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I Got Zapped At FPEA's Homeschooling Convention – So Here Is My Preschool Zap For You Today!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

So, I am standing outside my booth at the Florida Homeschooling Convention at Rosen Shingle Creek (FPEA is the correct acronym!!!) and some children who are part of a lovely family I met a couple of years ago at the H.E.R.I Convention come up to me to visit.  One of the boys has a little play gun that lights up at one end and then he tells me the trigger also ‘works.’   What I did not know (but found out very quickly!) was that meant it ZAPPED me with an almost electric shock!  WOW!!!

I got so motivated to share more than just this free preschool lesson (but I am a Christian woman and won’t share now what I wanted to share back then after being ZAPPED and laughed at!!!).  Enjoy this bilingual lesson fun straight from my Boca Beth Educator’s Club and watch this free YouTube Lesson we posted from our Boca Beth Program simply by clicking here.

Making it fun & making it a challenge is what learning is all about, and teaching how to tell time is no different! Using our Boca Beth song makes telling time come to life with Spanish and English words, fun movements, cool visual aides, and if you need Boca Beth stickers to turn your $3.99 Target White Wall Clock into a contemporary teaching aide just call me (1.877.825.2622) or e-mail me ( . I will send you stickers of BOCA for FREE!!!

What Time Is It? /¿ Qué hora es ?

(sung to tune of Are You Sleeping?)

(chorus)What time is it?¿ Qué hora es ?I need to know!¡ Tengo que saber !

It is eight o.clock.Son las ocho.Time for breakfast!¡ Hora de desayunar !

Repeat chorus

It is twelve o.clock.Son las doce.Time for lunch!¡ Hora de almorzar !

Repeat chorus

It is six thirty.Son las seis y media.Time for dinner!¡ Hora de cenar !

  Boca Beth introduces time in Spanish and English with an echo song!!!

Suggested Classroom Activities to use with this song:

What Time Is It? (Off My More Boca Beth CD – click here to see the CD) This is an echo song. I ask the children if they remember what an echo is. I praise the correct answer person and ask them to be my echo in this fun song about telling time in Spanish and English.  I use a white wall clock from Target that costs $3.99 as my BOCA clock after putting four BOCA stickers at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions!If the children are old enough to get the concept, they can act out the time of day while singing about it. We hold our arms out in the position of 8 o.clock, then straight above our heads for 12 o.clock, then pointing down towards the ground for 6:30.  These movements truly incorporate learning for the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. They all love it!  

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth 


I Ended My Day with Tears of Happiness and Began My Day with Tears of Sorrow

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My kids laugh at me often!  I so easily cry over things that seem so remote, so distant from my own life here in Tampa, Florida.  So last night was no different when I cried in joy as David Cook won the 7th Season of American Idol.  I had been rooting for him after Syesha was booted off, and felt that the other David was going to win based on certain circumstances.

But David Cook won, and I will be second in line (right behind my husband!!!) to buy his first CD!  I cried myself to sleep almost.

Then this morning I woke up early to fill my car up with gas for our teen son who is now driving himself to and from school and also basketball practice.  It has been such a wonderful sense of freedom for us both – I for not having to take him all over as his driver & he for being able to hop in the car and come right home, not having to wait for me to show up!

Well, as I drove in the early dawn hours this morning, my favorite radio station TheJoyFM, announced from very sad news……………….Steven Curtis Chapman’s 5-year-old daughter Maria had been killed last night in the family’s driveway. 

I was stunned.  I was moved.  I was saddened and cried like a baby, then sobbed for a fellow mother who now will no longer hold her daughter any more and for a father who will no longer stroke his daughter’s hair any longer.

Then the Today Show reported that it was the family’s teenage son who killed her with the family’s SUV.

I wept as I pumped gas for my own teen son – praying that his freedom to drive and independence to grow into a young man challenges him with nothing even remotely close to the challenges this young teen in the Chapman family now faces.

Dear God and Heavenly Father – Welcome little Maria with open arms and the unbridled laughter that most 5-year-olds know so well.  Give her family strength to pull together during this oh-so-difficult time.  And love them as you have loved all of your children.

In God’s Holy Name we pray.  Amen.

Beth Butler

I Trained! They listened! The Children Will Benefit from the Bilingual Fun We Had!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

070816_nafcc_0980.jpgSo San Diego was a huge, grande, big ol’ success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so love California!  In spite of the aborted landing Friday morning into the San Diego airport, we still had a wonderful time both site seeing and sharing our passion for The Boca Beth Program. 

Man!  People in California so get it.  They so feel the sense of urgency to prepare their young children for a very global future with community friends and members speaking Spanish right alongside English.  The preschool educators and family child care providers from SDCFCCA (San Diego County Family Child Care Association) loved what I had to sing and say about bilingual education fun for young children ages birth – five.

Boca Beth trains teachers  We move!  We groove!  We learn 20 body parts in Spanish and English with my Movin’ & Groovin’ / Mueve y baila bilingual song off my third Boca Beth CD that is dedicated to physical fitness fun and learning a 2nd language.  Click here to hear samples from this cool children’s music CD!!!!!

Thanks Katy and Tracey and all of the Conference Committee and attendees of this year’s conference.  Want to have ME at YOUR next conference?  Call me toll free 877.825.2622 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST to talk it over or e-mail me at  I love sharing how fun and easy it can be for this important lifetime skill to be acquired by children ages birth – five!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Interactive Concert for Kids a Success – Next is San Diego Bilingual Education Fun!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

I am not 22!  I am not 22!  I am not 22!

Just look at my new press pictures below…… will see those fine lines of age and wisdom!


So why do I go out repeatedly to do my 30 or 40 minute sets of Boca Beth bilingual songs for children and act like one of them?!?!?!  My thighs are screaming, “What in the world were you thinkin’ girl?!”  While my shoulders are reprimanding me with stern painful shots!

Nonetheless, I made it through, and the entire kindergarten class of Lowry Elementary School in Tampa, Florida had a blast!  We sang in Spanish and English, and those children who speak mainly Spanish in their homes were so orgullosos & orgullosas / proud to claim their native language while the English-speaking children were full of pride showing off their new-found talents in a new language.

Boca Beth sings and plays as children learn Spanish and English

It’s a win/win for all of us – parents, teachers, children and the administrations.  Take a few Boca Beth bilingual CDs into one classroom, mix them up with an English-speaking or Spanish-speaking teacher/maestra, add in a bunch of children who love learning with music, and you have yourself a Spanish curriculum!  All for less than $50 and it’s a whole lot more fun than immersion.  (Plus experts agree this bilingual format really does work well and is more practical for daily routine use when school districts can’t afford to hire & train bilingual staff.)

We hear the reports lately about budget cuts within our public school system.  You know that the immersion programs and dual-language programs are going to be some of the first to be cut.

Boca Beth is the perfect solution!  Why can’t the decision makers see that?!?!  The teachers see it clearly.  That is why I do this concert once a year gratis for this team of teachers who continue to be some of my biggest Boca Beth cheerleaders!  One day all of this passion is going to pay off big time!

In the meantime I have my beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers / flores amarillas and my hand written notes from many of the children saying “Gracias” and drawing BOCA the puppet and ME!

Me encanta….I love it….Next is SanDiego, CA this Saturday to speak as the keynote and do two breakout sessions on how easily you can introduce Spanish right alongside English with our Boca Beth fun method!  Please, Beth, remember, you are not 22!  You are not 22!  You are not 22!  so…Pace Yourself!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

A Bilingual Song About Family Just in Time for Mother's Day

Friday, May 9th, 2008

What mom doesn’t love hearing her child sing?  What mom doesn’t love watching her child grow?  What mom doesn’t get all teary-eyed listening to her ‘baby’ recite words from a newly learned concept or song?

Enjoy your child this weekend singing/cantando (kahn-tahn-doh) in English and Spanish this song from my Boca Beth Program called I Love My Family/Quiero mi familia (key-air-oh mee fah-mee-lee-ah).  It’s off my second bilingual songs for children CD titled More Boca Beth / Mas Boca Beth found here at this link.

I Love My Family / Quiero mi familia
(sung to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O”)

I have a Mommy, she is great!
She is my mamá.
Mommy is mamá
Mommy is mamá
Mommy is mamá
I love my Mommy!
I have a brother, he is great!
He is my hermano.
Brother is hermano
Brother is hermano
Brother is hermano
I love my brother!

Click here for the rest of the lyrics please from this Boca Beth song.  Scroll down to about the 9th song or so please. 

 And for some cute preschool activity fun or stay home with the children fun or homeschooling lesson time, check these ideas out and then go grab the free Spanish and English language cards off our Boca Beth web site for FREE today!

Using visual aides of the family members from this song I choose different children to be each family member. (Again, you can find the entire family in educational stores as a visual aid and simply laminate the English on one side, the Spanish on the other side.) Then we sit on our designated area of the semi-circle, and the child holding the “mommy/mama” walks around the circle showing us their “mommy/mamá” during the chorus about “mommy/mama” then that child sits down on their spot. The “daddy/papá” walks around and so on.

Another idea is to cut out pictures from a magazine showing the six family members (mommy, daddy, sister, brother, grandma, and grandpa).  Glue them onto card stock and laminate them if you have time so that each child has his or her own set of family members for this song.  If you have one of the activity parachutes in your home or classroom, take it out for this fun song, and have the children place their family member in the middle of the circle as that member is sung about.  Shake the parachute up and down letting the ‘mommies’ bounce around, then add the ‘daddies’ and so on so that by the end of the song every child has all six of their family members in the middle of the parachute.  No parachute?  That’s okay!!!  Use a round cloth tablecloth or a king size sheet cut into a circle shape.

Happy Educating!  Sea feliz educando……

Boca Beth

Boca Beth with Mompreneurs (the REAL Mompreneurs!) in Chicago

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Where have I been you might be asking yourself?  (Though I don’t kid myself thinking you all go through your days thinking, “Why hasn’t Boca Beth posted on her blog in a few days?  Where is she?”)  I know I am not that big of a deal in your life……………….not YET!

Anywhoooooo……………I was on a weekend full of energy and motivation and building friendships with a group of terrific business owners who all happen to be moms, hence the trademarked name Mompreneurs (sorry, I still don’t know how to make the little circle thingy with the ‘R’ in it!!!)  Here is a link to this dynamic web site featuring a community board like none other called Mompreneurs Online.  It rocks!

Mompreneurs hang out in Chicago

 And so do WE!!!!  What a dynamic group of women, ready to rock the world with their product or service.  That’s one of our group shots (I’m the third row up,  4th person in from the left or from the right – the blonde with a smile in the middle of the picture!) 

So thanks for understanding why I was gone.  No laundry, no cooking, no picking up after anyone other than myself!  I love my time away.  And now it’s great to be home.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo which is literally translated the 5th of May!  I will share with you some cool stuff – history on it, lesson fun and more!  See you in the morning amigas, amigos, friends.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth