloring/activity book?

Oh!!!! I hope so amigas, amigos / friends!

Happy Educating!  Sea feliz educando!

Beth Butler (aka Boca Beth)

Lovely Dress From Isabel Toledo for Michelle Obama

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

What a sight!  Our soon-to-be First Lady is graced with a gourgeous dress designed by a woman named Isabel Toledo.  Find out more about her right here!

Stunning Dress by Isabel Toledo for Michelle Obama

Stunning Dress by Isabel Toledo for Michelle Obama

Felicitaciones Isabel – Congratulations Isabel.

Boca Beth

HBO Makes Available to All the We Are One Concert – Proud To Be An American

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

I have not felt such emotion, such pride about being an American since I cast my vote the fall of 2008 and watched the election results roll in.  As Pastor Willy Rice said today, “It makes no difference your political affiliation, nor who you voted for or who you agree or disagree with.  It’s evident that this Tuesday will be a time for change for our country as the transition of power of our nation’s leaders takes place, and we must pray for those in authority, those who lead our great nation.”

We Are One Concert Event

HBO allowed even non-subscribers to view the wonderful concert event tonight that was filmed earlier today called We Are One.  And I truly think we will subscribe to HBO simply because of their great American demonstration of coming together based not on color or creed or religious beliefs or gender.  What took place tonight via the HBO concert special event was truly a proud American Moment.

Things are going to be much better if you only will………….

We shall be free…………

May God protect Barack Obama, his wife, his children, his vice president and his family and those near to him and those advising him as he takes on the tremendous task of helping our great nation be great once again.

Boca Beth

Let's Sing A Bilingual Song for the Stimulus Plan

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Happy Friday Morning!  The closer we get to President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day, the more hopeful I feel and lighter is my step.

Read this account of the new stimulus plan for the education of our United States’ schools as reported on  You too might feel a bit more full of hope for the young children of our country and the future they represent.

Let’s celebrate with a fun Boca Beth bilingual song for all of the special children in your life!

6-audio-track  It’s our fun bilingual version of La cucaracha/The Cockroach from our fourth bilingual music CD for kids.  Check the CD out on our web site – it’s only $6.99.  Use code ‘bocarocks’ to get 20% off that already cool price today!

Bilingual Recording Artist Boca Beth CD for Children

Bilingual Recording Artist Boca Beth CD for Children

Now watch our YouTube mini lesson of this same song!  Celebrate the hope that our education system will embrace this type of early childhood educational tool.  I am ready to train teachers nation wide on how they can bring this learning into their daily routine even when they are monolingual teachers! 

La cucaracha/The Cockroach song by Boca Beth

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Tim Tebow Coming Back to Gator Nation – Great Leaders Stand Tall!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

The news this morning in our Tampa Tribune newspaper (yes!  WE still read a good old fashioned newspaper daily!!!) was awesome, terrific, inspiring and more for a Monday!

Tim Tebow, the wonderfully talented and very motivational and very Christianity-on-my-sleeve and face, will return to Florida next year ….. boldly blazing a path that very few young adults dare to even dream about!

Sharing the message of the Lord, John 3:16

Sharing the message of the Lord, John 3:16

Tebow shares The Word of God with fans

Tebow shares The Word of God with fans

I have been asked many times during my public performances to not sing our Boca Beth bilingual Christian songs in order not to offend anyone.  I have been asked during many keynote events not to bring God into the picture as I paint my very unique and engaging story!

As I watch and admire Tim Tebow, I wonder at myself, “Why do you agree NOT to share the word of the Lord when it is that very word that has brought you to where you are today?”  Shame on me!  A grown woman has not the courage to do what a bold college aged young man does daily – and that is to thank Jesus for being our Lord and Savior.

Do you feel this is something I should continue to walk on eggshells about?  Would you agree NOT to share your faith during a speech with fellow educators – many of whom are believers, and many of whom would benefit from hearing just a little bit of good ol’ “Thank you Jesus!”?

I would love to know YOUR thoughts on this – thank you/gracias. 

And Tim, thank you for inspiring someone at least twice your age to minister more to those she reaches daily also!

Boca Beth

Second Language Plus Child Equals Smarter Child – Win Something Soon!!!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

I just published this article and thought before entering the contest below, you might want to read this article on why introducing a second language to your young child can be so very beneficial.  Click here to read now!  Then come back to enter a cool contest.

Win A Boca Beth Beginner Backpack

Win A Boca Beth Beginner Backpack

A new amiga of mine who keeps fresh and exciting is holding a contest now through January 20th to win a Boca Beth Beginner Backpack (value $50).  Click here to visit her fun site, her cool contest and WIN friends WIN!

Did you catch my New Year’s Article that is actually pretty darn funny?!?!  Feel free to use it in your own Newsletters that go home to parents, on your own web site or just share it with friends.  Please just remember to use my author’s byline.  Read and laugh by clicking here!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth