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Southern Conference on Children, Women in Charge with Entrepreneur and American Express OPEN

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

YOWSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been so incredibly busy since I sent the tape into the Donny Deutsch The Big Idea Show, that it seems like I went to the UPS Store in a frantic state two weeks ago (not 5 days ago!!!!).

I so forgot to bring my camera to Statesboro, Georgia where we drove last week to exhibit at the Southern Conference on Children.  I was planning on playing “Where Is BOCA?” with him hanging out with Dr. Thomas Moore (one of the keynotes for the Conference) or at least at our Hampton Inn by the freezing cold pool!!!!!!  But neither one happened since I literally flew out of the house last Friday (knowing that I had forgotten at least 3 things of importance but could not remember for the life of me what they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  Don’t you hate when you do that?  I think sometimes it’s not just age, but it is simply a reflection of how crazy busy we all keep ourselves.

We returned late Saturday night, and I had convinced my husband that it would be sooooo amazing if he and I could fly to South Florida so that he could work a day in the market place with his colleagues while I attended a wonderful event sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express OPEN.  The event was today, and I am still reeling from the information, the opportunities and the wonderful networking and sharing of ideas that took place at the Women in Charge event.

It was so energizing!!!!  Every time I attend a women’s event, we all mention the electricity in the room!!!!  How very charged every micro fiber and inch of space is!!!!  Today was no exception, AND I had an opportunity to pitch to Charlotte Jensen (Senior Articles Editor for Entrepreneur Magazine) why my company and my story idea would be a great fit for their magazine and its readers!  I had two different angles, and I feel Charlotte liked one over the other but seemed impressed with both.  One was to feature my bilingual CDs and DVDs for children while addressing the ever-growing Latino Market, its buying power and the other many products produced by fellow female entrepreneurs that address this niche product void!  The other is a secret!

(Please!  Oh please!   Oh pretty please!  Choose me!!!  ……………..  I kind of feel like I am back in grade school, and we are picking kickball teams, and I might be the last one chosen …………….  I was always about 20 – 25 pounds overweight so this must be a throwback from those traumatic moments as the chubster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

THEN!!!!!  (Yes!  One cool last thing!)  The MSNBC show called Your Business was at the event taping attendees questions, pearls of advice and wisdom for future show use.  I was spot on (I LOVE the camera!!!!!) and the producer Lisa asked me for a couple of my cards!  YIPPPPPEEEEE!

Man, I feel like the roll is starting big for us – for my Boca Beth Baby!!!  Any thoughts on what more I could do as the founder to keep the momentum going?  What more can we do as a company to keep front and center in moms’ minds since they are our target market?  I would love to hear from you……………

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Will Donny Deutsch and His Daughter Love Boca Beth Bilingual Fun?

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Well, I finally got it done! Last November at an American Express OPEN and SCORE networking and entrepreneurial education event a fellow entrepreneur wrote at the top of her meeting notes, “YOU need to be on the Donny Deutsch’s TV show on CNBC called The Big Idea!!!!!!!!” It was then I heard it, and then you multi-tasking moms know what I am talking about L-I-F-E happens and happens and happens!

But fear not fellow Boca Beth bilingual program lovers! We filmed a fantastic 30 seconds (can you imagine me shutting up after 30 seconds?!?!?!?!) of great footage about joining Donny’s The American Dream Team.

I got the adorable package in the mail by 5:30 pm at UPS for overnight delivery, so that by 10:30 this morning EST Donny’s team will have BOCA the puppet, our new music video DVD, two cool maracas for Donny Deutsch’s daughter Daisy and our first ever bilingual music CD for little children!!!! PLUS the knock-their-socks off 30 second mini DV tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on The Big Idea producers………call Beth Butler’s cell………….call Beth Butler’s cell………… Beth Butler’s cell……………….

See you later today with our Friday segment of “Where is BOCA?” We are traveling somewhere fun, and we will snap a picture of him there! Where are you going to snap a picture of BOCA today? Send it in so that we can post it on our blog and even on our web site! Come on – join the fun!

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Sharing Your Dream, Making It Happen

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Yesterday as I was driving around town with my 7-year-old daughter (who has begun to complain of a ‘racing heart’ and ‘weird heartbeats’) I heard a lot of celebrating of Dr. King’s life going on.  Now that we listen mainly to The JoyFM I get a lot of positive vibes pumped into my body with contemporary Christian music morning, noon and night (and I love, love, love it!!! Though Megan learns the words much faster than mommy much to her delight and my crammed full brain’s dismay!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The radio host of that period of the day was remarking on how Dr. King would never have wanted us to take the perspective on his life that it was perfect, that what he accomplished should be frozen in time and remembered that way.  This man was pointing out that Dr. King would have wished for us to examine his life, his journey, his preachings in the church in Alabama, and all of the things he did and did not do to make a difference.  And then we should be dynamic in our own lives to continue to move forward his dream in our own way, our own style.

It was such a lovely and refreshing take on the whole days’ meaning and Dr. Martin Luther King’s life.

What is your dream?  How can you dynamically live your life to make it happen?  I really would love to hear from you as I share my dream below and what I am doing to bring my dream to life.

I dream of continuing to be the great mom that I am to my three children, the greatest blessing that God can give parents.  And as I continue to be patient and loving and kind with them, I dream to grow my Boca Beth business to the level where we become a household name with families who have children ages birth – eight when the topic of bilingual fun products for their kids comes up.  That dream of a strong company and brand will lead to a TV show where a world of diverse families will benefit from my bilingual music and my love of teaching about languages & cultures; which in turn will lead to strong sales in the Boca Beth product line. 

Boca Beth’s family

*****I am dynamically bringing this dream to life first of all through daily reading of God’s word, daily talks with God and asking Jesus to stay by my side and keep me in control of myself, my company and my direction as a fantastic parent ( I do not want to be just an okay parent….I want to ROCK at it!!!! )  Then I am keeping up with the trends of online business, reaching out to others for advice a lot this year and keeping in touch with positive people who will lift me up as I lift them.

Now friends, please, tell me your dream and how you are dynamically bringing it to life!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Homeschooling Video Hits Boca Beth's Home Page

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Oh my Gosh! I am so lucky! Have you ever had someone in your life that you just kept saying to yourself, “How did I get along without her?” You know, that one person who really was there for you and made it seem effortless…………

Well, our web master, Tammy Harrison is just that person for me and has been since we lost our web master November 2006. I had known Tammy virtually for a couple of years through HBWM and just happened to mention my dilemma of discontent with our existing web team way back when, and she chimed in that she helped many clients out with just what I had been describing to her!

And the rest as they say is History! She has done an amazing job with our web site at Boca Beth!

So last week when it was suggested that I put a video clip of children speaking Spanish after having used our Boca Beth bilingual CDs and DVDs for children, who do I turn to other than Tammy? She has homeschooled her own children, and they have enjoyed the introduction of Spanish through our bilingual Boca Beth fun for years!

Check out the clip right now! It is so short, cute and fun to watch!

Tell us what you think. Send in clips of your children having fun with Spanish and English from our Boca Beth Program. We might use them on our web site, this blog or our upcoming TV shows on The Education Channel. Send them digitally to or mail a DVD to us at:

Boca Beth LLC 11624 Branch Mooring Drive Suite 102 Tampa, FL 33635-6275

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

They Have Asked Me To Tell You More…

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

As I continue on this journey of building a business online and in stores, I have met so many wonderful people…….mainly women…..who are so giving of their time and talent and energy and love!

Now one of these terrific ladies has asked me to do a little airing of some weird and random things about me.  Why you might ask?  Because we have nothing better to do……….(heh-heh)…………..Just kidding!

Tammy is not only our web master for our Boca Beth web site, she also happens to be a terrific virtual friend. 

  1. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  2. I can grunt like a pig and used to think I was going to do ‘voice-overs’ for animal movies that had pigs in them!
  3. I was never trained to sing and have recorded 4 sing along CDs.
  4. I was married for seven years to a man who had been my best friend, and I found out one very weird night (when his current boyfriend came to knock on our door and ‘spill the beans’) that he had been living a secret gay life for more than 4 years of our marriage.  (My Mom used to tell me it made me a strong woman….I did NOT need to get THIS strong thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. I cannot eat salmon ever, ever, ever again since my third and last baby.  It all goes back to one piece I had with pesto on it during that fateful pregnancy.  So now, one of my former favorite fish, is on my BAD and YUKKY list forever I am afraid.
  6. I put salt on my watermelon, my pizza and my plantains – much to my sodium-aware hubby!
  7. I was the one who asked the other one out on a date with my new relationship with my new husband AND told him on our third date that I wanted to have his daughter some day!  (He should have RAN back to Buffalo, New York very quickly!!!)

All right amigas!  It’s there for the entire world to see!  To Read!  To laugh!  And to realize Boca Beth is human too!  And now I am going to tag some of my other virtual amigas to bring them to life tonight in the spirit of the blog world:

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

What Do You Know? Our Boca Beth Bilingual Fun Program Lands on TV!

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Can you say excited?!?!?! Can you say thrilled?!?!?!?! Can you say I can’t wait until March (even though January is just getting underway)?!?!?!

Here I am telling my daughter not to wish the next 4.5 months away so that Summer will be here sooner, and now I am doing just what I so wisely advised her not to do …….. aren’t we supposed to practice what we preach? (heh-heh)

I found out last week via e-mail that The Education Channel here in the Tampa Bay Area has decided to air our Boca Beth bilingual fun segments for children. Lucy Griggs has been my contact ever since our programming could not be allowed on Public Access TV here in the city of Tampa because I am a county resident (not in the city limits) and the County Commissioners cut funding for the Public Access TV Station. (Oh, and that makes so much sense to punish the viewing audience by limiting the programming allowed based on where the program creator lives. No wonder our country is in such an educational mess……………)

Regardless, I am thrilled that Lucy and her team have excitedly decided to air not only our Boca Beth DVD I Like Animals/Me gustan los animales in segments (excluding the bonus class that has some really fluctuating audio – not to mention I was about 15 pounds heavier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but also our Boca Beth Music Video Collection: Volume 1 starting in March 2008! That means on Bright House channel 614, the Explorer Channel on Bright House 620, Verizon 32, and the Explorer Channel on Verizon 34 will showcase our Spanish and English fun for children on Saturday’s!

We have told The Education Channel that by the time the segments begin airing we will have online free games to go along with the segments along with lesson plans for teachers and moms who want to use supplemental bilingual fun for extra learning.

Thank you God! Gracias a Dios.

Happy Educating….Sea feliz educando……

Boca Beth

It's a Happy New Year! Isn't it Time for a New Language?

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

We all are aware of the debate about what our official language of the United States should be (I’m sorry…………did I miss when all of us began to think it WAS NOT English?!?!?!)

We all have very private (and sometimes not-so-private) feelings about the immigration issues, the border patrol, the demand to afford English learning opportunities to those in our country who do not speak English as their native language.

We all feel daily the shrinking society in which we live (knowing that an English-only mentality is a dangerous one!).

Read more by clicking here about how you can increase your child’s ability to succeed in this multi-cultural society, community and world in which we all live and travel.

Babies Begin to Recognize Languages in the Womb

It’s never too early – I used to read to Megan in Spanish and English while I was pregnant, and at the age of 7 she is a true example of how two languages can be introduced to babies and create early readers, excellent communicators and advanced math problem solvers!!!! (Sssshhhh … don’t tell her Mommy blogged about her. She is terrifically shy!)

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth
Check out this cute bird saying hello in 20 different languages!
For the Grownups: Maria Says You are Never Too Old to Learn Another Language

Training 4c Staff and Helping Head Start Children Get a Jump Start

Friday, January 4th, 2008

It was a wintry day in Orlando, Florida this Wednesday! Brrrrrr! All of us Floridians just shivered and looked at one another like “Are we in Mickey Land anymore?!?!?!”

It was hysterical as we had to move our training venue from a beautiful outdoor park into a tiny cafeteria room that comfortably holds 40 people (maybe 50 tops!). I was the first trainer on with the task at hand to welcome back the staff of Head Start classrooms in the Orlando area and motivate them … this after being told to make a U-turn at the Park and head back down the road to their 4c building, find a parking space (that in itself would put Mickey Mouse in a foul mood!!!), try to catch the elevator up to the third floor (mind you this elevator is acting like it’s on strike due to the cold temperatures!!!), and find a place to sit in this over-crowded training room (Go ahead! Sit on your amiga’s lap – she won’t mind!)

You know what though? Once we got started (45 minutes late!), I had them up dancin’, singing, laughing and playing in spite of the rocky start. We talked about why, with more than 45 million people in our country alone who speak Spanish as their native language, we should begin to introduce Spanish and English to the children in Head Start classrooms on a regular, daily basis! I made certain they understood that if they take the time to think beyond their current daily routine and begin to include some bilingual fun – be it a Boca Beth song, a game from our newsletter suggestions, a coloring page that shows the numbers and the words for the numbers in English and Spanish – they can help develop early readers and children who will score higher on standardized test scores!

There is a reason the SAT College Board states that students taking the SAT who have had two or more years of foreign language instruction perform better by far on this College Entrance Exam than monolingual students. It’s time our teachers, our care providers and those who are responsible for the future of our youth become educated on this very importanct facet of a child’s early development.

We CAN make a difference with literacy skills, math problem solving capabilities and advanced cognitive development by simply implementing the fun and easy-to-use tools, tips and techniques I have put together over the past five years and perfected with the input of children and teachers and parents.

Why do I see it all so clearly and yet I still have to beg my local school district to just give our Boca Beth Program a try? The Kindergarten teachers who use our Boca Beth fun songs swear by the ease of use and the astounding learning going on … and all that with no lesson plan, no script written on what to say and how to say it … it’s all been through the pure joy in our bilingual beats and the way I make it fun to bring Spanish to life in the classroom where English is the main language.

Kathy from Osceola School District stopped by the training this Wednesday morning, and she loved what she saw in my passion and energy as well as liking the stats on how this early second language learning can make a difference in the future of our youth.

Come on people! I read the press releases on dual language programs, the blogs about how will they fund such a program in certain school districts, or the special staff needed to launch an immersion program in another city. The reality is, the funding is not there across the board and we need to find a solution that is affordable to implement nation wide and practical to use on a daily basis (one of the keys to success in learning for children) whether the teacher is English-speaking or Spanish-speaking!

Get me off my soap box please as the answer is as clear as day to me! The Boca Beth Program can and will make the difference some day soon in our country!

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth