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Boca Beth and You Tube Share Bilingual Fun with Families Everywhere

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I am so excited to finally share this – got the final media player version to post on YouTube just yesterday so enjoy!  Click right here to begin the Spanish and English fun!

Would love if you could watch this cute bilingual music video from our Boca Beth Program, rate it and then share with lots of friends – asking them to do the same!

Gracias – Thank you!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

What's Your Name? ¿Cómo te llamas? Asking friends in bilingual classes around our country

Monday, October 29th, 2007

So, you meet a new friend, you tell each other your names and off you go to forging a new friendship…..

That easy, right?

Not if you are 4, your name is Juan, and you just moved to the United States from Ecuador with your mommy, daddy and baby sister Malena.  Your parents brought you to this local preschool to start meeting new amigos in your new country with a new language being spoken every minute of every day.  You feel not so excited to go into the preschool classroom where your teacher Ms. Susan does not even say ‘Hola’ to you in your native language nor do any of the children in your 4-year-old room speak one word of your native language.

Here is where our country is sorely lacking – the programs need to be put into place not to simply “Leave No Child Behind” but to more importantly “Prepare Every Child for the Future.”  And what does the future hold?  It holds a life full of diversity – a community in which you should be able to communicate not only in English but in your neighbor’s, your co-worker’s, your in-laws and sometimes your spouse’s native language (at least for the respect and common courtesy of greeting them and saying, “What’s your name?”

Following is our bilingual educational song full of music, movement and the creativity is only as far as your imagination will allow you to go with your own child, your own preschool classroom, your own homeschool situation.  Come on!  ¡Vamanos!  Let’s make a difference and introduce Spanish 0n a daily basis to our own children.

From Sing Along with Boca Beth – our physical fitness CD meant to get children up and moving and grooving!  We bring you our What’s Your Name? / ¿Cómo te llamas? song.

“What’s Your Name?”
(sung to “Skip to My Lou”)

¿ Cómo te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Cómo te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Cómo te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Cómo te llamas amigo ?

 Me llamo Tommy.  My name is Tommy.
Me llamo Tommy.  My name is Tommy.
Me llamo Tommy.  My name is Tommy.
Me llamo Tommy.

What’s your name?  ¿ Cómo te llamas ?
What’s your name?  ¿ Cómo te llamas ?
What’s your name?  ¿ Cómo te llamas ?
What’s your name friend?

 My name is Rosa.  Me llamo Rosa.
My name is Rosa.  Me llamo Rosa.
My name is Rosa.  Me llamo Rosa.
My name is Rosa.

¿ Como te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Como te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Como te llamas?  What’s your name?
¿ Como te llamas amigo ?

Me llamo ________.  My name is _________.
Me llamo ________.  My name is _________.
Me llamo ________.  My name is _________.
Me llamo _________.

What’s Your Name?/¿ Cómo te llamas ? 
If you are working in a small group or classroom setting, divide the children into boys and girls. Allow the girls to sing the first chorus to the boys with the boys answering then reverse roles. Then for the last section pre-select one child who will hold the BOCA puppet and answer for BOCA on the last chorus of this song about “What’s your name?”  I am telling you, this little hand puppet of ours – BOCA – has become an addiction of sorts with children from Australia to Greece to Spain to the UK to California to Arkansas to New York and back to Florida where he is made!  Using BOCA is awesome any day and any way – he truly brings out the verbalization of children in both English and Spanish!

Happy Educating!

Boca Beth

Rainy Day Fun for Preschool and Elementary School Children – Learn A New Language!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Who knew learning a second language could be so much fun?!?!

Most of us reading blogs recall the days of conjugating verbs, headsets on in a formal language learning lab or like my 15-year-old-son is experiencing right now in school – an instructor who insists on using workbooks to bring the language to life!

YUKKKK!  That is why, when I create the products to bring Spanish and English together for young children, I think of how fun it should be to learn anything at the tender age of birth – five and go from there!  Which brings us to the following bilingual lesson fun for introducing 20, TWENTY, veinte body parts in Spanish and English.  This song has quickly become children’s favorites around the world while parents & teachers & child care providers love it because it gets kids moving, up off the couch, out of their chairs and exercising without even realizing it!

Sing Along with BOCA BETH  Here my friends/amigas/amigos is Movin’ & Groovin’ off our third Boca Beth bilingual music CD titled “Sing Along with Boca Beth”

“Movin’ & Groovin’/Mueve y Baila”
(An original beat by Progressive Media & Music

Movin’ and groovin’!
I like to move! I like to groove!
Mueve y baila!
Move and groove with me! (chorus)

Close your eyes, Cierra tus ojos.
Pull your ears, Ala tus orejas.
Now say yes with your head.
Ahora di si con tu cabeza.

Open your mouth, Abre tu boca.
Touch your teeth, Toca tus dientes.
Now stick out your tongue.
Ahora saca tu lengua. (chorus)

Raise your eyebrows, Lavanta tus cejas.
Pull your hair, Ala tu pelo.
Now wrinkle up your nose.
Ahora arruga tu nariz.

Shake your shoulders, Sacude tus hombros.
Lift your arms, Levanta tus brazos.
Now clap with your hands.
Ahora aplaude con tus manos. (chorus)

Wiggle your fingers, Mueven tus dedos.
Wiggle your seat, Mueve tu trasero.
Now run with your legs.
Ahora corre con tus piernas.

Touch your tummy, Toca tu bariga.
Shake your hips, Sacuden tus caderas.
Now turn all the way around.
Ahora dese una vuelta. (chorus)

Bend your knees, Dobla tus rodillas.
Touch your feet, Toca tus pies.
Now stand on one foot.
Ahora sobre un pie.

Stretch up high, Estira alto.
Sit down low, Sientate bajo.
Now rest your special body.
Ahora descansa tu cuerpo especial.


Twenty fun body part directions are given in Spanish and English and make this a wonderful action song. It’s kind of like Simon Says but to bilingual directions set to music!

The chorus is acted out with arms circling then pointing out with the left thumb on one downbeat, then with the right on the next and back and again. Then when you sing ‘move and groove with me’ have the children shake their shoulders and point to themselves on the ‘me’ part (reminding them that they are very special/muy especial). Then ask the children to follow your directions of each body part – one at a time.My Body / Mi cuerpo (English and Spanish Foundation Series, Book 8)This is a book about body parts that is available online at from Gladys Rosa-Mendoza.  Cool stuff for reinforcement of the song fun!

 This song is on the “I Like Animals” DVD – very easy to understand once you see the actions!  Act it out!  Be a ham with the children!  Have fun!

And Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Entreprenuership……Teaching Children……..Raising Children – So……..You Wanted to Do it All?!?!?!

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Weird day…..reflective day……what do I want to do when I grow up day…….

We are hitting our 5th year in business – that magical 5th year that if you are still staying afloat and still have the passion then you should still keep chasing your dream.

I am, we are, and I will!!!

I thought I would be in Target stores with a TV show supporting the significant sales of our bilingual product line – the fun, easy-to-use Boca Beth Program was supposed to be a national and international household name when it came to bilingual fun and learning for little children.

We aren’t there yet!  I want to be!  I work hard to do the right things.  I pray specifically and with thanks and purpose for all He has provided to this point.  I maintain my integrity, my thoughtfulness, my patience, my love of the field of early childhood education, my believe that others will do right by me if I continue to do right by them.

All in due time Beth, all in due time! 

Happy Birthday (Special Moments)     Happy Birthday - I'm 1 (The Happy Birthday Books) (The Happy Birthday Books)                 Happy Birthday to You! (Classic Seuss)   Birthday Cakes Birthday Book: Dates to Remember Year after Year

By the way, I know that there are more than 32 of you who wish to have the free music download of Happy Birthday to You/Feliz cumpleaños a ti e-mailed to you so just e-mail me personally at and in the subject line type “Send me the song” and I will !!!!  You can download it, send it to friends at any time and anywhere for their birthdays!  It’s an adorable version with Cha-cha-chas all over it sung by little kids! 

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Happy Birthday to Me…Feliz cumpleaños – Bilingual Birthday Party

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Yes!  It’s true!  I turned 48 yesterday as Boca Beth, Beth Butler, founder of the Boca Beth Program!

In honor of that special day when my mom brought me into this world (may she rest in peace and free of pain since her death only 6 short months ago…………..I miss you mama), I provide you with some Boca Beth bilingual fun, Spanish and English languages coming together with a fiesta/party in mind!

(sung to the traditional birthday song)

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
Happy Birthday to You!

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!
Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!
Feliz Cumpleanos Querido Amigo!
Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

How old are you?
How old are you?
How old are you?
How old are you?

Cuantos años tienes tu?
Cuantos años tienes tu?
Cuantos años tienes tu?
Cuantos años tienes tu?

Suggested circle time fun for this fiesta/party song: 

Often times I do not even wait for it to be one of the children’s birthday – they love singing this song! Children love doing the “cha-cha-chas” so why wait?!?!?! Everyone gets a maraca and we do the “Cha-Cha-Cha” during the English chorus and the Spanish chorus of the Birthday Song! Sometimes I even get out a frog puppet for one child to hold and act out the part where our visiting frog says “Happy Birthday” towards the end of the song. On each CD there will always be this frog voice somewhere (on our first CD he sang in the Me Gusta Contar/I Like to Count Song).
More Boca Beth/Mas Boca Beth  This song is off of our More Boca Beth/Más Boca Beth music CD – check it out today and e-mail me at for the free, FREE, free, FREE download of this Happy Birthday song today!!!

I would love to give all of you a FREE Boca Beth song now!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Monday Morning Fun for Preschool Age Children and Spanish

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Here are some fun, easy and educational lessons that allow any mom, teacher, caregiver and provider to bring Spanish to life for little children (English-speaking and Spanish-speaking both!).  No teaching or second language experience required with our Boca Beth fun!

It’s time to have some fun this week with Shapes/Formas…………………………..More Boca Beth/Mas Boca Beth

Following are the lyrics for the Boca Beth “I Know My Shapes/Yo sé mis formas” song about circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval written to the beat of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

“I Know My Shapes/Yo sé mis formas “

(tune of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”)

A circle is rolling by,

Rolling by, rolling by.

A circle is rolling by,

Circle is círculo.

A circle is círculo,

Círculo, círculo.

A circle is círculo,

I know my shapes!

A square is walking by,

Walking by, walking by

A square is walking by,

A square is a cuadrado.

A square is a cuadrado,

Cuadrado, cuadrado.

A square is a cuadrado,

¡Yo sé mis formas!

A rectangle is hopping by,

Hopping by, hopping by.

A rectangle is hopping by,

A rectangle is a rectangulo.

A rectangle is a rectangulo

A rectangulo, a rectangulo.

A rectangle is a rectangulo

I know my shapes!

A triangle is dancing by,

Dancing by, dancing by.

A triangle is dancing by,

A triangle is a triángulo.

A triangle is a triángulo,

A triángulo, a triángulo.

A triangle is a triángulo,

¡Yo sé mis formas!

An oval is flying by,

Flying by, flying by.

An oval is flying by,

An oval is an oval.

An oval is an óvalo,

An óvalo, an óvalo.

An oval is an óvalo,

I know my shapes!

Visual Aids to Teach Bilingual Shapes:

  • Lakeshore Learning . retail stores or offer the

shapes with both languages written as part of the package as well. I take the kit

apart – put the English word on the left side of the shape, the Spanish word on the

right side of the shape and laminate all three pieces together. You shouldconsistently

put English to one side on visual aids, Spanish to the other side.

  • Carson Dellosa – they offer a cute set of shapes with eyes, arms and legs that have

    accompanying extras (for instance the circle shape has a doughnut, a ball, a

    clock). I give each child a chance to hold one of the various shapes during each


    Shape Science Fun:

    To bring shapes and science together cut out several of your desired shapes

    from cardboard or heavy paper (for instance 3 circles, 3 ovals, 3 hearts). On

    each one add different textures to them. Put sand on one circle, cotton on

    another and aluminum foil on the next. The children learn about the shapes

    while feeling different textures. Refer to the shapes in English & Spanish.

    We often take nature walks as a group when the weather is nice, but during our shapes unit the class goes on a “Shapes Walk”  ……. As the kids walk around the

    school campus they are asked to point out different shapes. I sometimes make

    up a fun little sheet that prompts them to check off when they see a circle,

    square, a rectangle and so on.

    Back inside we talk about and experiment with the concept of two of the same

    shapes put together make a totally different shape. Two squares put together

    make a rectangle, two triangles make a diamond and two hearts just make two


    Shape Snack Time:

    Make a Shape House for Snack! Here is what’s needed:

    A piece of bread for the square house

    A half piece of sliced sandwich cheese cut into a triangle shape for the


    A rectangle piece of lunchmeat for the door (ham, bologna, .)

    Circle shaped pickles for the windows

    This is fun to make and good to eat! We play our shapes songs from the More Boca Beth music CD while fixing our yummy

    shape snacks!

    Shape Art:

    Boil some long spaghetti noodles . I try to use whole wheat and spinach for color

    and firmer noodles! I have used this idea to teach shapes and letters. Let the

    children play with the cooled off noodles in a small group. You can show them

    that the spaghetti will make different shapes. Let the children decide what shape

    they want the noodle to be in. You can have shapes already cut out for the

    children to form the noodles around or trace the shapes on a paper so they can

    form the shape easily around your drawings. Let the noodles sit out in open air for

    a while. The children will delight in the dried, shaped noodles!!!

    Fun Books About Shapes:

    This delightful bilingual book by Rebecca Emberley is

    one of many board books by this famous bilingual

    author. Children will enjoy the simple, bright pictures!

    My Shapes/Mis Formas by Rebecca Emberley

    available on used from $2.79+; also found at

    times at Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Learning Supply stores

    Recommended ages: Infant, Toddler, Preschool, PreK

My Shapes/ Mis Formas

Shapes . Slide .n. Seek by Chuck Murphy

Slide ’n’ Seek…and learn about shapes! Twelve pages featuring

pull-out panels and ten hidden pictures of shapes.

Recommended ages: baby to preschool and kindergarten

Available on used for $1.15+

Shapes (Slide 'n' Seek)

Here is a link to a FREE, FREE, FREE coloring page download that is in English and Spanish from our 44-page Boca Beth coloring/activity book!  Enjoy!

Have fun as you introduce shapes to the Spanish-speaking child and formas to the English-speaking child Monday!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

New Study – Becoming Bilingual Early in Life Compared to Later in Life – It All Makes Sense

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I love, love, love the studies that keep coming out about becoming bilingual, the benefits of learning a second language early in life, the wonderful advantages of having fluency in more than one language and on and on and on!!!

Recently published, and yet not conclusive by any means, is a cool study done about the patches of brain tissue that exhibit neuronal bustle in people who learned a 2nd language early in their childhood and people who learned their 2nd language after their childhood. 

Joy Hirsch of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and her colleagues found that early learners rely on the same critical patch of brain tissue when speaking either their native language or the new language – it is in the Broca’s area.  While those later life language learners experienced neuronal activity in another segment of the Broca’s area.

Again – not conclusive – but interesting enough to note that the sensitivity reflected in the Broca’s area with exposure to languages during the early years (birth – five) is evident; thus clarifying why learning languages comes so much more easily in the early years of life!


So……selling our first CD to maternity shops for pregnant moms to listen to while pregnant seems right on target!

So…..offering our CDs and DVDs to use in preschools, in family child care situations and with new parents who shop on line with our cool web site is the right thing to do!

So… early childhood educators on how to bring second language fun into every preschool classroom possible even when they do not speak that new language themselves is a worthwhile thing to do!

Can I tell you how very happy my husband is (the one who continues to fund my passion for second language learning among the young children of today via our home equity line of credit!!!!!) every time one of these new reports help justify our product creation and production?!?!?!?!?! 

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Curriculum Fun Lessons for Bilingual Education – Yes! Every Teacher Can Do It!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

So – just because summer is over in many states (though here in sunny Florida it is STILL almost 90 degrees daily) does not mean we should not think about fruits/frutas and how delicious and juicy and ripe and sweet and amazing they can be to taste on a hot summer day (and even on a lovely brisk fall day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Thus, we are at the doorstep of  some Fruit Fun / Fruta divertida with our Boca Beth bilingual lessons for children ages birth – ten!

Fruit Fun / Fruta divertida


Limes! Oranges! Strawberries! Bananas! Grapes! Kiwi!

Cherries! Watermelon! Cantaloupe! Plums! Honeydews!

Lemons! Pears! Blueberries! Raspberries! Blackberries!

“FRUIT FUN”  off our second bilingual music CD for children titled “More Boca Beth”
(sung to “Farmer in the Dell”)

I see a grape,
I see a grape,
Sing by yourself now!
I see a grape!I see a pear,
I see a pear,
Sing by yourself now!
I see a pear!I see a strawberry,
I see a strawberry,
Sing by yourself now!
I see a strawberry!

I see a watermelon,
I see a watermelon,
Sing by yourself now!
I see a watermelon!

I see a banana,
I see a banana,
Sing by yourself now!
I see a banana!

I see an apple,
I see an apple,
Sing by yourself now!
I see an apple!

I see an orange,
I see an orange,
Sing by yourself now!
I see an orange!

Veo una uva,
Veo una uva,
¡Canta solo ahora!
¡ Veo una uva !Veo una pera,
Veo una pera,
¡ Canta sola ahora !
¡ Veo una pera !Veo una fresa,
Veo una fresa,
¡Canta solo ahora!
¡Veo una fresa!

Veo una sandía,
Veo una sandía,
¡Canta sola ahora!
¡Veo una sandía!

Veo un plátano,
Veo un plátano,
¡Canta solo ahora!
¡Veo un plátano!

Veo una manzana,
Veo una manzana,
¡Canta sola ahora!
¡Veo una manzana!

Veo una naranja,
Veo una naranja,
¡Canta solo ahora!
¡Veo una naranja!

Circle time activities for this fun

bilingual Fruit Song:

Using a plastic bowl with plastic fruits from my kitchen play

center that match the fruits sung about in this song, I stand up

with the children standing and they sing back to me the “I see a

grape” “Veo una uva.” The ones who do really well singing back

and not shouting back get to hold the fruit they sang about

without grabbing for it.

The children have so much fun keeping the beat, echoing back,

seeing and holding the actual fruits and trying to say a complete

sentence and not just one word in their new language.

Notice I never say “The verb is ver and to say “I see” in Spanish

you should say “Veo.” We do not conjugate verbs in the Boca

Beth Program. The children will get it as they repeat, repeat,

repeat acting like sponges with each new word, each new


Coloring book pages, board books on fruits and magazine

pictures can also bring this song to life for the children! Then get really brave and introduce all of the real fruits during a Summer

Fruit Fiesta!!!

Art Time Activities for Fruit Fun:

Fruit Made From Styrofoam Balls:

Invest in some Styrofoam balls of various sizes for this fun

Summer Fruit Fun Project, and invite parents to help as needed.

The children can “produce” their own fruit by using the small

balls and paint them purple to become plums. Perhaps they can

make apples with the medium-sized balls and paint them red.

(Other thoughts can be gathered from the children as you

discuss the concept of round, circle and which fruits fall into

that category – based on the group’s age range!)

When the various ‘fruits’ are dry try placing green Popsicle

sticks which have been previously painted by the children

through the top. These sticks become the stems of the fruit as

needed. Get super creative and apply leaves by gluing various

shades of green fabric to the top of the fruits by the stems.

Strawberry Shampoo Painting:

Buy some inexpensive strawberry shampoo then mix it with

green watercolor paint. After a walk outside if you live near any

type of fruit garden, fruit trees, orchards, fields of strawberries

or something of the kind or after you read a book about fruits

(preferably a bilingual one – see later resources) or maybe after

clipping pictures of fruits from the Food Ads in the local paper

… encourage the children to paint with this shampoo paint on

red paper (since the green is mixed in).

Wait until it dries! Ay mama… it is a scratch and sniff heaven

full of strawberry scent!

Snack Time Fun with Fruits:

Apple Taste Fun: Cut apples into wedges and have

available in large bowls for dipping several flavors of Jell-O mix in its

powdered form. Invite the children to dip an apple wedge into one of the

Jell-O powders, covering all sides of the apple. When you let the apple sit

for many seconds, it turns a bright, vibrant color. The children are then

encouraged to eat the apple. It’s a messy activity but great fun!

Suggested Jell-O’s to use are orange, raspberry, lime and blueberry.


Make Me A Watermelon Please:

Buy two kinds of sherbet: a green and a pink (or red). Buy a bag of

chocolate chips. Cover the inside of a medium sized bowl with aluminum

foil. Place the green sherbet inside the bowl and form it to the bowl

around the perimeter. Mix the chocolate chips with the pink (red) sherbet

and then scoop it inside the green. Freeze it. When ready to eat, turn it

upside down on a plate, peel the foil off and slice. It looks just like a

watermelon! The chocolate chips look just like the seeds of the

watermelon! It is so cool!!!

Most of this Fruit Fun comes from our very cool, very affordable Boca Beth Educator’s Club that goes out to members monthly via a fun downloadable PDF file.  Check it out – for only 5 cents per day it’s the best thing since disposable diapers!

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth 

Kickin' it up in Kentucky! Bilingual Learning for Early Head Start!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Wow!  What a whirlwind of a week – seems like we had just returned from Arkansas, then we turn around and we are off to Kentucky!  And what a fantastic, fun in-service training session it was!  Mary, my sister, affectionately known as ‘BOCA Junior’ in these neck of the woods conducted two training sessions while I conducted three – all of which were titled Sing, Dance and Play Teaching English and Spanish Today!

And therein lies the key to this whole bilingual educational learning fun that I have banked my family’s home equity line of credit on!!!!!!!  The little children we hope to introduce Spanish to are still learning their native language of English (and vice-a-versa for the Latino child who is still learning his native Spanish while we introduce English to him), and most of the experts agree that placing the native language next to the new language is the best way to present the second language learning!

That is why every song I write and record is bilingual in its presentation.  For example:  domingo, domingo, Sunday, Sunday; lunes, lunes, Monday, Monday; martes, martes, Tuesday, Tuesday…..

True bilingual presentation in our DVDs, our coloring/activity books, our music CDs and FREE language cards available on our bright web site!  Parents and teachers love us, and I know one day Target will too!

So, thanks you Jefferson County Public Schools Early Head Start team for inviting us to share our passion for second language learning with the staff who reaches the young children of your County daily – the teachers in your Jump Start and Early Head Start classrooms!  God bless each and every one of you!

And for those of you wanting to continue the bilingual fun with your own children, grandchildren, friends and family…..let’s share one of the favorite songs from yesterday’s training with BOCA Junior – I Love My Family / Quiero mi familia (from our second bilingual music CD titled More Boca Beth / Más Boca Beth).

(sung to “B-I-N-G-O”)

I have a Mommy, she is great!
She is my mamá.
Mommy is mamá
Mommy is mamá
Mommy is mamá
I love my Mommy!
I have a brother, he is great!
He is my hermano.
Brother is hermano
Brother is hermano
Brother is hermano
I love my brother!

Suggested circle time activity fun – classroom fun:

Using visual aides of the family members from this song I choose different children to be each family member. (Again, you can find the entire family in educational stores as a visual aid and simply laminate the English on one side, the Spanish on the other side.  Remember to always present your Spanish words on one side of the visual aide with the English on the opposite side each and every time you use visual aids.  For instance, the children always know Boca Beth will have the English words on the left side of the picture/object and Spanish on the right side.) Then we sit on our designated area of the semi-circle, and the child holding the “mommy/mama” walks around the circle showing us their “mommy/mamá” during the chorus about “mommy/mama” then that child sits down on their spot. The “daddy/papá” walks around and so on.

Another cool idea that a teacher shared with us from the Virginia area was to have the children make their own family members using popsicle sticks and cut out magazine pictures of mommy, daddy, sister, brother, grandma and grandpa.  One the family members have been glued onto the individual popsicle sticks the class then uses the big rainbow colored parachute during circle time and everyone places their ‘family members’ in the middle of the parachute one at a time as the Boca Beth song about family plays.

Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Fall is in the Air – Otoño is almost here! Rhyme Time for Children!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

We were in beautiful Batesville, Arkansas just last weekend, and it so reminded us Florida girls that there truly is a change of seasons!  The hills, the mountains, the cool, crisp mornings and the friendly folks who feel that the next season is just upon them…………….

I so fell in love with Arkansas, the people and the lifestyle that I almost called home to say, “Sorry honey, our flight can’t leave today!”  The Children of Northcentral Arkansas helped sponsor the 10th Annual Northcentral Arkansas Child Care Conference last Saturday, and I was the morning and afternoon keynote speaker as well as a fill-in workshop presenter!

The reviews are in- they loved my energy and enthusiasm, and now I want to share with you some Season Fun from our second bilingual music CD –

(sung to “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”)

The Seasons of the year are fun to learn
When I’m singing along.
The Seasons of the year are fun to learn
When I’m singing along.

Can you sing Primavera?
It is Spring when you sing.
Can you sing Primavera?
Spring is what I sing!

Primavera, Primavera,
Primavera is S-P-R-I-N-G!
Primavera, Primavera,
Primavera is Spring!

The Seasons of the year are fun to learn
When I’m singing along.
The Seasons of the year are fun to learn
When I’m singing along.

Can you sing Verano?
It is Summer when you sing.
Can you sing Verano?
Summer is what I sing!

Verano, Verano,
Verano is S-U-M-M-E-R!
Verano, Verano,
Verano is Summer!

(Repeat chorus)

Can you sing Otoño?
It is Fall when you sing.
Can you sing Otoño?
Fall is what I sing!

Otoño, Otoño,
Otoño is F-A-L-L!
Otoño, Otoño,
Otoño is Fall!

(Repeat Chorus)

Can you sing Invierno?
It is Winter when you sing.
Can you sing Invierno?
Winter is what I sing!

Invierno, Invierno,
Invierno is W-I-N-T-E-R!
Invierno, Invierno,
Invierno is Winter!


Using visual aides of the four seasons I choose three children for each season – one to hold the picture of the season, one to hold the English word for that season and one to hold the Spanish word for that season. The picture person stands in the middle and sways his picture back and forth during the chorus of his season. The other two children hold their word up only when it is sung. English up, then down and Spanish goes up. The other children delight in the silliness of trying to keep up with which word is being sung.

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Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

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